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benefits of VR in education

8 Best Ways to Use VR in Education

Virtual reality (VR) is a prevalent technology in several industries, including consumer electronics and gaming, health care, tourism, architecture, interior design and more. Another sector that can greatly benefit from using VR in education. Bringing VR into the classroom offers several benefits for educators and their students. It supports active learning, sparks creativity, encourages student interest in

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Ecommerce tips to convert visitors into customers

6 Simple Tips to Convert Ecommerce Store Visitors into Customers

Like most businesses, you want a high-converting website. The challenge is that turning your website visitors into paying customers isn’t easy. Most first-time visitors don’t immediately buy since they don’t know your brand yet.  “You need to give potential customers a reason to trust your business and implement the right strategies to entice them to purchase (and

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How AR VR can be used for marketing

How Can AR and VR be Used For Marketing?

Nowadays, the customers focus on product quality rather than falling into the trap of marketing. For businesses and service providers, it is now mandatory to surpass their customers’ expectations to engage them effectively.  That means more sophistication is required not only in product development but also in digital marketing. Thus, incorporating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology

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Big data visualization. Futuristic infographic. Information aesthetic design. Visual data complexity. Complex data threads graphic visualization. Social network representation. Abstract data graph.

What is an Enterprise Data Science Platform Used For?

Over the previous decade, there has been much talk about data being the new ‘black gold.’ In a digital economy, the essays and commentaries fostering discussions on the matter are not entirely wrong. Just as oil provided the economic boom of the early 20th century, data is responsible for the spike in revenue among the world’s tech

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lalal artificial intelligence based audio splitter

LALAL.AI – AI-Powered High-Quality Audio Splitting | Review

Are you a music lover, musician, sound producer or in the field of the music industry who keep trying with new vocals to get the best output for your new upcoming music track? Are you seriously looking for a perfect platform where there is a  clear separation of vocals and instruments from existing tracks? “Then LALAL.AI is

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