Top Accounting Apps that Every Freelance Contractor Must Use

Accounting Apps for Freelancers

Independent contractors are regarded as businesses in their own rights according to the existing law. Every business needs to do business bookkeeping and keep track of taxes. Even though this may sound pretty challenging, today you have access to a plethora of apps that could assist you in effectively handling all your accounting requirements. From free mobile and online app options to the relatively expensive desktop platforms, you could come across numerous diverse accounting apps.

Choosing the Right Accounting App

You must look for the desired features in the app. Are you going to pay a biweekly paycheck to yourself or are you submitting your quarterly taxes on your own to the government? Are you having any inventory or business assets for tracking? Is it necessary to keep track of payments and invoices? You have access to comprehensive and competent programs that are adept at tackling all these requirements but could be slightly expensive.

You must remember that the apps’ costs would be varying. Some apps would need monthly fees; others would need a one-time fee, while some others would be absolutely free for use.

You must take into serious consideration, your accounting apps’ integration efficiency and capabilities. Some are capable of integrating with a broad spectrum of tools for tracking hours, expenses, miles, receipts and all other important metrics valuable for your business success.

Take a look at some of the most versatile accounting apps just right for independent contractors.

Wave Accounting

The Wave Accounting tool is supposed to be a free accounting app which would be working effectively both on your smartphone and online. You need to pay certain charges for some additional features such as payroll and payment processing. We understand that the actually free starting price point certainly would stand out as a winner on behalf of many independent contractors. Wave‘s free version seems to be quite impressive than certain paid accounting apps. This Wave Accounting tool includes live bank connections, invoicing, expenses and income tracking, and collaborations.


If you are a freelance contractor and looking for simple accounting with emphasis on your unique needs then Freshbooks is the right choice for you. This app is just fantastic for the self-employed people and you could opt for a 30-day trial offer and $15 every month. If you are having over five clients, you must opt for the more effective Plus version that comes at $25 every month. Additional team members would be costing $10 every month for each additional team member.

Some of the top features are expenses, invoicing, time tracking, reporting, payments, and even a mobile app. It is surely one of the simplest and easiest accounting applications to use. Freshbooks is known to keep things pretty simple and it does not necessitate an accounting degree for navigating on this platform.

Zoho Books

As per business2community, “Zoho Books is another super-simple accounting app. Zoho Books also benefits from integrating with Zoho’s other business apps, which are perhaps the most notable alternatives to Google Apps for Business. Zoho Books, together with the other apps in Zoho’s growing Web app ecosystem, can help you keep it simple at every stage of small business accounting.” Zoho Books would keep everything that you would be requiring ready at your fingertips right from invoicing to an accurate and detailed tax reporting.

Zoho is known to provide a suite of CRM, email, a custom app engine, along with an accounting package. Zoho Book actually would be starting at $9 each month for precisely the basic version, or $90 every year. Zoho Books would be including accounting needs such as invoicing, reconciliations, expense tracking, projects, timesheets, sales approvals, and recurring transactions. Zoho Books has robust features but is not equipped to handle larger businesses unlike some of the other famous accounting packages.


The Bench is supposed to be a popular accounting app that plays the dual role of an accounting app and an accountant. In the case, your business operates with even less than $7500 in terms of monthly expenses; Bench would be costing $135 each month. It does cost relatively more than other competent apps, it does include a fantastic feature, and it provides you with the services of a human accountant.

You would be paying the monthly fee every month for the services of the app including the services of a brilliant team of bookkeepers for monitoring closely all your connected accounts and updating the books. Whatever you require from reports to statements, you could simply log in whenever you wish. You should be getting accurate monthly financial reports and you could relax at the thought that the books are in good hands. You may browse through reputed sites such as Nationaldebtreliefprograms for perfect money and debt relief solutions.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

You could opt for automatic invoicing by seeking the services of GoDaddy Bookkeeping.  Freelancers who have just one client per month would face no issues or worries as they can simply raise the invoice with the same fixed rate. They do not need to spend hours at a stretch on bookkeeping activities or go on repeating the invoice process for a number of times every month. With the help of GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you could enjoy an automatic recurring process.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping is known to be one of the most effective and surely the best accounting apps meant especially, for e-commerce sellers. However, it offers many wonderful features for also, covering independent contractors. We know that it includes both mobile and web access. Moreover, it starts at an incredibly low $3.99 each month for the basic version which would be including estimates, invoices, mileage, payments, and time tracking.


inDinero is supposed to be a full-service accounting app that provides both tax preparation and accounting services. It has the human element just like Bench. It would be providing 50 transactions every month, annual federal and state taxes, invoicing, financial statements, and bill payments precisely for a couple of connected accounts only.


You may be an independent contractor or a freelancer who just hates the idea of accounting and bookkeeping. You are not expected to love bookkeeping unless you are a qualified accountant. Hope one or more of the above-discussed financial accounting apps could prove to be useful for your specific situation. Apart from this, you can also try some other accounting apps like Microsoft Access Cloud database, QuickBooks which can be hosted on Cloud Desktop for a multi-user environment. Choose the perfect app for your kind of freelance job.

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