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Security for smart homes

Security For Smart Homes: What Does it Mean ?

Of course, smart home technologies offer convenience and comfort to homeowners. As smart home technologies are making headway to the mainstream market it is necessary to understand the security for smart homes- what it means and how it affects the quality of life for homeowners. Keep reading to learn more

pros and cons of online education

Pros and Cons of Online Education In These Days

Advancement in technology has transformed the world in many ways, from online shopping to completing your education via online universities. Technology has played a pivotal role in uplifting and improving the standard of living. Now you don’t need to travel a long distance to buy anything or obtain any service.


How The Education Sector Modifies To The New Normal?

As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, people are thinking of when everything will return to normalcy. Everyone is willing to get back to their workplace since work from home is nothing less than a struggle. Similarly, children can’t wait to go back to school either because who likes studying without

online programs for suprising videos

Top 5 Best Online Programs to Create Surprising Videos

Videos have been an increasingly popular format over the years. In general, we look for applications through the web that allow us to create and edit videos in no time. In the case of an ordinary user, it is very frequent that the type of desktop application is used and

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Future of Robotics: How robotics helps in E-Learning during this COVID-19

Data and Security

How To Prevent Credential Stuffing Attack


Merits and Demerits of Using Chat Bots

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Conversational AI

How To Use Conversational AI on Your Website

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (or Conversational AI), is simply put, software or program that allows computers to simulate conversations, whether it’s textual conversations or audio and even audio-visual conversations. As one of the most recent breakthroughs in business and tech, there

hackproff wordpress website

Ten Ways To Hack-Proof Your WordPress Site

In today’s digitalized world, businesses cannot survive without having a strong presence on the Internet. People realize the importance of having their company’s website and put a lot of effort into building it up so that it can generate more