The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Different Fields

Role of Artificial Intelligence

AI made a big fuss in today world and for a good reason. Humanity expects a lot of impact from new and prospective technologies. Even though we are only at the beginning of AI development, people are already able to use some apps and devices based on AI. For easier understanding, there are some usual and ordinary examples of usage of AI technologies in everyday life:

  • Tesla Vehicles. Popular and modern self-driving cars are provided by special AI hardware.
  • Voice Assistants Siri, Alice, Microsoft Cortana, and other assistants, which you can find on your smartphone, also use AI technologies.
  • PayPal The popular payment system includes an AI program to fight fraudsters and find anomalies to help its users.
  • AlphaGo. The program was created in 2015 for playing Go, a tactical table game. It first has won the game against a professional player. 

AI researches have a big influence on the development of new technology. Due to the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, people are at the end of the first stage of AI – Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). This means we are able to create programs, robots, machines which are perfect in performing one exact task. Further development of artificial intelligence will produce more complicated systems that would be able to learn something new and teach themselves during working out different problems.

We spoke to a representative from Robafoam, who specializes in foam sealing and they said, “Artificial intelligence is becoming very popular in manufacturing industries, this is because it helps reduce critical mistakes, boosts safety measures and also improves the entire production process.

It’s no coincidence that Machine learning (ML) is one of the main and important spheres of AI.

“Machines can ACT and THINK like people but only if they have enough information needed for certain processes.” 

And as giving vital data to the robots and programs takes a lot of time and is very tiring, learning ability is essential for them.

ML science uses analytical methods to help machines with working out with loads of data, without giving them exact instructions. It saves an enormous amount of time while the benefit does not decrease. ML is based on a set of complicated algorithms that use data that is provided for training and predicting, improving the utility function in the different conditions and classifying data in certain categories. The accuracy of the ML method depends mostly on the amount of user data and its quality.

AI In Tactics

Among a huge amount of AI spheres, there is learning and training practical skills without any dangers and troubles. AI has already achieved a lot of success in different tactical games from some classic table ones (like chess, Go, Poker and other) to modern computer games. AI robots easily win masters and professional players.

You can think that games are not so important for the development of such type of technologies. But the parallel could be drawn with military training. As soldiers are going to take part in dangerous operations, they need real experience to be ready for different situations.

And AI is perfect to give realistic troubles and problems to the students because it takes into account a lot of elements while people can foresee only a little part of the circumstances.

If we go deeper and look at real hostilities you will see that AI fits here too.  As tactical and strategy-based situations are the ideal conditions for AI possibilities, combat places would be perfect for using modern technologies because military actions are controlled by strict rules and plans.

In some hard situations, soldiers are not sure what to do while AI can easily foresee millions of possible outcomes depending on all of the potential factors. And what if more, these calculations will not take a lot of time, a few seconds would be enough. So that AI would be a vital role of strategy-makers.

With artificial intelligence, there would be fewer victims on both sides of the war. Or maybe innovative technologies will become a crucial tool at preventing military conflicts around the world because having by both sides a thing that expects all of the enemy’s actions makes war really useless.

AI In Science

Science is a quite big occupation in our world. And sometimes scientists find their job tiring and difficult. Especially during the researchers and experiments, it is easy for people to make a mistake. It is very important to find all missteps because some faults can be even dangerous. However, AI technologies allow scientists to prevent doing serious faults. Artificial intelligence can supervise people’s action or calculations and mark doubtful places so that human check and fix it.

AI In Medicine

AI or rather neural networks can be used in the healthcare area. With their help doctors can analyze lots of photos, records, X-Rays, scans and find a variety of pathologies more effectively; choose appropriate treatment and drugs; give better consultation to the patients. Moreover, AI is possible to estimate the chances of complications in the surgery or even the probability of death.

Other AI fields

  • Natural Language Processing. Voice assistants in our gadgets exist thanks to AI technologies. They analyze the spoken words and help to interact with the smartphone or another device. With AI help you can communicate with other people who don’t know your language. Accepting voice data and auto-translating into a necessary language in a few seconds may help people from other countries to speak to each other.
  • Writing. Recognizing letters written by a human and transferring it into the text that can be edited saves a lot of time in education and doing researches.
  • Intelligent Robots. Very complicated systems can analyze input physical data with further classifying and calculating it. Adaptable to the situations and capable of learning AI robots become very useful for cases where humans can’t act. For exploring other planets their impact will be enormous because sending people can be dangerous and troublesome during the first flights.
  • Predicting and Forecasting. After processing a lot of data, AI detects some confluence of circumstances and some new algorithms appear. Predicting depends on thousands of factors so it is not always correct. But more data is processed, more accurate predictions will be. 

In conclusion, Artificial intelligence is a very important part of human progress, which will affect the majority of people’s activities and professions.

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