Pros of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Website

Embed instagram feeds on your website

Who doesn’t love Instagram?

We all do, right!

The reason behind this addiction for Instagram is its constantly changing features such as Instagram offers Geo-tagging, Instagram Stories, Filters & moreover, the vibrant galleries of pictures or short videos make the social feed come alive. 

“What makes Instagram more attractive is that it has millions of global users and people have a strong sentiment linked with this social media network. ” 

Due to the increase in global exposure, Instagram has become the favourite of brands as well to level up their marketing game.

If you want to know more about why you should embed Instagram feeds on website, then delve into and read this blog.

Embedding Instagram Feeds on Website

Instagram is a great way to showcase user-generated content which is said to be the most authentic & trustworthy form of content. 

Therefore, Instagram feeds like images, videos, etc. are also a part of UGC which can be embedded on any website building platform such as Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc in the form of a Widget.

Reason to Leverage Instagram Feeds on Website

We’ll throw light on the significant benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on your website. 

Ideal for Building Stronger Brand Image and Trust

Instagram feeds are user-generated content, so when you embed them on your website in real-time, you not only increase the authenticity of the content, escalate your social reach but also build customer trust.

In short, the more people will talk about your brand the more trust your brand grows within your customer base

Plus, this social media marketing strategy is also best for spreading word-of-mouth marketing around your brand.

Boosts Brands-Users Interactions 

We all agree that Instagram has evolved so beautifully over the last few years that it has made a great impact on marketers & users relationships as well. 

How? Well, by embedding Instagram feeds on the website, brands can boost their visitor engagement and will enhance the website dwell time.

This way they not only improve user interaction but also the dwell time of the website.

Increases Your Social Media Reach And Customer Base

If you would like to increase your social reach then embedding Instagram feeds on the website is the best way for you. 

In addition to this, the more customers will interact with your brand on your website or on Instagram, the higher number of customers will be engaged with your brand.

Integrate Social Media to Commerce

This process of embedding Instagram feeds on the website brings the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale. 

If simply put, it bridges the gap between the social presence & online presence of a brand. 

It also affects the purchasing decision of customers, therefore increases the chances of higher conversion i.e. by converting demand into sales. 

So, turn your aspiring customers into your permanent ones by showcasing relevant and meaningful posts.

Hub of Appealing & Vibrant Content 

Without any doubt, Instagram is the most vibrant social media platform displaying compelling content when it comes to its feed. 

And these feeds give unique & colourful vibes touch to the website after being integrated. 

In addition to this, you tend to make the interface of your website get lively with attractive & eye-catching content. 

Results in Smooth Customer Experience

As per many marketers, Instagram feeds improves the user’s interaction with the website interface by 10x times. 

This clearly shows that you are ahead of your competitor websites in terms of offering a smooth & superb consumer experience.

How You Can Embed Instagram Feeds on Website?

The social media aggregator tools come into action if you are thinking of embedding Instagram feeds on the website. 

There are innumerable tools like Taggbox, Tagembed, etc. that help brands and businesses of all sizes in collecting & curating real-time feeds (via hashtags, handles, keywords, or mentions) from various social media platforms into a single feed. 

This feed can be then personalized by applying beautiful backgrounds and themes before being embedded on the website. 

Also, aggregator tools allow brands to moderate the content by eliminating unwanted comments from the feeds. 

Another in-built feature offered by these tools is Analytics, which lets brands monitor the performance of embedded feeds in terms of total impressions, engagement, users, click-through rates, and more.

So choose a perfect tool for your brand wisely keeping in the features & functionalities of your business & website.

Final Words

If you own an E-commerce website, satisfy your customers by embedding Instagram feeds on your e-commerce website in the form of user-generated content. In a nutshell, it helps to grow your e-commerce sales and business.

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