What is Devops and The Importance of it

It’s a Process with the union of people, process and products under one umbrella working together to achieve seamless continuous delivery of product from development to deployment with high velocity, by which we deliver products in high pace from organizations to customers maintaining higher standards in less time than traditional workarounds.

“ The word “DevOps” was invented in 2009 by Patrick Debois.” 

The culture DevOps is mainly to focus in the change to the IT cultures system-oriented approach with keeping in focus the agile approach of achieving the delivery of a package with spool proof code.

Brief Approach on Dev+Ops Process from Below:-

Dev (Development + Ops (Operations) -> Combined to form DevOps

“Development” and “operations,” is what DevOps is all about.

DevOps main stresses on people (and culture), and work on a node to improve the action of working between development and the operations teams. DevOps implementations utilize technology especially to decrease manpower and automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.”

Notably, DevOps is not a process or a technology or a standard.”

Where this Idea did call DevOps Originated from????

DevOps was not created all of the sudden around a whole night. Rather, the building stones of DevOps were placed long ago and have been constructed by forward-thinking IT experts in a number of disciplines.

The two primary approaches of DevOps are:-

Enterprise systems management (ESM)

Many of the people involved in the initial definition of DevOps were system administrators.

People who were so-called operation experts brought the main ESM practices to the DevOps culture, which included CM (Configuration Management), automated provisioning, system monitoring, and some toolchain approach.

Agile development

We can explain in detail about:

“ DevOps as a catalyst which helped the growth of Agile software development” which mainly focuses on the collaboration of Product Management, QA Analysts, Developers, and End Users collaboration to come under one umbrella and work together.

Using DevOps culture we can boost the Agile code delivery process as much as possible, where we also focus in getting spool proof code, Deliver high Quality of code in smaller chunks tested thoroughly and then Delivered to Production.

People who want to work on DevOps culture should have good knowledge of Agile Methodology.

Famous Quote on the importance of DevOps with Agile

If we try to do Agile without DevOps, It like trying to Race with A Tractor on a Racing Track instead of Car. Though you can achieve the required Mile, You will never be the winner.

DevOps + Agile makes thing achievable in a better and faster way, to reach the market.

Dint it sounded easier to understand???? Well, that’s the greatness of DevOps practice.

Problems that Organizations faced which made DevOps Concept come up:-

The main motto of all the software companies today, Is how good are we in achieving the Client expectations?

And most of the times, we don’t have developers, QA, and Product in one place and when there is a New enhancement Request from a Client with Very short deadlines, It is really Hel for the teams to Get the requirements from Teams, Collaborate and work together to Reach the client satisfaction Mark which is 100% spool proof code on time.

Also meanwhile at the same time, the Demand will also be to have a system which is stable and also free from outages and interruptions, which creates issues to the companies where they will land up in deciding in choosing between

Delivering the changes quickly and then working to deal with an unstable production environment, or to maintain a stable, and spool proof environment.”

And not to our Surprise, None of the above will be accepted by the Companies.


They always work on pushing the changes to the software as fast as possible without any errors, and that is what they are hired for.


These people know that by these rapid-fire changes without having correct safety checks can also cause issues to their central machines which in-turn will decentralize there working Nature.

DevOps main Moto was all about to work on resolving this Confusion by allowing integration by working with everyone who is associated in the software development lifecycle like the deployment of business users, developers,  QA test engineers, Working security engineers, Operations system administrators, and sometimes also others who are into a single, highly automated workflow with a shared focus.

Fast Delivery of spool, proof and high-quality software which meets the expectations of the requirements of the use by maintaining the integrity and stable values of the entire system.

 How do these CFT (Dev, QA, Operations) groups join together?

How do People surpass the traditional discipline roles and responsibilities by having a common set of principles?

  • Set Precise Goals, Security levels, Achievable Goals and Basic Beliefs which will help them as a guide.
  • Work between and In-between teams with synchronized Teamwork.
  • Work on Automating the Repetitive and Common tasks which can reduce the load on teams.
  • By following up with regularly Feedbacks and also regularly monitor the Production Environment.
  • Encourage the working together culture by working with cross cultured teams with different skill sets and having specialized knowledge.

These are the basic fundamentals of why actually DevOps is to fast into the market.

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