10 Best MSP Tools That Every Business Should Know

MSP Tools That Every Business Should Know

With advancements in technology, businesses can be seen encountering a multitude of security issues, regardless of the target audience, they cater to. Managed services providers, commonly referred to as MSPs, are amongst these businesses as well and face a constant security threat. Along with managed services providers, other businesses that also possess the sensitive and personal data of consumers are at risk here.

What Role Does A Managed Services Provider Play?

In this article, we will be discussing a multitude of challenges faced by managed services providers and therefore, outline the essence of MSP tools for businesses. But before we get into that, let’s shed some light on what managed services providers are and what do companies use them for.

Managed Service Providers function as the third-party companies responsible for IT infrastructure, security and end-user systems in organisations. Their role is in ensuring that companies can continue their business as usual without having to worry about service interruptions or system downtimes.

Some of the main categories which MSPs focus on include:

  • Data storage
  • Healthcare 
  • Legal services 
  • Financial services 
  • Manufacturing services
  • Specialised security services

In order to safeguard their customer’s sensitive data, Managed Services Providers have to stay updated with the latest technology advancements and how to tackle upcoming cyber security risks without hampering their business practices. Taking this into consideration, in this article, we will be disclosing the best MSP tools that every business need in 2021.

Why Are MSP Tools Essential For Businesses In 2021?

When it comes to managed services providers, startups and midsize businesses are their target customers.

Since SMBs don’t have sufficient IT capabilities, they require MSP services. There are times when large corporations even require managed services providers assistance. Government agencies, for instance, encounter budget pressures and MSP services can assist these agencies.

Businesses have to handle monotonous and repetitive tasks on a daily basis and with managed service providers, businesses can benefit in the following ways:

  • Assist the staff with technical support.
  • Provide Cybersecurity software
  • Manage contract management
  • Offer payroll services

Main Advantages Of Using MSP Tools

In this section, we are going to have a quick overview of the advantages of the latest MSP tools and how business establishments can rely on them for the effective utilization of resources to achieve their organizational goals.

Providing Cost-effective And Efficient Support Services

Every business, regardless of how good their product or service is, prioritizes customer support services to ensure their customers are content and satisfied. However, customer expectations have been growing rapidly for a few years due to the fact that the customer service is quite competitive.

Numerous companies are providing a multitude of digital services like remote support and chatbots. With these services, companies are able to handle client issues and customer queries in a seamless manner with minimum effort. In order to withstand the competition, managed services providers and similar businesses need to meet the customers growing expectations.

Businesses are constantly facing issues in providing cost-effective and efficient customer support services and with the availability of some amazing MSP tools in the market, they can overcome this issue.

Making Help Desk Experience Easily Accessible

Another common issue faced by managed services providers is having to offer assistance instantly with ease. Businesses have to provide an instant help desk experience and make sure it is user-friendly. This way, customers can have their queries and issues resolved instantly. Generally, PSA software enables people to prioritize and categorize tickets as per their urgency.

Therefore, numerous managed services providers offer clients an accessible knowledge base that’s also comprehensive in nature.

Avoiding Data Loss

Making sure multiple customer data and sensitive information is secure and safe is a primary responsibility of every business and a common challenge encountered by numerous IT services providers. Customer data loss can have an adverse impact on a company’s reputation and brand image, which is why it is crucial for companies to adopt strict measures to avoid such instances.

Preventing Cybercrime

Another challenge faced by businesses that are operating digitally is cybercrime, especially since cybercrime is rapidly increasing with years passing by. This is precisely why businesses need to implement effective MSP tools to safeguard their emails, organization credentials, data and more. On top of this, email protection and cloud security are crucial as well.

Different MSP Tools Categories

There are three major types of Managed Service Providers and the categorisation is mainly done based on the size of the target audience, the services offered and how big the responsibility is. You get to see:

  • Pure-play MSP
  • High-level MSP
  • Staffing legacy MSP

As this is a vast arena, there will of course be numerous tools available. For your better understanding, we have subdivided the MSP tools based on the functionality. The different sections of MSP tools are described below:

General Tools

Businesses seeking to automate their daily operations employ general MSP tools. With these general managed service providers tools, businesses will consume less time in monotonous tasks and increase efficiency as well.

Listed below are a few popular types of general MSP tools for businesses to utilize:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security tools
  • Remote Access

Professional Services Automation Tools

Professional services automation tools, commonly referred to as PSA tools, enable companies to organize and manage customer operations. With professional services automation tools, businesses are able to entirely benefit from their resources.

The total economic impact of implementing a PSA can be significant. In a recent survey, researchers found that managed services providers that leveraged a PSA were able to:

Remote Monitoring and Management Tools

Remote monitoring and management tools, commonly referred to as RMM tools, let companies monitor their devices and systems. With RMM tools, companies can instantly identify incidents. Once identified, other stakeholders and investors can be alerted about the same. Companies that require an incident management solution, remote monitoring and management tools are the best solution for the same.

Listed below are a few benefits of using RMM MSP tools:

  • Send custom messages.
  • Escalate incidents
  • Can easily be employed with AlertOps.

The Best MSP Software Every Business Requires in 2021

It has become vital for managed services providers to address the above challenges with the help of MSP software. Taking this into consideration, let’s dive straight into some of the latest MSP tools that every business needs.

N-able RMM

N-able® RMM is a crucial, all-in-one software for emerging managed services providers in the industry. This includes those managed services providers that are start-ups, which have just made an entry in the industry and are facing challenges with building a presence. With an all-in-one software like N-able® RMM, companies can access numerous utilities from a single dashboard. This basically means that your workforce can access everything from a single place.

