8 Benefits of an ID Card System For Businesses

Business ID cards

Security is a concern for companies that open their doors for large numbers of employees and customers every day. Such businesses have an obligation to keep their employees safe as they go about their duties, which has seen most of them embrace the ID card systems. An employee ID card bears their name, code, position held, department, company logo, and contact details.

Employees are expected to have the card on them at all times while on the business premises. They can either wear the card with a tag around the neck, tie it to their belt, or even keep it in their pocket. ID cards greatly help with identification purposes and a host of many other additional benefits. Here are our top picks:

Enhances Security

One of the top benefits of an ID card system is that it enhances security in the business premises.

“Photo ID cards make it easy to identify individuals, preventing unauthorized persons from gaining access to the premises for better security.” 

Where access is restricted, any persons without an ID card will be required to produce identification documents and have this data captured in the ID and driver license scanner before getting allowed in with a visitor’s tag.

This brings a sense of security to the employees and other people in the building when they know that the access points are restricted and monitored. Anyone that walks in can be traced using their identification documents.

Enhances Professional Image and Branding

A well-branded ID card extends brand marketing when the employees have it outside the office and at home. It is also an affirmation that the business takes its workplace security and what they do seriously enough to have an ID card system in place.

If the company has a discount or reward system for its employees outside the workplace, the employee will be expected to show their ID card as proof before they can cash in on the treats. As they show their badges in these external locations, it boosts the employee’s confidence and morale and helps build the brand’s recognition.

Differentiates Between Communal and Secure Work Areas

Some businesses require that security levels in different departments and job groups be differentiated. The most cost-effective way of achieving this is by using employee ID cards with varying limits of access.

While all the employees can access the common areas in the business premises, the secure work areas with sensitive information and machines get restricted entry, allowing only those with authorized ID cards to access. It is easy to program and make changes to access rights; access granted today, withdrawn tomorrow.

Facilitates Activity Tracking and Monitoring

ID cards with a passcode for each user make it easy for the company to keep track of its employees. Since each code is unique, the company can track everyone’s in and out times, equipment usage, and all the areas they accessed. The IDs can also be used as timestamps for hours worked. When employees know that their activities are being tracked and monitored, they will stay accountable and productive.

Improved Customer and Employee Relations

For businesses that offer services at client sites, the way to identify themselves to the clients is by having their employees show their job ID cards. Putting a name to a face helps build a better rapport and increase individual accountability. Also, in companies with many employees, ID cards help the employees identify each other and relate better without the awkwardness and the struggle to remember everyone’s names.

Protects Business Equipment

Businesses invest heavily in their assets and equipment for efficient production and service delivery. The way to protect this is through ID cards so that strangers do not have access to the business premises and the equipment, diminishing chances of theft. Should anything go missing in the business premises, it would be easier to track the people who accessed that area from their ID card logs and their movements to precisely determine what happened.

Easy to Identify Visitors

Besides having employees’ ID cards, businesses can also have visitor ID cards that are clearly identifiable. That way, the security personnel can quickly identify who the visitors in the building are and direct them accordingly should they go astray.

Single Card Can Serve Multiple Functions

A single ID card can serve multiple functions in an organization. These can range from identification, access control, loyalty system, time and attendance tracking, payment cards, event passes, and membership cards.


An ID system works because it makes it possible for other employees, customers, and security personnel to verify one’s identity by sight when they produce the card. A photo ID will provide proof that the person holding is indeed who they say they are.

The next step is running the card through the system to verify access rights. Cards with magnetic stripe readers allow one to access restricted areas in the business premises unannounced by simply swiping it on the card reader.

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