Top 5 AI Events Happening in North America in 2020

AI events in north america

Let’s get back to the year 1950. 

Computer Scientists -Minsky and McCarthy – narrated AI as anything which gets performed by the machine or by a set of programs and if the same thing when carried out by humans requires some sort of more intelligence to complete the given task.

Nowadays, AI is pervasive in nature. Whether you get recommendations on what next you should buy online which is according to your likes.

“Whenever Apple Siri or Google Assistant works as per the given voice command, these are some of the things that are possible because of AI.” 

Machine learning and AI always complement each other.

Canada ranks 4th among the top 10 countries which leads the AI race. Even the government of Canada actively invests in AI and machine learning. Earlier in the year 2017, $125 million was allocated for AI and its research and even they started recruiting AI talents for its growth and research.

North America AI Market At Glance

  • Back in the year 2016 and 2017, the government of Canada announced that $1.3 billion will be provided for AI research and development.
  • Montreal has a dense accumulation of students and researchers of deep learning when compared to the rest of the world.
  • Toronto has a dense collection of AI start-ups from all over the world.
  • One of the founding fathers of deep learning – Yoshua Bengio is still associated with the University of Montreal.
  • Geoffrey Hinton which is considered as the Godfather of AI is associated with the University of Toronto.
  • The University of Alberta has Richard Sutton which is the most cited researcher worldwide in reinforcement learning.

Top 5 AI events happening in North America in 2020

There are many events of AI that will be held virtually despite the pandemic situation and even the attendees are expected to increase from their comfort of homes.

AI and Big Data Virtual Event

The world’s leading AI and Big data conference will be fully virtual and this virtual conference is specially organized for those aspiring tech companies, experts, individuals who are searching for the latest innovations and game plans for companies to take their business to the next level. 

The series of the event in this conference will be held on the 4th and 5th of November this year.

GPU Technology Conference

GTC’s conference will also be held virtually continuously for 5 days for 7 different time zones from October 5-9.

“The main focus of this conference will be on the latest trends of AI, Data Science, HPC, graphics and much more which revolves around AI.” 

The discussions on AI by the experts will help your company to lead in the near future and how AI can be beneficial to flourish your business.

Oreilly AI Conference

The Oreilly AI conference will be held online from 14th to 17th of September this year.

The conference will provide insights and the ways to bypass the propaganda and find out new evolving developments of AI which can be practically used and which is also profitable.

The companies can use AI models for large scale and applications in AI which are boosting at a skyrocketing rate.

And how the companies are adopting AI models to bloom their business and the early birds adopting this technology will increase the competition for all the companies.

Global AI Conference 

Global AI conference will be organized from 16th to 18th of September

The major points of discussion in this conference will be on industries where it is finance, E-commerce, healthcare, pharma or any other industry and how their AI adoption will bring positive rewards within a short span of time.

The things will be discussed along with analyzing case studies, developing new technical skills through workshops and experiences in AI and predicting future trends.

HPC and AI Wall Street

The conference will be held virtually on the 15th of September.

The conference will brief the attendees on market-ready innovations, growth, new ways of generating revenues and the advantages of this competition.

All the successful tips and tricks with the help of case studies will be explained for getting your business to the next level of capital markets.

All the advice on AI and its deployment in the fintech industry will be the major discussion of this conference.

These 5 conferences are among the top 5 conferences that are going to be held on AI and it is beneficial to all the experts, researchers and all the companies across the globe who are planning to deploy AI models to carry out their business activities with ease.

Now, let’s quickly get a detailed overview of the best AI event in Canada. 

AI Toronto 2020 – Canada’s #1 AI Event

Almost every conference and event in Canada is going virtual. Just like the iTech Conference 2020,  AI Toronto 2020 is also going virtual.

O yes! The events are going virtual rather than getting cancelled.

Due to this ongoing pandemic, the 5th edition of AI Toronto will be held on the 29th and 30th of September virtually this year.

The virtual exhibition will include more than 200 speakers and more than 100 solution providers along with thousands of people are expected to attend this conference.

The major topics which are going to be discussed in this conference are : 

  1. How to make AI accessible to all the companies
  2. Future growth and development of AI.

These two are the major dilemma when it comes to AI and how to inculcate in any business.  After these major discussions, there are various questions which an individual gets as in what are the various regions in the company where AI can be deployed and what benefits will it bring to the organization.

Getting registered in this conference will not be that pathetic as the virtual pass of attending the conference will be available at $299 whereas the pass for virtual expo and virtual career development sessions will be free of charge.

All the speakers will be professionals and experts in the AI and machine learning field. Their discussions and presentations will be rewarding for the individuals as well as the companies who want to thrive in their business with AI. 


Attendees will gain insights and detailed analysis of AI – implications, the process of deployment and the ways to create wonders out of it and how the company can boost up their growth and development along with the adoption of the latest technologies. The conference will open opportunities for researchers and practitioners and help them to get their desired job.

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