Top features

  • Network access control
  • Patch management
  • Remote access
  • Device management

With the N-able® RMM, users can enjoy instant standardized customer support and enjoy a free trial for a duration of one month.

RMM Central

RMM Central is a unified solution that helps MSPs manage and monitor multiple client networks from a single console. With capabilities that simplify the everyday management routines of MSPs, including patch management, remote access and performance monitoring, RMM Central’s holistic approach ensures that resources and efforts are minimized and return on investment is maximized.

RMM Central helps MSPs monitor devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines (VMs), printers, and storage devices. It also helps with managing desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Top features:

  1. Get end-to-end visibility into clients’ networks
  2. Ensure 360-degree management and security
  3. Proactively detect and deploy missing patches
  4. Track all hardware and software in your network live
  5. Control and troubleshoot devices remotely
  6. Receive real-time alerts and manage faults in client networks

Enjoy a free trial for a duration of one month of RMM Central and automate your complete IT management. Discover, manage, secure and monitor devices with this unified RMM solution.


N-able Passportal™ is recognized amongst businesses as an excellent IT documentation and password management software. The software prioritizes minimizing any password vulnerabilities that may occur post businesses undertaking a digital transformation. Moreover, the software incorporates a Passportal encrypted vault where sensitive data is safeguarded.

This vault can only be accessed by permitted individuals. In order to avoid any mishaps, the vault is safeguarded with multifactor authentication.

Top Features

  • Reporting
  • Password change automation
  • Credential injection

N-able N-central

N-able N-central® is another all-in-one software that’s utilized by managed services providers seeking to leverage the power of automation by automating operations. If your business offers customized support services and operates in the IT industry, it becomes essential for you to utilize monitoring software for the same.

N-able N-central® is a powerful MSP tool that can easily accommodate enormous networks that get more dense and complex day by day. This is possible with fusing power and flexibility in a solution that can be customized as per your requirements.

Top Features

  • NetPath™
  • Network Topology Mapping
  • Device management
  • Remote access
  • Backup management

Managed services providers generally use N-central for scaling their business since the tool helps improve operations and can be enjoyed for a duration of one month for free.

BMC TrueSight Pulse

If your business requires assistance with monitoring any web application, BMC TrueSight Pulse is a great software that offers solutions for the same. It provides users with deep insights into how well your web applications are doing.

Top Features

  • Give real-time notifications.
  • Detailed insights on the infrastructure of your apps.
  • Provide metrics that impact end-users.
  • Evaluate web app performance

N-able Take Control

Take Control is utilized by businesses seeking top-notch remote access software. With the software, you can offer attended remote access as well as unattended remote access for customer support. This software is quite convenient and essential for businesses since it is a tool that every business should possess and include as a part of their help desk toolkit. What’s more? You can enjoy a free trial for a duration of 14 days.

Top Features

  • Deep diagnostics can be easily accessed.
  • Machines can be connected remotely within seconds.
  • Automated clipboard deletion
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Multi-Factor authentication.


If you require powerful antivirus software, Bitdefender should be amongst your top preferences. This tool helps businesses safeguard sensitive data from potential threats. The best part about using Bitdefender is that the software has a free edition that works well on Android, Windows and macOS. It is also lightweight and works fast while simultaneously protecting your device from malware.

Top Features

  • Instant installs and downloads.
  • Runs at top-notch speed.
  • Works on Android, Windows and MacOS.

N-able Backup

Businesses require software for data recovery and backups, which is why we have included  N-able Backup on our list. N-able Backup is quite user-friendly and businesses can easily backup their servers and workstations with the software. On top of that, N-able Backup is versatile and lets you backup documentation along with Microsoft 365.

Top Features

  • Incorporates bare metal recovery.
  • Includes virtual disaster recovery.
  • Schedule backups.
  • Saves work to prevent any loss of data.
  • Keep customers safe.
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial.

N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure, a cloud-based software, provides businesses with top-notch email security and serves as a mail protection solution. The software incorporates a wide variety of features, pattern threat recognition being its most unique feature. With this feature, users can make use of machine learning to boost accuracy and provide a layer of security for your email.

Top Features

  • Email archiving with unlimited retention
  • Protection from malware.
  • Collective threat intelligence
  • 24/7 email continuity


For businesses that require an auditing tool that can assist with network documentation, NARMADA should be your go-to software. With NARMADA, you can manage network documentation, consolidate some alignment frameworks to streamline business reviews and benefit from numerous vCIO activities. 

Top Features

  • Enable customers to access personal QBR dashboards.
  • Perform technology audits
  • Deliver reports easily
  • Utilize built-in NARMADA templates
  • Document your clients’ networks.

N-able MSP Manager

If you are in search of authentic professional services automation, N-able MSP Manager should be amongst your top preferences. The software enables users to offer excellent client support services through its effective help desk solutions.

Top Features

  • Customer management utilities
  • Branded client portal
  • Lightweight ticketing
  • Support for batch billing export

Bottom Line

2021 has brought several challenges for managed services providers, which is why we have disclosed some of the best tools in the market that can surely assist your business tackle such challenges.

Managed services providers have to encounter new challenges every day due to rapid technological advancements and numerous cloud practices. If you want your business to overcome such challenges and survive in today’s market, it is necessary for you to implement scalable solutions that are versatile and reliable. We hope this article helps you identify some of the best MSP tools that will provide you with a solution and meet your requirements accordingly.

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