How Push Notifications Can Make Customer Engagement Better

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WordPress push notifications is a treasured marketing tool that has helped companies to spread awareness about their services in e-commerce.

It is a crucial step to invest in the accurate push notifications that are built according to your website requirements.

You can’t progress without push notification services in today’s competitive world. People change their minds within a fraction of sections when they are not given attention from time to time. Push notifications work to improve user engagement, boost website traffic, target potential customers, and focus their attention to keep the hold of the existing customers.

Types of Push Notifications available at your service

  • Informative: This type of push notification provides information through titles. For instance, when a customer reaches their cart, they will come across an informative push notification mentioning, “Complete Your Purchase Now”.
  • Transactional: It involves grabbing attention by generating curiosity among users. For example, “Hurry before you miss out on this 1-hour sale on your wish-list”. Such push notifications create urgency among users to buy the product right there. You can gain website traffic and users’ attention towards your website, or app.
  • Location dependent: Such push notifications are customized based on users’ location. For example, if you produce electronic devices you cannot sell air conditioners in hill stations. Such push notifications are used for location-based marketing.
  • New User guide: These push notifications are usually used to guide the users about the website, products, and services. Such guidance assures users’ trust towards you as they are well informed about the whole system.  The more you are transparent with your users, the better will be your sales on the website.

Why Push Notifications are the key to users’ hearts?

  • Charge up the user engagement like crazy

People are curious beings. They want to know anything and everything once they see it. So when you send push notifications from the app, it will trigger the user to click on the push notification that will take the user to the app. If you are a push notification developer, you must utilize this marketing feature in a manner that encourages users to purchase something from your website.

For example, if you are in charge of handling sale events that have a limitation of 2 hours, then you should send push notifications to the customers right away to persuade them to go for it!

  • Make your app a go-to-place

We forget faces when we don’t see them and here we are talking about applications and websites. Today people have become such busy bees that they do not have time for everything in one day. It is a common problem where users download your app but ghost away from it. To avoid this from happening, you need to set some ground rules with push notifications. Regularly send eye-catching product offers, latest news, and even ring a reminder once in a while.

For instance, a push notification message mentioning “Get one buy one free on your first order”. Such offers convince users to purchase your app.

  • Even the sky is not the limit with push notifications

Push notifications can charm your users with their offers and delivery timings. These pop-up messages have proven to be an effective way to seek users’ attention by 8-10 times more than the usual rate. Push notifications are personalized to give users what they desire and hence gain many glances from the users.

For example, a user receives a push notification saying, “Prices dropped on your cart item”. The user will go for the product as soon as possible. 

  • Personalization is the star of the show

Customized push notifications are the best ways to show how much you value your customers by considering their interests and sending them something that fulfils their requirements. This increases the chances of getting in the good books of the customers’ shopping choices. When a customer allows you access to his location, you can use that to personalize a push notification based on his possible needs. 

For example, you can divide users by keeping people with similar interests on the same list of sending the common push notifications. 

  • Keeping up with the customers

It is important to watch out for users’ behavior and analyze it on the website, or app. The push notification enables you to deliver important information including the receipts, open rates, open times, and so on. Once you are aware of users’ behavior patterns, you can connect with them through campaigns.

For instance, you can send ratings and reviews related to the product, the user selected on the website, or the app. It will increase the chances of the user buying the product as it eventually develops trust within the user regarding the product quality.

Things to remember when dealing with push notifications:

  • Make them the source of entertainment not irritation: Push notifications are one of the best marketing tools anybody can ask for. But you need to hold the horses as there is a limit to everything. Make sure your push notifications do not cause disturbance among customers. Send one notification per day and not more than five push notifications per week.
  • Don’t forget to check the clock: Push notifications should be time-zone friendly. Push notifications must not be popping on users’ screens when they are working, or resting.

Depending on the time zones, send the push notifications during afternoon breaks when the users are most likely to be scrolling their screens for something interesting to come up.

Ending with

WordPress push notifications are the best way to engage users with different types of push notifications in the basket. Push notifications can be a make-or-break game depending upon how they are handled. But there is no doubt that competition in the market has been at its peak and push notifications can help you set apart your standards from your competition. 

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