7 Ways To Become An Effective School Leader

ways to become successful school leader

Be it a large organization, a small company, or an educational institute; they cannot effectively run without a good leader. Leaders play a pivotal role in the growth and development of any organization. They not only instil motivational strength in their team members, but they also cultivate good ethics and morale.

Therefore, when we talk about managing an educational institute, school leaders are the ones that are in charge of the development of curriculum, offer mentorship, supervising, and providing guidance to students and teachers. Schools with good leadership not only educate their students well but also develops their skills.

“Effective school leaders create an impact on the behaviour, environment, and reputation of the schools.”

However, the ignorance of effective leadership in schools can affect the aims and objectives of the educational system. Hence, the school will not have a strong foundation, and thus students would suffer in terms of learning. School leaders should be versatile because they have to work with other teachers, administrators, staff, students, and parents daily. Effective school leaders should also be up to date with technologies and trends. Leadership in schools helps them achieve their goals as well as it would make sure that this remains for an interminable period.

Here are the 7 ways to become a successful school leader:

Getting An Online Degree In EdD

Getting an online doctorate in education helps in enhancing the skills required to meet the challenges of working climate in organizations, and it helps in making effective decisions. After completing this degree, the graduates have an advantage as it advances them into a new step where they can practice the knowledge learned and make changes within the organization. However, earning a doctorate with the majors in organizational leadership will help to gain insights on how to become a dean and lead your school successfully.

Moreover, an educator is the best choice to become a dean as they know their academic duties and can manage the responsibilities of this role. Having experience in teaching, getting an online degree in organizational leadership makes professors an eligible candidate for the Dean of Students.

The leadership quality of the Dean helps in creating a vision for students. Earning this degree will help the dean plan strategies and make financial, and development plans for the institute hence will benefit the staff and students. Even if there is any time or location restriction, an individual can obtain an online doctorate in which one can take lectures according to their schedule and pace.

Taking The Lead

To become an effective school leader, one must follow all the rules and act in a disciplined manner. They must reach the institute on time and stay after hours as well. A good school leader gives opinions to the staff whenever needed and admits their mistake if they are wrong. They must act in the same way as they want their student and faculty members to behave. They should set an example by stepping up and taking the lead in case of any confusion.

“Just making rules and asking students to follow them is an easy task, but this will not benefit the students in the long run.”

Being a leader, you have to treat staff and students respectfully and be courteous to them. Leaders must align themselves with the rules and regulations to act as role models for their students. In this way, school leaders receive respect and trust from parents and teachers.

Communication Skill

A significant key to the success of any school is excellent communication among people at different levels of hierarchy. If any school has a communication gap, people in the team feel frustrated and are in confusion as to how they could achieve their objectives. Most of the school leaders encourage open communication as it reduces the chances of conflicts.

An effective school leader is one who has the expertise to reach out to different people and knows how to communicate powerfully with others. An effective school leader must have excellent communication skills and problem-solving skills.

Be Respectful 

The primary concern of a good leader is to keep the dignity of every person by giving other members the utmost respect and also making sure that every individual also behaves concerning another, no matter the difference in their status, gender, or anything. An effective leader knows that he/she has to earn respect.

They cannot force it. It is not necessary to respect a leader; one should agree with them; one could have a difference of opinion. However, staff members should always pay heed to what a leader has to say. Thus, respect is something that works both ways.

Take Criticisms And Suggestions Positively 

Effective school leaders do not presume that the solutions they provide are only the perfect ones. Instead, they are attentive and thoughtful to the suggestions given by other members. Creating an environment where leaders pay attention to others and take them seriously encourages staff to present their valuable inputs.

It is the responsibility of a good leader to make their team feel important. An effective leader knows that his staff has some brilliant ideas and so also gives those credits. That results in growth and continuous development.

Have A Vision

Vision is a necessary aspect of becoming a successful school leader. Leaders must have a clear idea about their goals so that they, along with their team, could unite together to achieve success. Leaders with vision create a sense of motivation and encouragement on the premises of the school.

They are passionate about bringing about the change and continuously work hard for the betterment. A school leader cannot implement any vision alone; hence they should build a relationship with fellow teachers, employees, parents, and faculty members to achieve it.

 Provide Constructive Feedbacks 

One of the most critical factors for the improvement of an individual is feedback. The type of feedback a leader gives to an individual plays an integral part in their betterment. Negative feedbacks are not encouraged generally. An effective leader tries his best to provide his staff with positive or constructive feedbacks at any chance.

Providing regular feedback helps individuals note their areas of improvement. That also creates an environment where leaders acknowledge the hard work of their members.


An effective school leader is essential for the success of any school. Every school has different checklists for the criteria of a good leader. Schools can enhance their progress with effective school leadership. The practice of ethical leadership encourages teachers and students to create a productive learning environment. Hence, good school leaders affect the success and wellbeing of the students.

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