Why Should You Have a Knowledge Base?

why do i need knowledge base

It must be well and simple for consumers to find the data they need. Most knowledge bases provide details about how to get started with a new device, comprehensive information on how to use advanced features, and responses to common challenges and concerns.

“Two-thirds of customers report that standing on hold or trying to clarify the same data to several members is the most frustrating part of getting customer service.” 

There are urgent needs in your business. You should give them instant support. Slow communication implies slow development. Think back to your last awful encounter with customer service. Let me tell you, nearly 54 percent of customers report that in the last month they have had at least one poor customer service experience.

In layman’s terms, Software isn’t a speed fix. The improvements in human behavior that have turned us into an on-demand, always-on environment is the prism you can see through that urges us to develop knowledge based systems.

Inevitably, customers really want two items from companies: a fast means to get in touch, and a fast resolution of their question.

Due to excessive friendly customer service representatives, 73% clients fall in love with a brand and stay loyal. 

The customer service person was key to a recent positive service experience as said by 68% customers. Likewise, 62% of them has said this is also due partly to the experience or intellect of the vendor. 

Potential customers are prepared to spend 17% more on a firm that has excellent customer service. 

After getting a single good experience, 77% clients would suggest a brand to a friend.

With above research papers, we can now explore the advantages with knowledge base.

Enhances Agent Efficiency

The time it takes for a support agent to look for answers is one of the important barriers to efficiency in the customer service industry. In reality, in their inbox and other forums like Slack, they spend 20 percent of their time searching or asking their fellow colleagues.

You can greatly reduce the amount of time looking for answers by creating a centralized center of information for your workers. You should concentrate instead on inspiring the agents to perform better. The biggest part? Your whole team will now be on the same page, which will minimize misunderstanding and mistakes.

Keeps Experience Alive and Kicking

When goods and services evolve, so does the knowledge you give to your staff and clients. It’ll be flat-out pointless for anyone if you ignore your stuff. This is why the material needs to be updated on a weekly basis. With a software knowledge base, in one organized framework, you will have the ability to change, delete and write new customer solution posts.

Optimizes the Engagement and Cooperation of Employees

No matter whether you have a devoted knowledge base team or a community of enthusiastic support agents, it should not be a one-person task to build content. To produce the best content that will fullfill their needs internally, it is essential to coordinate.

Using an internal knowledge base for your company, that will improve organizational performance by unleashing new ideas that can help the whole company and streamline the flow for all (i.e. troubleshooting a complicated user problem with details and screenshots).

Eases the on Boarding of Workers

Succession planning can be expensive. But with your up-to-date knowledge base, as part of your training program for young recruits, you will be able to include this. With the aid of a software knowledge base, it helps all of them to to get hands-on experience with the internal and additional content of the business, as well as find the list of Faq page and common problems resulting from encounters with customer support.

Earns the Advantages of SEO

The secret to the heart of the Google algorithm is to periodically refresh the content of your existing knowledge base. Therefore, it is a wonder for SEO to update and refine your knowledge base posts (Search Engine Optimization).

Not only will it drive traffic to your website, visitors can also find branded content that you create, allowing you the authority, rather than external publications. As a result, it will contribute to enhance your original content rating on the SERP.

Provides Content Up to Date

Making sure that all the material (i.e. content, photos, videos) is updated is one of the key rules of thumb for maintaining an efficient knowledge base. Imagine the incorrect directions for constructing a chair. Be sure to have a consistent contact protocol for your consumer and knowledge management teams to ensure you have the latest details if you want your clients to use your new product to its fullest capacity.

Keeps Clients Happy

It is not as straightforward as it sounds to build a positive client experience. It needs the company to meet the expectations of consumers and give customers the power to support themselves. Well, without the aid of your support staff, clients can look for questions on their own and independently solve issues with a comprehensive knowledge base. In reality, 81 percent of customers prefer to use the website of a business rather than phone or email to get responses to their queries.

A comprehensive knowledge base can minimize calls and tickets significantly, save valuable time for both staff and customers, and increase customer loyalty. Outcome of happy customers? Not only are they likely to be faithful, but they’re also going to tell their peers, too.

Delivers Effective Service to Customers

One of the few customers facing service networks which is continuously accessible from every platform is a knowledge base. This implies that there’s no need to put customers on hold-the replies are right at their fingertips. But if it is not well planned, in a matrix of terms, you will lose your clients. Therefore, it is essential to have a structured structure of the knowledge base that makes it easier to find responses.

Predicts Client Needs

You will slowly but steadily begin to see common patterns in how consumers use your item or brand with the help of your customer support tools. This is where it is placed on its cape by the information base and saves the day.

You’ll be prepared to describe complex items through detailed, in-depth content in the form of a document, videos, or demonstration. In addition, it is an added benefit to make how-to clips to visually teach your customers in an easy way.

Develops Consumer Trust

For some, confidence comes easier than it is for others. But imagine a consumer with your item or brand losing confidence. Or much worse, not being able to locate the data in your knowledge base that they need. Having all your items listed for the consumer to research and gain the confidence of some more referrals for future use as well.

If consumers use curated content to fix a problem, for future use, it gives them the confidence they would need return to your knowledge base. And that’s why, when producing articles for challenging goods, it is necessary to have a comprehensive formula.

A strong knowledge base keeps your clients satisfied, and without your help, a knowledge base gives your clients the chance to solve their problems. Before they even need to ask, you get to answer all questions! A strong knowledge base increases the retention of clients.

Retention rates rise when the customers are satisfied, and that means long-term market growth, stable sales, and higher revenue. In your niche, it allows you to become an expert. The online authority will provide you with more sales opportunities. It’s a sign that you are trustworthy, and it demonstrates that you are familiar with your business.


The overall advantage of having a knowledge base is that it avoids many problems for both your clients and the customer service department. And no need for human contact, clients get what they want, when they want. It’s a wins-win situation in which, while having your workers working on innovative projects, you get to build meaningful connections between your consumers and your brand.

Ultimately, you get all the advantages of the information base: you invest less – thanks to fewer tickets and telephone conversations, thus improving your earnings – thanks to higher conversion and customer satisfaction.

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