Top Tips to Kick-start Your Fashion Blog Through Instagram

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Instagram with its stunning photos, videos, and stories have taken the blogging world by storm. Today, many fashion blogs use the best Instagram features to grab audience interest and increase likes, comment, and shares. 

Modern fashion enthusiasts visit Instagram for new street fashion and styles. Moreover, when you integrate stunning images of fashion garments and accessories into your blog, there is nothing like it. 

According to fashion experts in the industry, one must never quit blogging and use Instagram alone. On the contrary, if you have a fashion website, make the most out of fashion blogging and the photo-sharing site to grow your fan following. Use the perfect balance of fresh fashion-related content supported by Instagram photos to take your fashion blog to the next level. Here are some of the top tips to start your blog using Instagram:

Post stellar content 

Today, be it fashion business owners or beauty brands, anybody who wants to boost their online presence gives his or her maximum effort. They produce stunning content on the social media site of their choice. Instagram is the best one if you are into fashion blogging.

When it comes to fashion blogging with Instagram, quality prevails over quantity. Post the best visual and copy that you can before clicking the upload button. It will help you build your audience eventually. For example, you integrate an Instagram photo or video of a local celeb flaunting your fashion garment. For more ideas on Instagram marketing, you can look up platforms such as stormlikes

Build a rapport with your followers 

You have a fashion blog and an Instagram account. Therefore, if anyone posts any comment, reply instantly. It can be your friend, spouse, mum, or a potential buyer, respond. You can also ask your existing followers a couple of questions related to your fashion website. Once they reply, write a message of thankfulness. It will not only build a sense of belonging and community but also drive traffic to your fashion website. 

Keep the communication directly with your followers for building a sense of community surrounding your Instagram page and fashion site. The feeling of togetherness and involvement will take the conversation forward as well as followers will come back to your fashion brand for more. 

Avoid shortcuts, please 

Build genuine interaction with your existing followers and potential ones. Do not resort to spamming, buying fake likes, comments, or shares. It will do more harm to your fashion website than you think. It will also affect the quality of the traffic to your site. 

Opting for Instagram engagement pods is not a good idea because Facebook is already dealing with it strictly, of late. The elite Instagram audience also looks down on the strategy. 

Also, avoid hiring the services of fly-by-the-night services that claim to grow your Instagram following overnight. If you do so, Instagram may penalize your brand. Therefore, avoid resorting to shortcuts when kick-starting your fashion blog via Instagram. Be patient, post quality content and images to increase likes, comments, and shares. 

Stick to a posting schedule

Instagram’s calculation makes life hard for even the most experienced Instagrammers. 

All things considered, it’s as yet critical to adhere to a posting plan. 

Focusing on transferring content all the time is consistently a smart thought, particularly in case you’re hoping to construct a solid after.

Interact with your followers and focus on building a sense of community

At whatever point somebody leaves a remark – regardless of whether it’s your Mom – start answering. Ask your supporters inquiries in your subtitles – and message them back once they answer. Discussing straightforwardly with your devotees constructs a feeling of a network encompassing your Instagram account. 

Furthermore, a sentiment of the network is the thing that will keep your adherents returning for additional. 

> Be authentic: 

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing your Instagram as your primary “blogging” stage, or simply keeping it as an expansion of your blog, it’s too critical to keep it genuine on the ‘gram. It sounds gooey, yet it’s too critical to take a shot at sharpening your Insta-blogging voice and style. 

Being one of a kind and real (and being YOU!) will separate you from every other person on Instagram. What’s more, this is essential in structure a following and getting Instagram achievement.

> Post content about popular trends:

Do some research on what’s happening on Instagram that is significant to what you’re doing. What subjects are individuals posting about? What hashtags would they say they are utilizing? At that point post content about the well-known patterns and label it with a portion of the prevalent hashtags. 

There are numerous well-known hashtag patterns to consider.

 #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #bestoftheday, #instagood, #quote, #quoteoftheday, #tbt, #instamood are only some of them. 

> Use approachable clothing:

Motivate individuals with your outfits (regardless of whether you’re wearing them or showing them in sets as am I), yet ensure that the garments you utilize are genuinely reasonable, so your readers can relate to you. 

> Post frequently:

Put aside a specific day of the week or time of day that you will devote to blogging and transfer posts all the time. I go for three every day except most bloggers go for four per week. Give individuals tips and reveal to them stories, while you do it. 

> DIY projects are always a hit:

Ladies love being imaginative, so show them how!

> Presentation with your blog is everything:

Similarly likewise with your own appearance, an introduction with your blog is everything. Shannon from Kiss My Fashion says: “I have met bloggers that carry themselves well, then I go to their website and it is a jumbled mess.

On the off chance that you need to keep your blog unpublished for a couple of additional days until you can make sense of how to plan a blog, at that point do it! 

It’s smarter to keep up a tasteful site than to seem chaotic to some potential business associations or joint efforts.”


Hone your Instagram-blogging strategies and voice. Use these tips to start your fashion blog. Be original and authentic when it comes to posting fashion-related content. 


Pete Campbell is a fashion blogger and a designer of garments.

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