How IOT Is Linked With Amazon Echo and Google Home

how iot linked with amazon echo and google home

We are currently living in an era where Amazon’s wireless speaker and Google Home assistant have infiltrated our homes and offering us a range of unprecedented conveniences.

Thanks to the internet and its growing penetration around the globe, progressive technologies are finding ways to connect devices wirelessly and enable them to communicate with each other. Soon, we will be observing an era where a sea of the internet of things would flood your personal and professional lives, becoming a norm.

According to a recent study by Information Matters, IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts that by 2025 there will be 557 billion connected devices worldwide. Plus, 75% of them will be connected to an IoT platform.

IDC also estimates that data generated from connected IoT devices would reach73.1 zegabytes by 2025. Furthermore, spending on IoT devices is projected to grow 8.2% over the year to reach $742 billion. Moreover, spending on IoT devices is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% from 2020 t0 2024.

Iot And Smart Homes

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why Amazon Echo and Google Home has become a hub for IoT in recent times.   

  • Budding Ecosystems

With the popularity of Amazon Echo and Google Home, the need for their compatibility with various other connected devices can be used at homes and offices. This led to creating a growing ecosystem where Google Home and Amazon Echo pushed their capacities to connect with IoT devices from other manufacturers. 

While Google boasts an incredible list of connected devices from its Nest brand, Amazon echo also offers an impressive list of third-party devices that it is compatible with. Examples include August WiFi Smart Lock, Lifx Mini, Phillip Hue White LED Starter Kit, and LG CX OLDED TV, to name a few.

  • Growing Popularity of Voice Control

With the advent of voice technology, there was no doubt everyone wanted to feel what it had to offer. These days, you can do tons of things using your voice alone to command voice-activated devices. Plus, who rules the voice market more than Amazon Echo and Google Assistant? Voice recognition technology is now coming in all forms and various iterations.

Furthermore, from the automotive industry to home security devices, voice command and voice-controlled devices are becoming common. Nowadays, we have toys, including Transformer’s very own Optimus Prime rendition, which can transform just on your voice command.    

  • IOT taking Over Work & Play Both

We cannot simply deny the fact that the IoT market itself has exploded in recent times. From home appliances to workplace equipment, many manufacturers are dishing out incredible user-utility tools that are indeed intriguing and offer tremendous facilitation throughout the day. Some notable names in the IoT market include ARM, Cisco, Oxagile, PTC, ScienceSoft, and Softeq, to name a few.

The global market is exceeding 100 billion dollars in market revenue, and by 2025 it is expected to become a trillion-dollar industry. The focus has always been on the end-user, and this has led to the development of efficient and effective devices that improve lifestyles and reduce lag in our lives. 

  • Lifestyle Influences

With time IoT, IoT has started showing up in all facets of our lives, including healthcare, sports, fitness, entertainment, and even homeland security. In a nutshell, our lives are gradually shifted to become even more dependent on technology, and there is no wonder why anybody would have any complaints. 

IoT brings forward four key benefits to our daily lives, including ease of access to information, convenience factor, safety + protection, and potential cost savings that we were not aware of before.   

  • Move towards Greater Connectivity

If we like a particular commodity and it does the work for us, then we want more of what it has to offer.

Deep down inside, we know that 5G wireless communication can truly serve to be overkill, but no, many of us cannot wait for this high-speed internet and connectivity access to become a norm. People are now considering connected buildings, habitations, and connected cities where you are always connected no matter where you are.   

  • Smart Homes

If I have to be completely honest with you, then I cannot wait to experience greater smart home innovations any time sooner. The fact is the users are not only excited to adopt new technologies that offer them convenience, but we are also quite enthusiastic about letting them do the work for us. It is a match made in heaven. 

Trust me; there are Kickstarter projects out there that get more crowdfunding solely because the end-user market is looking forward to new inventions that feature connected devices. Maybe some of this influence could also have been carried further due to how heartedly we as a species accepted the use of smartphones and social media. 

  • Business Automation

Business automation is also a contributing factor to why people are looking forward to using IoT at workplaces and why some offices feature their own resident smart assistant to help employees. If it’s not Amazon Echo or Google Home, then you have either Siri or Cortana do the work for you in some form or shape. 

Plus, with the growing awareness of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) wouldn’t it be nice that our workplaces can achieve some sort of automation that the likes of Amazon and Alibaba have achieved in their warehouses? Look at DHL also, and you would be surprised how IoT and RPA offer them tremendous warehouse automation solutions. 

  • Time and Cost Efficacies

Lastly, I would like to point out that nobody likes to wait. As a consumer, if I can get my coffee served faster without the need to stand in a queue at my office, I would surely thank God for it. A real-life solution of this sort has materialized in the shape of Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker, which you can always check out. 


The popularity of voice control devices is undeniable. Who doesn’t want to experience being like Tony Stark and speaking to J.A.R.V.I.C.E. in real life like it was shown in the Marvel movies? I mean, honestly, we are still quite far away from anything of that calibre happening as a norm on a daily basis. However, still, the technology around us is showing how wireless connectivity can make it happen.

I hope this post was able to offer you some meaningful insights as to how Amazon and Google home assistant devices are bringing forward greater use of IoT in our homes. Home automation is no longer a dream but a reality that still has a lot of room to grow even further beyond its current iterations. That’s it for now. Cheers, and let’s see where the world of tomorrow leads us next!  

—- Stella Lincoln currently works as the Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer. This is where higher education students can seek the professional expertise of assignment writers specializing in their field of study.

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