Excellent Tips to Automate Your Ecommerce Venture

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Making use of all the available resources that you have might not be enough if you want to create a successful e-commerce project. And it is not necessarily the lack of funds, but the lack of time.

Thankfully, the popularity of eCommerce and its growth during the last few years has incentivized a boom in automation tool emergence.

“The future seems pretty bright for those who are working with eCommerce, and they can expect even more neat things to come. But what about stuff that is available right now?” 

Automating certain processes relieves the pressure and gives you more resources that can be dedicated to other areas. If you have been struggling and would like to make some changes in how you operate, consider taking a new approach by following the tips below.

Tip #1 – Order and Inventory Management

You may consider shifting more towards inventory and order automation. There are brands that are in charge of every process, from creating the product to shipping it. However, if you lack the necessary resources, you might be better off sticking to other methods.

You can start eCommerce business with Printify that can develop from a small print on demand venture to something bigger in the future. Perhaps you have some merchandise ideas that you want to try? Or maybe you have been interested in print on demand and would like to learn more about it?

Whatever the case might be, the experience will be useful, and you could find that this or similar business models are better for you because there is so much that you do not have to worry about. 

Tip #2 – Solid Knowledge Base

An insightful FAQ page, product descriptions, video guides, tutorials, and other pieces of information might not be something you associate with automation, but it provides quite a lot.

“Not every website visitor is keen on interacting with customer support. They would rather look for information themselves.” 

And when there is a solid knowledge base on the website, your customer support has fewer worries.

Tip #3 – Abandoned Shopping Carts

A large number of shopping carts are abandoned before potential customers complete their purchases. It happens for a number of reasons, such as hidden fees, or a long process of registering an account. Some people also put products in the bag and think that they will pay for it later. However, they end up forgetting about it.

How can you fix the situation? Well, you could send reminders about abandoned shopping carts. People who have forgotten about it are likely to revisit the shop and complete the process.

Tip #4 – Invoicing and Payment

Having an automated system for invoices and other payment information is also necessary. Some customers will make purchases on behalf of someone else, so they might need invoices as proof. Plenty of eCommerce stores send invoices to their customers. You should also do that in case you have not created such a system. 

invoice and paymenting

Tip #5 – Product Reviews

You are more likely to sell a product that has genuine reviews from previous customers. However, most people do not bother leaving a review. You can change the situation for the better by sending customers emails after a few days from their purchase.

Inquire them whether they like the product or services and whether they would be willing to leave some feedback on your website. You are bound to attract more reviews this way.

Tip #6 – Email Lists

Website plugins that allow you to automate email collecting have made things much easier. And even if you hear that email marketing is not that effective as before, you should still start collecting an email list as soon as possible. And since the process is automated, there is really no reason not to do that.

The biggest challenge will be attracting subscribers. Think of how you can make people click that “subscribe” button. Maybe you can offer a newsletter? Or perhaps there are some neat and exclusive perks, such as discounts or weekly raffles? 

Tip #7 – Customer Support

Automating customer support completely is of the books yet because you cannot replace phone calls and other aspects. However, there has been a lot of promising developments in the bot Artificial Intelligence sector.

Recent tests have shown that customer support bots can respond to certain questions almost as good as a real person, and the difference is almost unnoticeable.

“The technology will only get better in the future. Investing in AI bots will save you money because these bots can be available 24/7. ” 

Tip #8 – Social Media Content Scheduling

Successful social media campaigns require a lot of work, so when there is an opportunity to relieve some of the tasks, you should go for it. There are tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance. You can have a productive session when you create a lot of content and plan it for the upcoming weeks.

social media scheduling

Also, consider the fact that there might be days when you cannot publish stuff live because you are not available. Scheduling tools come in handy during these times as well.

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