How Mobile Technology Affects the New Generation

Effects of mobile technology

The mobile industry is experiencing breakthrough innovations. It is part of all of us, impacting our lives in ways that we never thought were possible. The technology doesn’t only affect the adults or the older generation. Indeed, it has more power over young minds, as every child today is introduced to cell phones from an early age, carving in their young impressionable minds a need for the technology.

While carrying many advantages, mobile technology isn’t without its negatives. This new age of technology is very helpful in educating the young minds, as use of it can be seen throughout our lives, from early schools to higher educational institutions.  According to a few studies conducted worldwide:

  • Most kids around the ages of 3-7 have already held and used a tablet or smartphone.
  • Around 55% of kids around the age of 11 have their own smartphone, and some even younger than that carry their own smart devices.
  • 40% of households either have a smart tablet or are planning to get one.
  • 70% of the total applications available on the Apple store have complete focus on elementary or preschool children.
  • Apple has even introduced a device which can be directly placed into a baby’s hand which doubles like a rattle as well as a smart device.
  • Young children play videogames on mobiles for almost 10-11 hours during the week.
  • More than 90% of teenagers are involved in online gaming.
  • The number of kids watching YouTube videos on a smartphone has also increased over time. With the influx of more channels such as Netflix and Amazon, the percentage is going up by leaps and bounds.

With more than 90% of all classrooms and schools supporting internet connectivity, communication technology is creating effective educational techniques which can create far-reaching benefits for students everywhere. No one can deny the changes that the advent of mobile phones has brought upon our daily lives.



We all need to connect to someone. It’s not just true on a personal level but has implications on a global scale. Connectivity is the basic requirement of our times, and through that, we can understand, express, and define people, objects, and situations around us. Previous generations were utilizing technology to make it faster and easier to handle things. But the younger generation is completely hooked on what technology can bring and to how it can mutate life.

With so many app developers who are constantly innovating and creating new apps, connectivity never felt like this before. Newer phones are carrying better and faster hardware and software, and it is almost like a war among companies, one trying to beat the other. Due to all these advancements, it is with a few simple touches on your phone’s screen that the whole world is right there with you, sharing in every happiness or sorrow. Relationships are constantly being formed through such apps. The obscurity of the unknown and unseen has also increased due to the wired connections. Teenagers and adults both are seen lost on their phones, completely entranced by that world, with no time for real relationships.

Overcoming Speech and Language Obstructions

There are so many language options, written and spoken, that a mobile phone provides, giving allowance to those with speech impairments. There are so many kids born with special needs that require a little extra help. Mobile technology is helping them by providing new apps that can extend this help. There are text-to-speech options that some phones come equipped with, while on others they can be downloaded.


We all are used to getting these promo messages that are sent to us through the text messaging service that every company provides. Yes, they do sometimes become a nuisance, but we can also safely agree that they are an excellent way of promoting the next big thing. From clothing to house repairs, no matter how small or big a business may be, its target audience includes people from all age groups, creating a frenzy by offering unbelievable discounts. This has led to many small home-based businesses to flourish. Mobile phones have become portable marketing devices creating cost-friendly ways for all who wish to utilize yet another power of this technology.

Differentiated Learning

Mobile devices are especially useful in a classroom where different students come from different backgrounds. Since the primary objective is learning, a teacher’s life is made easier when they can help the visual learners with videos on a certain idea that needs to be taught to the whole class. In meanwhile, the auditory learner can make use of the same time by listening to it. In such environments, since video streams are needed to facilitate the learning process, a dependable internet connection is a must, and your local at&t internet service can be very helpful in this matter. It simply means that every student has full access to the material.

Social Media

The punch of social media is undeniable, and mobile phones deliver this ease of contact like nothing else. A few positives that result from this are:

  • Communication has become easier and better. With less time to spare, real-life social interactions are a thing of the past.
  • Greater chances of learning new things
  • Ease of multitasking
  • International exposure
  • Social awareness. Not just of facts, but also of everyday developments, nationally and globally.
  • Easier career planning


Where one begs to differ is that mobile technology has taken over our lives so much so that many young people become recluses, losing their touch with the real world, delving deeper and deeper into the safe world of technology. They hide their true selves and put a fake reality on display. Face to face communication becomes a burden they cannot carry forever.

Moreover, mobile phones have become an addiction of sorts. In a study conducted by The Unplugged Project, it was seen that 50% of the participating students were unable to go on without their phones for more than a few hours. When asked why most described their reactions as being confused, irritable, nervous, restless, insecure, addicted, depressed, and paranoid.

Like all addictions, the harmful effects of being bewitched with cell phones can be long-lasting and serious. And like all addictions, this one should be managed and dealt with in a way that most positives remain. Yes, tech is the new cool thing, and youngsters cannot be completely contained from mobile usage. But caution should be practiced to get the maximum number of benefits out of this amazing technology.

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