Google Chrome Elevation Service – Understanding Chrome Components

Google Chrome Elevation Service


The web browser, most commonly used today is without a doubt Google chrome. The real reason for chrome to stay the unbeatable warrior is simply their quality and customer service. Google Chrome updates and adapts itself rapidly for the changing environment and to the competition.

These updates are sometimes successful while other times they run-heavy and might not be quick with the updates, this may cause several glitches. Although chrome plays it very safe to avoid glitches still it could be an issue in this highly competitive space.

And any sort of glitch is not the only problem for the service provider but also a huge issue for the user. Facing any issue on Google chrome might end up as a huge cost to play. Now for this the chrome components come and help, these are small components of the Chrome web browser, we will discuss them later on.

Google Chrome components have a lot of different parts to in and one of them received a very mixed reaction from the users and that is Google chrome elevation service. Why it received such a reaction? And what is this service at the basic? These are a few questions that are free to reside your mind right now. Well to understand everything we need to start with the basic. Today we will simplify each and every complex technicality and will try to give you a clear picture.

Why Google components page is accessible for all?

Google components are the small components of chrome that means they are very much close to the foundation of the browser. Still, it is accessible to everyone, so what could be the reason for it.

Well the chrome browser, as we said has a very little chance of falling apart, that said, it rarely sees problems, what to do when that rare chance occurs and you face glitches in the chrome browser, this is where the Google components page help. There are a lot of different components and one of them is chrome recovery component.

The chrome recovery component 

Chrome is an ever-updating browser and there is no guarantee that these updates will work every time. Let us simplify this.

There are times when the reason for chrome’s poor performance on your device is the lack of update. It is said that if you are having trouble using the browser try updating it first. But what to do when your update does not work as well.

This is a problem faced by many, and to be honest this could be a bigger nuisance than the actual glitch. So, to have a smooth functioning of web updates and installations there are these chrome recovery components.

And the chrome recovery components have this service called Google chrome elevation service. 

Through the concept of chrome recovery component – The chrome elevation service. 

The chrome elevation service aims at the fact of automatic and faster updates. What does that mean now?

Well to get a clear picture let us break it down to simple language 

The web browser gets a constant update to avoid any irregularity in function. Now not every time every device can meet the constant updates, this can be sometimes a real problem. You have to understand that not every time you will know that you missed an update and you might even not know until your browser slows down or shows any problem. These situations leave a very negative impact on both the user and the browser, and to the chrome, elevation helps a lot.

It makes every update automatic. That said, you need not worry about the updates as it will make sure the browser is regular with all the updates. It is pre-installed by the company so you need not bother sweating over installing it as well.

Now, remember we said it has a mixed reaction by the user? Yes, let us move to that now.

Understanding the mood of the masses

So, here we know the reason why chrome elevation service is needed. This means it is not required every time, because chrome is a quality browser so there are chances of any glitches very less. A lot of users believe it is not very much needed

So having this in the background can hinder the performance of the device. Or just think working over our browser while it keeps updating every single thing in the background, even though you might not need that update, still, it will keep updating. This can also take up your space, data and might make your device’s speed slower. Hence a lot of people want it removed and are not happy with this update.

The honest take on this Google Chrome Elevation Service

Removing the service is not going to work wonders as it may be required for you in the future. And, also it is pre-installed so there won’t be the right way to remove the service. So what could be the best to take? It is to disable it.

Yes, you might not delete or uninstall this service but you can disable the service and it is quite easy as well, we will discuss it. And the best part about disabling is that it frees you from the burden of constant space for running and if in case, in future you happen to need this service you can enable it any time you want.

And the fact that a section of society approves this service as they believe it is only for the betterment of the users, which is kind of true. As no company would want to trouble their customers, still the technical requirements are always there and it cannot be denied that these requirements can work both the ways for the user.

So after concluding disabling the service if not required, although still, it is not advisable as the service is there for the greater good. This option can be used if you want to get rid of the feature. Then, let us discuss how to disable the chrome elevation service in simple and easy steps with us.

