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Is 2021 Going To Be The Year Of Bitcoin What You Should Know

Is 2021 Going To Be The Year Of Bitcoin: What You Should Know

Are you aware of how much Bitcoin is expected to reach according to leading investors and experts in the field? Do you know where you would be able to use Bitcoins as payments and for transactions in the year 2021? Have you tried investing and trading in Bitcoins on platforms

cryptocurrency mining

5 Cryptocurrency Mining Facts Which Is Going To Blow Your Mind

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream like never before. We all know Bitcoin has outperformed almost every other financial asset and investment during the pandemic period. With some investors getting lifetime gains in periods as low as ten or eleven months, there is no doubt that

How Does Digital Transformation Boost Growth of the Finance Industry- Aiiot

How Does Digital Transformation Boost Growth of the Fintech Industry?

Digital Transformation: The enabler of innovation. There is hardly a boardroom discussion that ends without the mention of the two golden words.  “Across industries, digital transformation is playing a huge role in taking businesses forward. Digitalization is the one common business enhancer between traditional and modern businesses”  The one industry

artificial intelligence and automation

How Do You Differentiate AI From Automation?

A lot of us use the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and automation interchangeably to describe the technological take over in the human-operated processes, and a lot of us would stare blankly at the person who asks the difference between the two. I know I did when I was asked the

iot a weapon aganist climate change

IoT – A Surprise Weapon Against Climate Change

People across the world are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and the long-term effects of our habits and decisions on the health of the planet. Rising temperatures, unprecedented natural disasters and massive loss of biodiversity have been witnessed at a frightening rate over the past few decades and it

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artificial intelligence in gaming

How AI Revolutionize the Way Video Games Developed and Played

Artificial intelligence is simplifying our lives and changing the way we perform everyday tasks. An AI revolution has already taken place in many industries, like healthcare and marketing. But is it going to affect the future of video games as

Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-learning Industry

5 Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-Learning Industry

Technology has revolutionised the educational landscape in a way that could have never been imagined before. The scale and rate at which E-Learning is spreading its wings across the globe tell us that lectures and seminars will never be the

online learning tools

10 Online Learning Tools to Keep Learning During Pandemic

The concept of an online learning management system has again proved its value to the academic communities around the world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors of educational institutions worldwide including the U.S. The only alternative is remote

10 Ways Technology is Transforming Cycling

Technology is driving today’s world, and the biking industry is also in on the action! “There are various interesting technological innovations applied to the latest brands of bikes that are shaping the future of biking.”  In this post, we consider