LALAL.AI – AI-Powered High-Quality Audio Splitting | Review

lalal artificial intelligence based audio splitter

Are you a music lover, musician, sound producer or in the field of the music industry who keep trying with new vocals to get the best output for your new upcoming music track? Are you seriously looking for a perfect platform where there is a  clear separation of vocals and instruments from existing tracks?

“Then LALAL.AI is the prefered next-generation music separation platform for quick and precise stem extraction to separate instrumental and vocal tracks easily.” 

Let’s dive in detail about this


Developed by a team of specialists with a unique neural network based on 20TB of data which uses a machine-learning algorithm to identify and extract voice tracks and instrumentals from music tracks who are in the field of new emerging trending technologies Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematical optimization and data signal processing.

Mostly this tool is very useful for people who are into the music industry like DJs, sound producers, singers, musicians and even karaoke lovers.

With, users can do lots of tasks: separate backtracks and voices from songs, podcasts, create karaoke song packs, extract movies lines for translation, and many more.

A new processing filter to improve the experience and signal separation quality has been added and this filter has three processing levels Mild, Normal, Aggressive.

Key Features:

> Audio splitting with superior performance

> AI-Powered user-friendly vocal remover

> No third party software involved

> Easy to Use

> API Integration

Process Steps Involved:

> Just open in your browser

> Drag and Drop the audio file of your choice

> Let the do the separation process

> Download your tracks separately. (vocal and instrumental)

How It Works (steps involved)

The output file format is the same as what you uploaded. If you upload an mp3 file then you get the output result in mp3 and so on.


steps involved lalal


Packages Involved:

Mainly this is offering 3 packages as of now

> Lite

> Professional

> On-Demand

packages update

Still experimenting with API integration for audio splitting and other purposes and sharing new ideas and solutions to help to make the life of millions of people easier. You can check this comparison test with Spleeter here and check their latest press releases here and here.  

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