The Pros, Cons and Features of SalesforceDx That You Need To Know

pros cons and features of salesforcedx

With the shifting business requirements, it is a difficult task of the development team to keep up. To be more agile and to focus more on business outcomes salesforce has to enable changes in the application. Salesforce DX has helped a lot in making the business outcome more agile and also because business always shifts requirements; therefore, it’s important to keep up. Salesforce is cloud computing and social enterprise software.

Let’s take a look at the pro and cons of using SalesforceDx from


> Helps in collaboration and development 

Since Salesforce Dx is software that has agility, it helps a lot in collaboration and development. This app is worth it helps in the development of a company. This app is new; hence, it provides a lot of new services.

> Facilitates continuous integration

Salesforce Dx helps to facilitate continuous integration and automated testing. This app helps in felicitating the continuous integration of data.

> Release cycle more agile

Salesforce Dx helps make the release cycle more agile and efficient. This app is apt for any performance and helps the release cycle to be more efficient and agile.  SF DX is a relatively new tool, so it has a lot of features missing, unlike the old applications.

> Transfer files

When you create an org to transfer all metadata and application source from the site GitHub. This app helps you transfer all the important files, and it helps to convert your files from old to new. This app is worth it, and it is essential for businesses nowadays.

> Workspace is setup

For the developer, a new local development workspace is also set up.SFDX setup workspace.

> Open technology

Another feature of the app is open technology.SFDX provides the feature of open technology, meaning that the technology is new and open.



> Missing features

Since this app is relatively new, it has many features missing. SFDX was invented just recently and therefore has a lot of features missing, and there are plenty of bugs too that the user can encounter.

> Gap is wide

Since it’s relatively new, the learning curve is significantly high. The team member has to familiarize themselves with the technology, and there is a wide gap between those who know how to use this app and those who don’t know how to use it.

> Using search engines

Using SFDX can be difficult for troubleshooting because of the usage of search engines.


FEATURES of SalesforceDx

Salesforce DX encircle a variety of features

> Scratch orgs

Scratch orgs are short-lived therefore the configuration from feature enablement to the term of edition can be recreated by the salesforce CLI. The scratch orgs are short-lived within 30 days, their configuration is deleted and they are used on a daily purpose.

> Unique metadata

The ant migration tools use the present metadata format, but there are a lot of issues with this. Therefore, Salesforce DX uses a new metadata format which is some what reshape folder which disintegrates the larger folder in smaller subcomponents. Salesforce Dx also comes with a feature of loosening the restriction on the folders.

> Salesforce CLI

On the the Salesforce CLI is a quintessential repetition migration tool to manipulate metadata into the DX format the salesforce CLi is used, it covers everything in the current tool also covers new commands too. When you use the salesforce dx rather than the tool, it permits you to have the power on the new features

> New generation packaging

A new generation packaging model is introduced. The main feature of this kind of a model is that adding features to the orgs are done by locating the packages rather than of working on the metadata.

> Dev hub orgs

Dev hubs orgs comes into place when a scratch org requires a home. The dev hubs orgs are the residents of the scratch org. To create a new scratch org, you’ll have to convert the older ones into dev hub orgs.

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The highlights of SFDX are

  1. The SFDX tool uses the developer tool that you are aware of. The SFDX helps you find a tool that you’ve already used.
  2. Another feature of the SFDX is to apply the best practices to software development.
  3. A powerful command line interface (CLI) helps to remove the complexities of working with the Salesforce org for delivery, development, and continuous integration.


Therefore it is important to see the pro and cons of SFDX although both the pro and con when measures are almost equal, we have to note that the Salesforce Dx is a relatively new tool and with time more features will add up to it and therefore it will have more pro in the coming years. It is very helpful in converting files and transferring them. It helps a lot in creating new services. This app is apt, too, for those looking to improve their businesses. Although their cons are there too as it has a lot of features missing because it’s so new, this gap will soon be tackled as the software developers are working to make the app more accessible to all the customers. SF DX is an important invention, especially for those looking to convert data.


Finally, it is to note that the SFDX is a new invention and not used by all although it makes the conversion of data easier, it is yet to find customers who aren’t aware of its existence. The key is to spread the word that the SFDX provide the best conversion of data and transfer of files. It is to be noted that the SFDX has great features which could help the businesses in the long run. Salesforce DX will be a very important app in the future when it’s accessible to all, and it will help bridge the gap between those who know how to use the application and those who don’t know how to use this app.

Evans Walsh is a freelance content writer.

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