Integrating AI within Your Business for Long-Awaited Success


The advent of technology has carved a new path of efficiency and success. As the world moves to a more scientifically advanced community, it is time for businesses to transform. It’s the age of artificial intelligence (AI)—smart machinery that can conduct operations generally associated with intelligent beings. The technology is remarkably valuable while employing cloud services alongside.

“Management must prioritise AI while framing their strategies for an organization—it is a vital addition to the investments made in technological programs as well as a competitive advantage to the business”

How Can AI Transform Your Business for the Better?

Artificial intelligence is an innovative way to secure your processes and ensure maximum efficiency. It allows you to rationally evaluate and analyse data and perform actions, without redundant manual intervention. Often considered ‘the future of technology’, AI has the ability to be integrated with various technologies and add to their existing purposes.

Take cloud telephony. Cloud telephony refers to the transfer of your call operations to the internet. Through this technology, you can ensure remote working conditions, minimise human error and effort and allow customers to communicate easily with your brand. AI integrated cloud telephony is an innovative way to secure your processes and ensure maximum efficiency. Much like this system, artificial intelligence can be employed within other systems to augment their perks and escalate the profits of a business.

“Business projects that involve the use of artificial intelligence have shown an average growth of 15% in productivity. Hence, AI has been statistically proven to positively influence a company’s endeavours”

If the descriptions have not convinced you, here are a few detailed reasons as to why AI and cloud services are the catalysts to enhance and ensure success:

Access Data Effortlessly and Build Sales

A company’s growth is dependent on fulfilling market demands. AI can mine data that enables you to collect information on customer requests. You can then evaluate and analyse the same to make decisions about future goals. Thousands of entries can be compiled cohesively for further interpretation.

This saves you money otherwise spent on market research and survey and simultaneously increases your sales. AI can also be programmed to include recommendations based on the consumer’s data, subtly promoting the company’s products and services best suited to the client.

Call recording through cloud telephony lets you recall past conversations, exposing qualitative answers. Add survey and feedback options at the end of your calls to empower customers that wish to volunteer information.

Attend to Customers Around the Clock

Fixed working hours are an inevitable hindrance in the communication between the consumers and a company. They tend to create a vacuum of attendance. Artificial intelligence is the tireless worker you need in your corner. While you may adopt a shift-oriented schedule for your employees, you can instead offer self-service menus under the control of AI during off-work hours.

AI allows you to work with pre-recorded responses and help options that can guide any user through various processes. This facilitates quick response systems for issues and requests that do not require manual assistance. Increased engagement builds trust within your clients and assures them of their importance.

Additionally, AI studied the patterns of consumer buying behaviours. It can assist customers despite lack of concerns raised by suggesting and promoting products and services that align with the consumer’s interests. This enhances the purchasing experience and markets what the company has to offer. Recommendations that gain a customer’s attention will increase their satisfaction even without direct contact with an agent.

These methods also save your employee time and curb money spent on marketing.

Streamline Background Information through Voice to Text 

A business may demarcate their customer care according to the diverse mediums they use—web, calls, texts, emails, social media. The customers that reach out through multiple media are then burdened with the task of repeating their queries to every agent. Time and effort of the consumer, as well as agent, are wasted in the process.

Artificial intelligence enables the feature of voice-to-text to streamline the format of information by transcribing any conversation. This allows you to create organised data for separate departments. The same option allows an upgrade in the internal communication network by easily documenting any important information presented in meetings or sent over media.

Accountability and corroboration can be managed without any interference of human effort.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

Globalisation has brought with it an enormous wave of competition. Businesses must compete with several others in their category to maintain and grow their sales. In these times, it is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of a company that attracts potential customers.

AI could be your USP. The technology, while widely recognised worldwide, is still at the early stages of common use. The features that artificial intelligence provides are unparalleled and certainly paint your company image in a favourable light.

Front a technologically advanced setup and impress customers with your services that are unlike the other companies in the market.

Cut Down on Your Expenses 

Running a business is all about cutting costs and raising your return on investment. While brand name and loyalty is a mark of prosperity, at the end of the day, it is the profits that render a business successful. Companies try to cut corners to save a buck or two. What if we told you that you could reduce your costs while you boost profits?

One of the major benefits of incorporating AI in your work operations is that you diminish the requirement for obsolete and redundant infrastructure. As the technology makes use of the cloud and essentially the internet to function, it transforms data storage and procedures into an intangible format. No bulky on-premise equipment is required to employ these technologies. This saves cost and effort for the installation.

Working in the cloud also helps you limit your personnel count. Hire only a few best in the field.

Improve Communication Lines

Work from home is the new normal. An increasing number of businesses are formulating a remote work setup for their company to save money. Traditional organisations have also been collaborating with freelancers and contributors for years now. The common thread running through these statements is convenience. The more convenient it is to work, the better the results are expected to be.

That’s the trick with AI—let artificial intelligence take over mundane matters so that you can devote your time to prioritised tasks at hand. For example, spam mails cost companies billions of dollars in the way of time and technical expenditure. AI can handle this matter in a matter of seconds by identifying unnecessary emails and instantly transferring them into junk folders.

Another important factor while working from home is a line of communication undeterred by physical hurdles. Bring productivity to an all-time high with the power of technology. Employees can log in and share progress or information from remote locations allowing speed in the communication process.

This process is improved by saving time utilised while replying to routine emails. Hours are spent by employees every day trying to appropriately respond to emails. A human error here can contribute to a lack of efficient communication. Smart replies facilitated by AI allows employees to select appropriate responses and save time otherwise spent in thought of the ideal response. Improving your internal communication allows for a smooth-functioning office setup, especially when the setup is remote.


Confidentiality is not a light promise to be made to your customers. The safety of their information determines the trust they can instil in your brand. This also applies to the company’s classified information. Your commercial knowledge and data are the identity of your business and must be protected to ensure indestructible growth.

AI assures you of safety precautions within your cloud system. Any unauthorised access or code is immediately identified. You can also enable the technology to inform you of such attempts of a violation. AI is aware of the required protocol and can enforce it against any malicious entity.

As for honest mistakes, AI can also point out any inconsistencies in the system that can allow you to rectify a situation without the risk of losing any data. You may enforce a blocking system to avoid any unsure actions. The technology can also collect evidence and facts of the incident, in case you wish to review it during further investigation.

Customers value companies that are respectful of their information and AI is the ideal feature to flaunt when your company’s security is questioned.

“AI is given a special status in the Information Technology industry—out of the 85% of IT companies that employ a data strategy, 77% make use of AI in their technological investments. Value of the implementation has been recognized by 31% of these companies”


Critically-acclaimed author Arthur C. Clarke once said: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. And what better to have in your work dossier than a little bit of magic? Explore the untapped potential of AI. You can save costs, increase efficiency, limit human error and enhance the customer experience. Smarter than most existing technology and more efficient than most human counters, artificial intelligence combined with cloud telephony can be your secret ingredient to success.

 — Vanita Arora is a marketing enthusiast currently working with Servetel – a leading cloud telephony provider that specializes in providing IVR Services

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