Safe and Reliable Data Recovery Software Review

do your data recovery software review

Every day in our life we share a lot of data like images, videos, documents, etc with our family and friends. Often or not people do lose that data somehow, maybe their device suddenly stopped working or data was mistakenly deleted. At this point, you feel helpless because that data was a lot worth to you.

“Maybe someone’s memories or someone’s secret recipe to success. What if I tell you that your data isn’t lost. It’s still present on the drive. You just need the right tool to fetch it back.” 

In general, people believe once you delete data, it’s gone forever. But in reality, when you delete a file on your computer, it does not get deleted actually. Files stored on the drive can not be deleted until or unless they are overwritten. So the sooner you realize that you lost your file, the greater are the chances you will get it back as it is.

These deleted files can be recovered using data recovery software. In the market, you will come across a lot of data recovery software which claims to do the job. Among all those Do Your Data Recovery stands out prominent due to its advanced feature. Following we will be discussing why do your data recovery is the best data recovery software.

What is Do Your Data Recovery?

Do Your Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software which can recover your deleted, lost or formatted files from laptops, computers, digital device, flash drives, memory cards, HDD/SSD and a lot more in a quick and safer manner. This program is available on both Windows and macOS.

This program includes a lot of features.


Quick Scan: Performs a quick scan of drive in less than 10 minutes and looks for recently deleted files in that drive.

Advanced Recovery Scan: This will run a deep scan of your drive which take quite a few hours to complete. This scan is recommended if your files turn out to be corrupted or damaged. This scan can recover all kinds of deleted data.

Supported File Formats: Its can wide variety of files like photos, videos, emails, audio, documents, folders, archives, etc.

Supported File System: Supports data recovery from NTFS/+, FAT 12/16/32, exFAT, EXT 2/3/4, and other file systems.

Preview before Purchase: It lets you preview the files which you can recover before you can purchase this software. As the free version only lets you recover data of 1GB.


Installation is pretty simple. You don’t need any technical knowledge to install the software. Head over to the official website of the software and download the software. Once you download, open the package and it will install with few clicks.

You can directly buy the software from the website. But it is recommended to download the free version first and preview the files which can be recovered. If the files to be recovered meets your expectations then you can make the purchase.


After opening the application you will see the list of partitions available on your drive. Over there you can select the partition from which your data was deleted. At the bottom, there is a filter option, over there you can specify the files you want to search for.

Suppose you only want to search for the videos then you can deselect all other options and then search. The specific file type search will be much faster as you are not looking for other file types. By default, the scan button runs the quick scan. This will look through the recycle bin and recently deleted files.

On average the quick scan of a 1TB drive will take a couple of minutes. If you think your files are corrupted or damaged you can run a deep scan by clicking on the option ADVANCED SCAN on the bottom left. This will run the deep scan.

“A deep scan can also be run for specific file type searches. A deep scan will take a few hours as it has to search deeper for the lost, corrupted, and damaged files.” 

When the scan is complete you can preview the files before you can recover them.

Data Recovery

Once the scan is complete, you can recover the files in 3 different formats- Path, File type, and Time. Next, you can choose where you want to save your files. Few things to keep in mind before doing data recovery.

  •   Do not save the recovered files to the same drive as it might overwrite the data which you are going to recover.
  •   If you do not find the files in the quick scan then perform an advanced scan.


Do Your Data Recovery software comes in 3 pricing.

  •   1 Year License for 2 PCs for $69
  •   Lifetime License for 2 PCs for $89
  •   Technician Lifetime License for $299 (can be used on different devices with no limitation on usage and on how many PCs you install)

Final Verdict

This is really powerful software you can find in the market. And it does what it claims to do. Anytime you need to recover any deleted data. You can completely rely on it. Head over to the link below to try it for yourself. 
do your data review

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