Top 5 Best Online Programs to Create Surprising Videos

online programs for suprising videos

Videos have been an increasingly popular format over the years. In general, we look for applications through the web that allow us to create and edit videos in no time. In the case of an ordinary user, it is very frequent that the type of desktop application is used and left aside, causing saturation in the computer’s memory and processes.

So we have selected five online tools that will allow you to do any editing without having to occupy memory space on your device.


This online application is free and, without a doubt, an excellent option for editing videos. It is quite simple and easy to use. You just have to follow the following steps:

Enter from your search engine “FlexClip

When you enter it, you click on the Make A Free Video button. The registration is not required to get started.

Then the template page will appear. You can either choose to start from scratch or choose a template. There are many professionally designed templates covering almost all types and fields.

Later you can make the selection of videos or photos (the advantage of this application is that you can import them from your computer or from FlexClip’s large library of stock media choices.

Next, you can add text, overlays, music tracks, sounds, transitions, filters, and other effects to enrich your video on the editing canvas.

Once the process is finished, you can download it on your device in the MP4 file. You do not need to register to use FlexClip; however, you will have to when saving a video in the cloud.

Clipchamp Create

This platform has essential functions, but it allows you to create all the videos you want without limitations. It has the advantage of not having a watermark, and apart you can add your own audio. For example, if you want to make a video without original audio and instead put a song in the background, you will have no problem doing so.

It stands out for being a free and quite complete program, although it also offers you the Premium version that does demand a cost. This will request a registration of entry that is super easy and does not require too much information.

Movie Marker Online

Movie Marker Online seems particularly simple, and it is ideal for executing jobs and making surprise tapes.

It requires registration and has basic functions to edit, cut, and add sounds. It is super practical, and you only import the videos that you want to join in sequence and adapt them to what you want. You also have the option to add titles and adjust the font, color, size, etc.


The strength of this platform lies in its combination of artificial intelligence and a simple interface, dragging elements that allow you to create professional content in minutes.

Start by choosing a template: use a script for an ad or promotion, use your own media (for example, to create a video of an event) or, what we like the most, make an impact video almost automatically from a post from your blog.

Copy the URL of the post, choose the video format (FB, IG, TW, Snapchat) and a template. The Lumen5 AI automatically chooses the phrases and images in the post and asks if the story is flowing well or if you want to modify it. It is effortless to change the duration, the arrangement of the elements.


This application is ideal to be used online for video editing. It includes a fairly complete package so that you can edit your videos from the most basic to add effects, titles, and filters.

Just select a storyboard template or start a video from scratch. Then you can adjust fonts, colours, filters, music, and more to customize your video quickly. Once finished, you can produce your video to boost business sales and engagement or share it to wow your friends and family.

Veed Video Joiner

VEED’s Video Joiner is an online tool that will help you merge and combine videos, audio, and images. Since it’s an online tool, you can use it no matter what device you’re on. It functions best using Chrome! In addition to this, it allows you to trim video clips and add or remove audio and images. Lastly, it’s catered for beginners trying to dive into video editing thus easy to use.

All you need to do to use VEED’s Video Joiner is drag & drop the files into VEED. From there, you can start rearranging the sequence of your clips. Easy peasy right? More than this, it allows you to combine any file type such as AVI, Facebook Video, FLAC, GIFs, IG videos, MP4 and so on. This makes the tool cater to anyone who is interested to create content! But there’s more, you can choose the quality of your video and who wouldn’t pick an HD video right? With VEED, there will be no quality loss!

Beyond merging and combining, VEED also offers a suite of advanced video editing tools. These include features like adding subtitles, applying filters and effects, and even animating text for more dynamic content creation. Additionally, VEED provides users the ability to resize videos for different social media platforms, ensuring your content is perfectly tailored for any audience, whether it’s for Instagram stories, YouTube videos, or Twitter posts.


In short, a video never goes out of style, and you will see how captive those moments are captured for life by a device. We hope that the information provided in this article is useful for making your videos and surprising those you love the most. 

They are basic but quite useful online programs, so it is not necessary to know too much about video editing. They will guide you as you go along in the design of your video clip. The programs that can be used to create videos are quite numerous.

The choice must be made according to your needs. We can say that there is the right solution depending on the situation but that there is no program or site that can always be considered the best.

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