How Will Robots Rule the World in the Upcoming Future?

will robots rule the world

Some of the smartest minds in the world, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates are afraid now. If not afraid, then alarmed for sure. Stephen Hawking is in the list too. They are against smart machines because these machines are so good at doing everything that in the nearby future they can be bad for humans too. This is due to their advanced artificial intelligence.

In the year 2015, so many scientists penned down a letter against the danger of AI. Tesla founder Elon Musk said that Artificial Intelligence would be an immortal dictator. Even the great physicist,

” Stephen Hawking has also warned and said that the Invention of Artificial Intelligence could be the worst invention of Human History “

It is possible that the future world will be full of robots similar to the robots that we imagined when we were kids. However, it is also possible that future robots will be of a different kind: brain emulations, also known as “uploads” or “ems”. Three technologies are required to create “ems” (computing, scanning, and cell modelling). All of them seem likely to be ready within a century.

Before it was estimated to mark its existence in two or three centuries. We can expect that during the “em” era, robots will continue to develop the abilities of traditional “non-ems” robots. So, those kinds of robots will become more capable of doing all kinds of jobs. They would eventually replace humans because they can improve more over time than humans.

Someday robots will probably take over the world because they have the ability to live forever, plus they can be way stronger and more resilient. Along with it, they are immune to diseases and can solve problems way quickly because of the inbuilt coding and algorithm. So, they will have no problem in taking the things over.

Technology is advancing so fast that we cannot predict what is going to happen in the upcoming few years. Robots would surely take over the tasks, jobs, and humans will be left with less and less to do. Self-driving cars are already in the market and who was aware of the fact that humans will build this. Just one invention went wrong and human civilization might end.

No doubt that robots will be a living element on the earth one day. Sure they will rule the world because, with the passage of every day, they are becoming smarter with the input of information to them.

The advantage with the robots is that they know how to control themselves and we, the humans, we do not know how to control ourselves as well as compete with each other. And in all this, the third party gets the upper hand.

If you think that in the upcoming future, robots or AI will not rule over the world, then you must have a misconception regarding its power. Because one thing for sure is that they will definitely change the face of the world.

So, here the question is not that, “will they rule or not?” The question is “how they will rule the world?” With time to time, humans have always created their own demise. We, humans, thrive on greed, violence, and always commit the same mistakes. So, we are living example of self-destruction.

” In short, emotions (which make us human) will destroy us someday which AI has not, and that will be the root of our downfall “

In the nearby future, robots would surely take over the world. For example, a robot has beaten the second-best Golf player in the world. It shows that how smarts the robots are. So, think about it, only a couple of years from now and robots can beat the human in each and every aspect of life.

They will take our jobs and provide us with new challenges. For example, before cars, they were no car mechanics, tire changers, etc. The possibilities are endless as we can’t even imagine our life without them. Who would have ever thought that in 2005, a normal “YouTuber” will be a profitable profession?

The problem, however, is way beyond what Hollywood movies like Terminator and Matrix taught us. It is not possible that because of those extremely smart machines, humans may end up looking like meat bags. Instead of predicting the far-off future, it is easier to know how to AI may end up in the upcoming 15 years.

Undoubtedly, it’s a true fact that people would lose a job over the fact that they are making robots that will very soon take over the jobs if they will be trained in the right way.


Ethics Will Save Us? Maybe

So, by now it is clear that robots would surely rule the world in the nearby future. But the real question is that, what’s the way out? With time, the machine will get smarter. The algorithm will rule the world. Driverless cars are coming, smartphones are already there. Very soon, Google assistant will control the lights of our room. The evolution of AI can’t be controlled because we are largely dependent on it. So, I believe there should be some limitations and we should be thinking of AI ethics.

Silicon Valley is too putting a light on the ethics and these ethics go beyond the simple laws of Asimov. A robot may not injure human beings, but allow a human being to come to harm. Fair enough, that will work for robots.

Google recently came out with some ethical that will govern its research and use of AI, and many more tech companies to join. Yet, more is needed.

Concluding Points

Technology has really come too far. There was once a time when kids used to play in fields with their friends, but the time has changed now. Fields are replaced with mobile phones. Friends are replaced with online players. 15 years ago you would have never believed if someone has told you that in upcoming time, the world will be on fingertips.

So, after considering the current scenario, it will not be a denying fact that in upcoming time technology will rule the world. It all depends on us.

Summary: This write-up highlights that there will be a time that robots will rule the world.

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