Best Cybersecurity Certifications To Boost Your Career

cybersecurity certifications

Is it possible to secure our world from the bloodless war? The war that may not cost you your life but can cost you millions of dollars. Yes, you got me right. I am talking about the threat that is permeating every facet of society –CYBERCRIME.

The notion to use the internet to perpetrate crimes is not a new thing, but the problem continues to grow as people are becoming more reliant on the internet by making online transactions and storing personal information. It’s only the widespread use of technology that has given rise to cybercrimes.

The possibilities along with the potential rewards are exponentially increasing for the on-board hackers. Thus, cybersecurity is something which one cannot afford to ignore in today’s world, and thus we have curated a list of Cyber Security Certification Courses that IT professionals need to be aware of to earn in the flourishing 2020:

Certified Ethical Hacker:

To stop them, you must step into their shoes to understand their mindset. It’s a perfect balance between maintaining the line of moral actions and processing the malevolent thoughts that the cybercriminals would have.


But it is not easy to catch up with their mentality, and that is the reason this Certified Ethical Hacker Course was introduced.

“The CEH students experience the real-time scenario and discover the different ways in which the hackers penetrate networks and steal information”

The course provides endless job opportunities, with multiple perks and benefits for students pursuing it.


CompTIA Security+:

Are you just beginning your IT profession in the field of cybersecurity? Then this base-level course will definitely suit you.

As CompTIA Security+ Certification does not focus on a single vendor product line, it is considered just a general cybersecurity certification. In order for you are looking to gain basic IT security knowledge to build a solid foundation that can be enhanced with other courses, you can surely apply for this course.

As security is applied to all levels and job roles, even this course doesn’t disappoint you in benefiting its students.


Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP):

This course is surely not a cakewalk when it considered as the base requirement for employees responsible for network security. Like the previous one, the CISSP Course is also not vendor-specific, thus the knowledge can be applied and used to a variety of setups.

“To take this exam, a complete 3 to 5 years of field experience is required. There’s a reason it is considered as the “Crown Jewel” of Cybersecurity Certifications.”

Passing this exam can avail incredibly lucrative positions. People looking to move into a Chief Information Security Officer Role (CISO) role, this one for them.


Certified Information Security Management (CISM):

Those looking for incredibly rigorous knowledge and can devote the desired time and effort should only apply for this course. CISM is the best out of all the certification courses because of its diverse topics and great exposure.

It originally demands for at least five years of experience in the field just to apply. Though the course is difficult to crack, the result is completely worth it. The IT professionals who are interested in managing enterprise information security can avail of this certification for a stable future with a great earning opportunity.


Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP):

This course, CCSP, ensures that the IT professional has grasped their hands-on diverse experience and a deep understanding of cloud security architecture, design, operations, and services. It is perfectly designed for security professionals with massive experience in information technology, IT architecture, governance, cloud and web security engineering.

CCSP is ideally crafted for candidates having a minimum of five years of experience in security-related work in a cloud-computing environment.


Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI):

It’s important to keep these hackers off track, and to implement a CHFI cybersecurity certification course is offered. A CHFI professional is required to analyse attacks and extricate information to report hacking crimes and conduct audits to prevent the upcoming attacks.

It is an advanced certification that validates the ability of the candidate to gather essential evidence and prosecute offenders in a court of law.

So why aren’t more IT professionals investing in these courses, and gathering more revenue? WE are sure that by reading this blog, any of these cybersecurity certifications might have hit your head.

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