The Perks of Using Cloud Computing For Small Businesses

Perks of using cloud computing

Technological advancement has been blessing the human race from a very long time. Technology keeps on evolving and that’s how we have been able to move forward towards the future in a much precise way. We are currently living in a technology-driven era as most of our day to day activities and business solutions are now totally dependent upon technology.

“Currently, we can’t even imagine spending a single day without technology as technology has made us Effective, Efficient, Quick, Accurate and Advanced.”

Although there are various technological innovations which have completely changed the way we used to live and work, there are few technological marvels which revolutionalized the whole world and one such technological wonder is known as cloud computing. 

Cloud computing is not a new concept but it took this amazing technology several years to become a new normal for businesses. The amazing cloud computing technology has now become an integral part of most of the business and its wide implementation has made it a popular choice. There are various ways in which businesses are using cloud computing technology and one of the best things about this technological innovation is that it can be easily afforded by even small and medium-sized businesses. For example, small businesses are now using Cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks hosting and capitalizing on its wide range of benefits. So, in this blog post, we will be taking a look at the long list of perks of using cloud computing for small businesses. 

Anywhere, Anytime Access

One of the best things about cloud computing is anywhere, anytime access. You should know that whether you use the cloud for storage or for hosting, you will get global accessibility through it as the data and the software are stored on the cloud server which can be accessed from any corner of the world and at any time. In the modern-day world, office hours are not enough for any business owner for getting the expected growth and that’s why businesses need access to their data from any location, even after the office hours. 

The cloud computing technology is one of those amazing technological solutions which offer global accessibility on any device. So, when using a cloud computing solution like QuickBooks hosting, you will not be bound to accessing your software from your office desktop only as you can easily access both the data and the software from any device which has internet access. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are on the go, relaxing on a beach or sitting in your living room, you will have access to your business data round the clock. 

Advanced Security 

Another big advantage of the amazing cloud computing solution is advanced security. Small businesses think that most of the hackers attack big enterprises as they have only big fishes on their radar but that’s not true as hackers just need sensitive business data, regardless of how big or small the business is. In such situations, choosing the cloud computing technology can prove to be a blessing for small business as it comes with advanced security layers which makes it almost impossible for hackers to breach. 

The first layer of security on the cloud computing platform comes in the form of encrypted data. Encrypted data is nothing more than a piece of trash for hackers as it can only be read with the right credentials and authorization. The next layer of security on the cloud platform comes in the form of two-factor authentication in which the user has to enter a code sent on their mobile after entering the credentials. This makes sure that even if a hacker gets his hand on your credentials, he still won’t be able to get access to your data. Along with these advanced security layers, the amazing cloud computing platform comes intact with anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection. So, if you are going to choose cloud computing for your business then you can work in a 360 degree protected environment. 


There are many small businesses who are aware of the long list of benefits offered by the cloud computing platform but they still put this amazing technology in their to-do list because they think that it is not an affordable solution but that’s not true. You should know that one of the main advantages of the cloud computing platform is its affordability and that’s why it has become a popular choice for among small and mediums sized businesses. Whether you are choosing the amazing cloud computing technology for hosting or for storage, all the cloud options can easily fit your limited budget like a glove. 


The most used cloud computing solution by small businesses is cloud hosting because it offers them multiple benefits and the most advantageous benefits out of all them is scalability. Change is part of nature and that’s why with changing business needs and market, you need to tune your business solution also otherwise you will not be able to match the balance between need and supply.

“The cloud hosting solution is quite scalable and you can easily scale up or scale down your cloud needs without worrying about switching cloud providers.”

You can also opt-out of the cloud hosting solution at any point of time and all this is possible because of the scalability offered by cloud hosting solution. 

So, if you are running a small business and looking forward to streamlining your business solution then you should make cloud computing an integral part of your firm as it will offer you multiple advantages at an affordable price.

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