5 Best Mattress Technologies That Help You Sleep Better

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Good sleep is what you need after a day’s hard work. If you have been suffering from restless sleep during the night, there are various ways that you need to follow to sleep better. Having a better mattress is one very essential component that helps in maintaining a better sleep quality. Mattress technology has been developed through time to make sleep more and more comfortable. Let us take a look at 5 best new mattress technologies that will help you sleep better. 

Hybrid Material Mattress

During the last decade, there has been vast development and growth in hybrid mattresses. So, what is a hybrid mattress? The meaning of hybrid is a mixture of more than one component. The idea of designing a hybrid mattress is to have the best features while minimizing the lows of various types of mattresses. Usually, hybrid mattresses are made to have support core of coils of innerspring mattress and comfort system of memory foam or latex mattress or polyfoam.

“Hybrid mattresses are supposed to provide a balance between pressure relief of foam and an innerspring mattress.”

They are made of four layers, base layer, support core, comfort layer, and pillow top. The base layer is added so that mattress possesses the ability to soften and yield pressure. The support core is added to sustain the rest of the mattress in order to reduce sagging or indentations.

The comfort layer is added to provide a level of cushioning. The pillow top is added to provide padding at the top end of the mattress to provide proper support to your spine and reducing pressure on your shoulder, neck, and back. The hybrid mattress usually is 11 to 13 inches thick

If your mattress has holes or lumps in it, being too hard or too soft, It’s time to bring home a hybrid mattress to improve the quality of your sleep.

Mattress in a box

If you are looking to avoid pushy salesperson in a mattress store then ‘Mattress in a box’ is a convenient way to go. A ‘Mattress in a Box’ is made by compressing a mattress, vacuum sealing it, and is then rolled into a box.  This mattress that comes in a box can be made on different foundations, like box foundations, or adjustable foundations, or box springs. “Mattress in a box” can also be laid on the floor or any flat and sturdy foundation.

Some of these are one-sided and can’t be used after flipping upside down. Most of the mattress in a box is made of foam. Some of the “Bed in a box” do include a layer of innerspring and can have firmness adjustment mechanisms.

Adjustable Firmness Mattress

An adjustable firmness mattress allows you to change the firmness of your mattress depending on your needs, in some you can also adjust the firmness on each side, allowing couples to adjust it to suit their different needs. 

Most common models are an air mattress that you can inflate or deflate to adjust the firmness to suit your needs. You can change the firmness manually by using an air pump or by using the latest advances in technology, like using a remote control, sensors, or even from mobile Apps.

The adjustable firmness mattress is made of three layers, the top layer, comfort layer, and support layer. The top layer is usually made from cotton or wool. The wool top layer should keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, cotton if you feel hot on wool.

The comfort layer is usually made from memory foam, or latex, or polyfoam. The support layer is added to allow you to adjust the firmness of your mattress. Some of these mattresses have two or more chambers to allow you to adjust the firmness to suit your needs. 

Light and Heating Mattresses

One more advanced mattress technology is adding lighting to the mattresses. These types of mattresses are fitted with lights that are under the bed and only lit up when you get up from the mattress as they are fitted with sensors. No need to switch on the lights if you have to go to the bathroom in the night and are safe from hitting the furniture.

Another advancement in mattress technology is adding heating to the mattress. This technology allows the mattress to heat up to suit your needs. These are usually helpful for old people who suffer from joint pains or muscle spasms due to cold weather.

Some mattresses can even heat up only in the foot area and without changing the temperature of the rest of the mattress. It allows people who are suffering from having cold feet due to bad blood circulation issues to have warmer feet area. 

Sleep Sensor Mattresses

Due to the emergence of new technologies in the mattress industry, you can have mattresses with sleep sensors that can measure your breathing intervals, heart rate, even how many times you have left the bed.

Some can even let you know how many hours of sleep you had and how many hours were deep sleep and how many hours were light sleep and so on. It is best suited for people who are don’t like to wear activity trackers during sleep.

“These sensors allow the smart mattress to change its own temperature allowing you to have warmer mattresses when you go to bed and slowly cools down through the night”

The sensors from these mattresses can transfer data to mobile Apps on a connected mobile smartphone or other devices that can utilize the data to monitor your sleep parameters and also can make your sleep more comfortable. These devices can make the required changes in the thermostat to give you the optimal room temperature, and so on.


Always look for a mattress that suits your needs, mattress technology is going to continue to make improvements and come with better solutions. Nobody can anticipate what future holds in mattress technology so be sure what are you looking for in your ideal mattress.

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