How Restaurants are Making the Most of AI Technology

artificial Intelligence in restaurants

AI is transforming all industries around the world, and with the technology rapidly evolving all the time, the impact of machine learning is becoming more and more astounding.

“No sector has been left untouched, from the biggest social media platforms to the healthcare industry. Even the restaurant industry is seeing AI coming in a big way.” 

But what are the best benefits that AI is bringing into the restaurant industry, and as a restaurant owner, is it a technology you should be interested in?

In Today’s Guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know.

AI Robotics

The chances are you’ve seen some examples of AI robots in the world, and if you haven’t, then that’s an internet rabbit hole you’re going to want to set aside a few hours for. Not falling down it ourselves right now, take a look at companies like Miso Robotics.

This is a California-based start-up that’s developed AI robots that are designed for kitchen use. One of their solutions, Flippy, can be set up to manage all kinds of tasks, from grilling and plating too, you’ve guessed it, flipping.

Using algorithms, cameras, and data sensors, Flippy can monitor all aspects of food cooking, and even manage variables such as temperature control, to ensure that food is perfect every single time.

Flippy has already been integrated into plenty of locations around the US by the beginning of 2020 and is predicted to continue to grow over the next few years, just as other AI solutions are. These include Mastercard’s robotic waiter and Pizza Hut’s Pepper robots.

Website Chatbots

If you’ve been onto pretty much any website recently, you’ll have seen chatbots being used. That small pop-up chat-box on the right-hand side of the screen. These are typically AI-controlled chat boxes that allow customers to get in touch and carry out tasks on a website while it looks as though they’re speaking to a real person when really AI is controlling all the responses.

Restaurants are no exception when it comes to websites that should be using this technology. Imagine a 24-7 chatbot operating on your website. It can tell anybody who comes to your website what time your restaurant is open, whether you have booking space left at a certain time of day, what allergen information you can provide, and answer pretty much any question your customers may have.

“Since you never need to employ someone to sit online and answer these questions, and you don’t even need to be awake to take bookings or answer questions, you’d be providing the very customer experience possible, which can help drive sales and attracts more attention to your business,” explains Sarah Turner, a business writer at Eliteassignmenthelp.

Self-Service Smart Kiosks

There’s no denying that self-service solutions are the way many businesses will head thanks to customer demand and being able to cut back on costs. In the restaurant industry, this is big business and will contribute to the already $85.5 billion industry predicted in 2021.

“If you’ve been into a McDonalds recently, you’ll have already seen smart kiosks to help people make orders and then simply collect their food” 

AI is used in these kiosks to drive forward sales and recommended products and can even make suggested based on the current weather conditions or seasons, such as offering more hot chocolates in winter,” shares Peter Jackson, a tech blogger at OXEssays.

These services are mainly being used in fast-food restaurants, such as KFC and Wendy’s, the KFC of which can even detect customer facial expressions to help drive more sales through product recommendations.

Food Service Apps

It should come as no surprise that mobile ordering app and food services apps are taking off, and that includes all kinds of apps, from restaurant and café own apps, like the My Starbucks Barista app, to takeaway services like Just Eat and Uber Eats where people can order from any restaurant and get delivery to their homes.

As a restaurant, you need to be thinking about what opportunities lay in these apps, and whether it’s something you want to register for or develop yourself. This is the way the modern world is heading, so it’s important you start considering what this means to you.

                                                                  —– Katherine Rundell is a professional food and lifestyle writer at Custom Writing Service and Essay Writing Service, who dabbles in exploring and testing out the latest tech. 

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