Edtech Companies Rush to Take Advantage of the Pandemic Market

Edtech Companies Rush to take advantage of the pandemic market

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be disastrous for world economies. Companies across different countries were forced to shut down temporarily and halt their operations.

Every sector faced losses in some form or the other. However, there were a few sectors for which the pandemic proved to be highly advantageous. Online education was one of them.

“With universities and schools being closed for months, learners had no option but to switch to e-learning.” 

Online training providers like Simplilearn, Vedantu, Khan Academy, and more saw a significant upsurge in the number of users accessing their courses. A high level of interest was also noticed in taking up paid courses and signing up for live instructor-led training. 

E-learning platforms were already becoming popular gradually. But, it was the pandemic that made it a need for millions of students. Those who had access to a smartphone and a reliable internet connection were able to create a classroom-like experience and continued their learning.

Though e-learning cannot give the same look and feel of the physical classroom training, it has many advanced techniques to make learning fun for the students. Through video-conferences, the training sessions can be attended by many learners, and interacting with the instructors is also possible.

E-learning providers are further giving the option for in-person doubt clearing sessions to help the learners. In short, with the growing demand, online learning platforms are leaving no stone unturned to lure more users and give them a rich learning experience. 

Apart from the students, eLearning has also proven to be a boon for professionals. The current work from home scenario has given them a great opportunity to upgrade their skills and survive in the growing competitive market. This was otherwise not possible as many couldn’t find extra time off their busy schedule.

Automation was already thought to be a threat to many manual jobs and brought about the need to master the digital skills that will dominate the near future. The COVID-19 pandemic further fueled this need and many are looking to get certified through online courses and reskilling themselves. As such, courses related to digital marketing certification, project management certification, and prince2 agile certification are being sought by professionals.  

What has particularly impressed the learners regarding the eLearning platforms is the features they offer like:

  • Online forums where mentors can share assignments and students can discuss their queries with peers
  • Interactive videos of short duration as visuals great create a better impact on the human brain
  • Assessment tools that allow online quizzes and tests to be taken.
  • Tracking the performance through attractive charts and graphs, learners also get to understand the areas they are strong or weak.
  • User-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) through which learners can access the course anytime anywhere and refer to the recorded videos any number of times. 
  • Chalk and board-like tools that allow learners to take notes during a live class.

As eLearning platforms continue to provide better services with time, it is your responsibility to make the most of the courses offered by them. If you are a working professional, consider taking courses in evolving fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, big data analytics, project management, and software development.

The more you improve your skills, the better opportunities you’ll get when the job market scenario gets better. A rewarding career awaits you if you are thinking to upskill in any of these fields. Even the entry-level professionals get a better salary compared to other technology jobs if they get to work as a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, or a digital marketer. So, why not update your skills today and land your dream job soon!  

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