7 Reasons You Should Choose An Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Insurance Agent

Purchasing an insurance plan can be a complicated process! Advertisements promising savings on your insurance in exchange for a few minutes seems enticing. But, it’s crucial to know what you might be losing for this drop in money, and how comprehensive your coverage is if designed in just a few minutes.

Well, price is just one of the many criteria considered in the insurance industry. It involves a lot of research to find the best plan for your needs. However, you don’t need to conduct your research alone! An independent insurance agent can help you review the different options and find the best fit. 

They take the load off your shoulders so that you can rest assured that you’ve got the best value for the insurance price. In other words, you’ve someone advocating for you. 

Here’s why you should consider choosing an independent insurance agency- 


Independent Agents Work For The Customer, Not For The ‘Company’

The independent insurance agents don’t work for ‘one’ insurance company. They represent a whole array of insurers and give you so many options to choose from. They obtain quotes from several sources on your behalf. So, you don’t have to spend hours searching, calling, and getting quotes.


They are familiar with the insurance companies and know what businesses they accept. Their knowledge of insurers’ preferences helps you save time and effort. Based on the insurance agent marketing plans of different companies, they help you choose the option that can be customized to your needs. 


They Are One-Stop-Shop For All Your Insurance Needs

The independent insurance agencies take care of all your coverage needs. If you run a small-scale business, you can get commercial insurance coverage from the same agency that insures your other property, such as home or car. 

Moreover, if you are looking for life or health insurance, many of the insurance agents can help you there as well. This way, they limit the number of different companies you have to deal with and help you stay well-organized. 


They Are Licensed Professionals

Many of the states require the independent agents to pass a licensing examination to be eligible for selling insurance plans. A licensed agent follows certain legal obligations, such as behaving ethically or working in your best interest.

 Another advantage of choosing an independent insurance agent is that they can explain the complexities of insurance and help you make fruitful decisions. They assess their customers’ needs and match them with the best insurance carrier. 


They Are Trained In Risk Assessment

An independent agent can review your business operations and help you figure out the significant risks. They make you understand how to prioritize the risks and identify which ones are insurable. This way, you get to know which risks are worth insuring. 

Your independent agent is also familiar with the risks in your geographical area. They educate you about the risks in your region and how to mitigate them. 


They Are Your Personal Advisers And Lifetime Consultants

At times, insurance coverage, policies, and rates can be confusing. Along with helping you to ensure your options and policies, an independent insurance agent also builds a personal relationship with you. Working face-to-face with you, they become your advisers. 

They know it isn’t just about the insurance cost you can afford, but also about making sure that you don’t suffer a loss. They are available year-round, help you with questions or updates you might have and offer expert guidance whenever needed.


Knowledgeable Independents Have A Good Reputation In The Society

Many of the independent agencies take pride in using their years of knowledge for serving the customers. Not only it speaks about their well-established reputation in society, but it also helps you feel confident about financial stability. 


They Help You Save Time And Money

Insurance companies that claim to reduce your rates may seem cost-effective at first. However, working with an independent insurance agent helps you save money and time in the long run. They ask you questions and take time to familiarize themselves with your business. They make sure that the coverage they’ve designed will protect your assets during a claim. 

There are numerous reasons to choose an independent insurance agent, including support, quality, savings, and peace of mind. Check out your options, request a quote, and find the best one that suits your needs!  


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