The process to stop the premium Google Chrome Elevation Service 

Now let us jump to the part where we will discuss how to disable the elevation service. It is not rocket science, to begin with, the steps are simple and can be easily followed.

  1. To begin with, you need to run a dialogue box on your device, after that, you will be required to type ‘services. msc’
  2. This will open another list of services, your task from here is simple. Now just try to locate the chrome elevation service.
  3. After finding it, click twice on it, doing so will lead you to another dialogue box, the properties dialogue.
  4. After that just find the ‘disabled’.
  5. Proceed with the ‘OK’ button

Now your chrome elevation service is disabled, you need not take any extra step. After this, you can sit back and relax.

Why Google Chrome Elevation Service, is important for your device?

Now to have a proper take in this divided culture about elevation service, we must know the importance and requirements of it. Because at the end of the day, no one company will launch a service which is not fit or required by the users, and in the case of Chrome, it becomes least.

So now, let us try to understand the need and the use of chrome elevation service.

It is not quite predictable as of when and where your PC will now stop supporting the old version of a web browser. Now imagine a scenario

You are working at a very important condition let us say, a test or a survey with the help of chrome. The time is limited and you are required to perform the task at that very moment. Now, what if your browser breaks the performance in between? A nightmare right? Well yeah, these kinds of situation are quite unpredictable and can happen to anyone, without prior notice.

Now to avoid this you can go deeper into Google components and can run a check there, but remember, you don’t have enough time, and you cannot stand there and wait for the browser to show glitches and then you will perform the check. It is rather important to be aware of beforehand. Now, most of the time these glitches happen, because your PC has an older version of the browser. You might miss the updates and if your browser is not updating the elevation service, makes it smooth and helps to update it on time.

Any kind of glitch in the update is fixed by this service. This kind of makes you free from extra manual work. If your browser is updated beforehand then it can save you, from a lot of last-minute embarrassments. It keeps you safe from any sort of update glitches.

Other components of chrome components page

Chrome recovery component is not the only part of the chrome components page, there are several others as well? For a better understanding, it is important to know about them as well.

So, let us know a few more components so that might help at the hour of the need.

  1. For Flash 

The key player for the media playing, gaming and other apps, Flash. This serves as a base for most of the work and if this does not update in time, it might lead to some problems. During such issues, just update the flash from the Chrome Components page. That will help for the glitches in the Flash.

  1. For Netflix 

You can stream it because the Google components unblock the DRM for you. You might not be able to stream if your Google component is not functional. While facing any error in the legal streaming, might need to update the Widevine Content Decryption Module.

  1. CRL Set 

It is important to block unwanted certificates.

  1. Software Reporter Tool 

To detect and issues in the software report tool finds it and then report it. It is a very important agent for the smooth functioning of the web browser.

These were a few of the other components of the google chrome components page, there are a lot more to the list and they perform together like bits of the browser.  


As you are here, this indicate you have gone through the data I have collected or you. So, for concluding, you should know the importance and requirements of the Google components page through the view of the chrome elevation service. We see as they are the hidden tools required for the functioning and are functioning behind the closed curtains.


  1. Is chrome elevation service going to slow down my PC?

The main purpose of it, is not to slow down the PC, although it might require some space for running in the background that may or may not hinder the speed of your PC. But altogether it should not pose any greater harm to the speed.

  1. Why DRM is needed to be unblocked while using Netflix on the browser?

Netflix needs to preserve its copyrights and to do so, they use the DRM, if the DRM is not unblocked, and the video might not even be played. Due to this issue, the Google component first unblocks the DRM.

  1. Will the chrome components will keep running every time?

The access to Google chrome components page is totally up to the will and the usage of the user. If the user feels the need to look beyond the cover surface of the browser or the browser faces any glitches then only the Google components page come in function.

  1. Is it important to disable the chrome elevation service when not in use?

No, it is not important to disable the service. You can very well use the browser with this feature enabled. If not in use it will just stay non-functional. There is no particular necessity to disable it.

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