7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Team’s Performance Using Video Conferencing

Team performance using video conference

Is your business looking for ways to be more productive? While video conferencing isn’t often seen as a productivity tool, it should be. In fact, Cisco claims that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021 and a Forbes Insight survey showed that 80% of respondents believed that video conferencing is becoming a must-have for businesses. You can’t wait any longer; it’s time for you to implement this technology.  

Here are seven ways that your team’s performance will improve by implementing video conferencing. 

1. Improving Employee Morale

The last thing any company wants to deal with is a continuous turnover. To prevent this, you must create a work environment that pleases your employees.

Video conferencing allows your employees to work from anywhere. This produces the proper balance between work and life and promotes a healthy culture. Even while working from home, your team members stay connected with other employees to boost productivity. 

There’s no reason to force employees to sit in an office all day when the work can be accomplished in the environment they enjoy. 

It won’t take long before everyone agrees that your organization is the place to work. In return, you won’t lose employees or have to hire new members, unless you are growing.

2. Stronger, Faster Connections

When your business runs from multiple locations, you might battle staying connecting. Instead of attempting to work through phone meetings or continuing those long email chains, you can utilize video conferencing. 

With this technology, you can collaborate at any time and call impromptu meetings. By creating an official portal, you are instantly transporting to other locations, without the additional cost. 

What results is a boost in productivity. As your team members feel the ease of doing business this way, they also become more excited to work. You will see an instant surge in creativity and innovation. 

3. Reducing Expenses

As you attempt to stay connected to offices and clients around the world, you end up paying a lot for travel. When you host virtual meetings instead, you save the organization a lot of money. Not only are these meetings just as effective, but they don’t cost anything extra.

You save money on food, rental cars, airfare and a hotel room. 

Aside from the money aspect, there is also wasted time while travelling. While your employee is in the air, they aren’t able to meet with clients or prepare for that next sales presentation. Think of how many more clients your employees can meet with when they don’t have to leave the office. 

In the time spent to travel across the world for one client, your team could have closed multiple deals with video conferencing. 

4. Easily Sharing, And Multiplying Your Presentations

There’s no reason to visit with your clients or prospect in person to sell your services. Sure, these face-to-face meetings have been the conventional way to go for many years. With today’s technology, everything is easier, quicker and simpler. 

Close deals faster as you complete transactions with modern video conferencing equipment. You can look at your client directly in the eye and share data with them. If needed, you can also share screens with them to dynamically present more information. 

This goes back to saving time on travel. If you want your ROI to multiply, book multiple presentations in the time you would have spent on the road. 

5. Streamlining HR

Your human resource personnel has a lot on their plate. On top of additional responsibility, they also face tight budgets. They have to get more done with less.

These challenges continue to increase as your company grows. Modern companies have plenty of remote or mobile workers that the HR team is in charge of. To roll out new policies, your Human Resources department needs access to video conferencing technology. 

With the right equipment, your management team can quickly train the other employees on the new procedures or software. 

Allow them to connect at any time of the day, no matter where they are located. This doesn’t just save time, but also further reduces travel expenses. Most importantly, you strengthen employee relationships as you create further connections. 

6. Make Initial Interviews More Effective and Available

As we discuss HR, we have to talk about ways to make the interview process more manageable. By starting video interviews, you create more efficiency. 

Start by eliminating candidates that don’t have the right qualifications. You save yourself and the candidate time. Furthermore, you can quickly fast-track any professionals that meet your requirements. 

Aside from that, you also have the chance to expand your initial search location. With a broad area, you get to dip into a bigger talent pool without spending more. 

7. Increasing IT Efficiency

Another department that is often overlooked is your IT Help Desk. Any time that your employees face computer trouble, they demand instant access to help. With video conferencing, the solutions come faster than ever before. 

Even if your employees aren’t in the office at the time of trouble, the IT team can help. Give them the tools needed to diagnose computer problems fast to keep everyone working. You boost productivity while saving everyone time. 

Boosting Your Team’s Productivity with Video Conferencing

The ways to use video conferencing to benefit your company are endless. Video conferencing innovations continue to change the business game. 

For a small investment, your company receives a big boost in profits. Implement video conferencing to boost productivity, meet with more clients and stay connected. Not only will your team thank you, but it will quickly become a central element to your company’s culture.

Remember that video conferencing is simply one piece of the technology puzzle. You want to use it in conjunction with other audiovisual solutions for a seamless operation. 

If your company is currently using video conferencing, we would love to hear about the benefits you have received. Let us know about it in the comments. 

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