Who Is Better – Virtual Receptionist Or Traditional?

Virtual-Receptionist or Traditional

Are you wondering whether hiring a traditional receptionist is beneficial or you can go with the virtual receptionist for your office? 

Hiring a receptionist is not an easy task, and the decision should be taken with extreme care. You are going to be dependent on them for most of your business requirements. If you are getting confused between traditional and virtual receptionist, then this article will let you make an informed decision. 

Let’s see the similarities first!

Virtual receptionists as well as traditional receptionists, both are responsible for handling all types of administrative tasks. They take your business calls, manage appointments, fix meetings, and provide basic customer service by answering customer queries. Your customers are always greeted in a well-mannered and professional way by them. Receptionists ensure that they forward the right call to let the right person in the office make the business run effectively.

These were the main services that a traditional or a virtual receptionist provides you. Now take a look at how a virtual receptionist excels in their job and are more preferred than traditional receptionists.

How virtual receptionists stand out than traditional receptionists?

No doubt, the tasks are almost the same as both the types of receptionists; still, virtual ones are more preferred. Here are the reasons:

  • Availability

Can traditional receptionist work for your business 24 hours a day? No! They are only available for the working days probably Monday to Friday and that too in a restricted time slot. At times if your work requires overtime from them, you are required to pay for that time too. Moreover, they also take lunch breaks, vacations, public holidays, and emergency leaves too. You need to provide them paid leave as per company policies. 

But during all this, your business hampers a lot. On the other hand, if you are working with a virtual receptionist, they are available all the time to fulfill your business requirements. Even if your clients approach you after business hours, they will be attended by your virtual receptionists. Moreover, you never have to worry about your business when the receptionist is on leave. As the firm provides you two or more receptionists and ensures you have one for your scheduled times.  

  • Cost

As discussed earlier, the traditional receptionist costs you more. You have to pay bonuses, incentives, and paid vacations as per company policies. It costs you much higher if you compare it with the cost that you will pay to a virtual receptionist. To them, you are only paying for the services they are providing you, and for the time they are working for you. It does not include any incentives or bonuses or paid off. 

In this way, you are saving a massive amount of money that you can utilize in other purposes of your business. 

  • Technology

In this fast-paced and competitive world, every work requires the usage of the latest technology to work effectively. The traditional receptionists have only the technology that you provide them or are available in the office. But virtual receptionists are available with the latest techniques and software; they help them customize their tasks and complete their job efficiently. 

This enables them to handle more clients in the specified time and helps you to grow your business. The unique support provided by the virtual assistant is unmatched. 

Moreover, if we talk about experience, the virtual ones again win here. They are not only experienced but are also well trained for providing the best service to the customers to make them satisfied.

So, have you got your answer now? Hiring a virtual receptionist would be a better choice over the traditional receptionist.  


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