Features to Consider When Picking Invoicing Software For Your Auto Shop

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Auto shops have unique needs when compared to practically any other public-facing business. Not only do you need to have integrated inventory tracking and payment processing like a retail establishment, most of the time you also need to be able to manage appointment-setting like salons and other service-based businesses.

Then, on top of that, you need to be able to present a customer with written estimates and save work order authorizations like a contractor. It’s a lot to handle, and if you’re looking for a POS system that supports your business by working with your invoicing process, it’s a lot to ask.

So, in addition to these functional features, what else do you need in a POS upgrade if you’re running an invoice-based business like a garage?

Next-Generation Electronic Payment Processing

Today’s merchant accounts see a lot of traffic above and beyond credit card purchases. Debit cards, NFC contactless payment, ACH, and other new payment options have risen in popularity, and businesses providing essential services like auto repair are often seeking a point of sale hardware solution that accepts all the currently-available methods while leaving a path for adding on support if new options arise.

That’s why the Clover POS system is often a popular choice for auto repair businesses. It has a diverse ecosystem of apps that provide administrative services needed by practically any business, including all the ones listed above, and it’s also well-known for being modular and supporting add-ons that cover new payment options as they come out.

Should You Add Mobile Payment Processing?

Not every automotive business needs mobile processing, but many choose a mobile credit card reader because of its ability to maintain an independent data connection wherever there’s a cellular data signal. This makes it easy to run even if the hard line internet goes down for a day, and most mobile readers also support Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t need to rely on the cellular data full-time either.

For businesses that provide roadside assistance, towing, or other mobile services, a mobile reader is an absolute must if you’re going to capture all the business you can. Often, those who need roadside help don’t have the option to use cash, especially if the service winds up being more complicated than a simple jump start.

Apps and Features

The first thing about choosing a new  pos system for auto repair shop locations should be a consideration of its core abilities as a payment processing device. Beyond that, though, the more apps and features you can integrate seamlessly, the easier it is to run a small business.

That’s why so many shops look to devices like the Clover Station, Clover Mini, or Clover Flex for support. The devices come with many preloaded software configurations, including the Booker build for appointment-based businesses like auto shops, salons, and massage therapists.

That build is just a beginning, too. Through the website, you can not only access your account and manage your devices, you can also add features by opting in to new apps as needed, until you’ve got the support you need to write invoices that pull from your inventory, with options to streamline the labor estimates for each procedure offered in your shop.

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