How to Cope Up With Frustrating Episodes at Work

How to Cope Up With Frustrating Episodes at Work

You wake up in the morning, snooze that alarm multiple times, unwillingly drag yourself out of the bed, and show up at work while you could be cruising away on a remote Island in Oahu, Hawaii. Work is nonetheless, the most painful thing known to mankind i.e. if you don’t love what you do.

The stress, the workload, and the ‘faces’ that push you to your limit; there is no doubt that if there’s anything that can stress one out completely, then work is what stands atop the list.

Work can be frustrating at times. And you know what worsens this situation? The fact that you are bound to put up with all of this. Oh, the agitation!

Did you know 48% of the employees around the world hate their jobs (wondering if we are one of the 48%)? More than 80% of US employees feel stressed at work.

“It’s obvious that when you’re stressed at work, your performance is the first thing that begins to get affected and what happens after that….. We’re sure you can guess.”

Stress and frustration at work often lead employees into quitting their jobs. But what if the work that you’re doing at your current workplace is enjoyable and it’s only the people who are pushing you into losing your sanity? Well, if this is the case, then there are a few things that you can do to evade frustrating episodes at work. So, buckle up and put your reading glasses on, because here we go:

 Don’t Bottle Up Your Anger

Anger doesn’t require an invitation to take over you, it just happens. When you’re at home, you can vent your anger out in multiple ways. But, what about when you’re at work? When you’re experiencing an angry episode at work, then it’s better to take a break from whatever that you’re doing, walk to a nearby window and breathe.

When you keeping anger bottled up for long, you will end up releasing it in the most unexpected of ways. Therefore, the first moment you feel as though as your anger is taking over you, pause, reflect and be okay.

Find Out What Triggers You

If you often find yourself experiencing anger at work, then there must be some sort of a trigger that is making you feel that way. Just take out a moment to process what exactly triggers your mind to feel that way and avoid coming across such things.

People at work indeed have this tendency of pushing all of your buttons, and your anger is justified. But, if they are persistently pissing you off, then it’s all down to how strongly you control your anger and how you vent it out.

You can distract yourself from such situations by watching a bunch of funny videos, considering if your office has the exceptional services by Spectrum internet. If not, you can suggest them to upgrade anytime by calling Spectrum phone number. Or better yet, you can simply take a stroll around the workplace. Anything to make yourself feel less stressed. 

Communicate Your Concerns, Very Carefully

Before you decide to confront, make sure to clear your thoughts and opinions. Don’t let your emotions take over you and misguide you. The best way to confront the situation would be to take the matter up with your boss and communicate your concerns.

“Take your time to articulate your feelings and figure out who and what has been pushing you to the limit.”

Make sure to be as polite as you can and use apt vocabulary to express your thoughts. Of course, your anger might try to get in the way and that’s normal. Just remember to keep your brain cells working actively, so they can steer you away from ruining the situation from your own hands.

And Finally, Set Your Focus on the Solution

Don’t cling to things that make you feel upset, instead focus on the solution. This would give your mind something positive to extract from the entire negative situation.

When you focus on the good, you would instantly feel motivated and all the productivity that has been going down during the frustrating period of your life, would finally begin to move upwards.


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