How To Choose The Best Home Security System For You

Best Home Security

With so many options available, choosing the best home security for your home and your family’s needs may be often overwhelming. With the aid of the latest technology, this market today offers an extended range of benefits and features for homeowners.

The aim of these new home security systems is to offer comfort, automation and protection to our houses and our loved one. The opportunity to control our house from the hub or even remotely through our smartphone is indeed intended to make our life easier. 

However, you cannot just go out and buy the cheapest or latest home security system. You first need to understand what is the right option for you, and here we explain to you how to do that.

Monitored vs Unmonitored Systems

The first choice you need to make is between monitored and unmonitored home security systems. In the majority of cases, monitored hubs have a 24/7 monitoring centre, that can notify either you, a designed person or directly the police when the alarm is triggered. 

It must be noted that, obviously, monitored systems use cellular reception and Internet service. It is thus essential to have a fast and secure connection. For this reason, this option is not great for those living in rural areas, where the Internet reception may not be as good as in the city centre.

Essential Home Security Systems Features

Not all security systems are alike. Today, each model offers different equipment options based on the customers’ needs and circumstances. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate how your system is going to be used, installed and even controlled. Before you decide the system to buy for your home, you should understand which of the following you may need for your home:

> CCTV Security Cameras

Cameras are now included in the majority of systems, being one of the keys of home security. Cameras keep an eye on your property when you are away, and let you monitor all the room you want to check on, at any time. When used in conjunction with a dedicated app for your smartphone, you will be notified on your mobile device of any suspicious movement in your home. 

> Motion Sensors

Many burglaries can be prevented by intervening as soon as the theft tries to enter your property. Motion sensors are triggered when someone opens a door or a window, and they will notify you or the police as soon as this happens. 

To make your house safer and protect it and your family in any circumstances, you should also install fire and carbon monoxide detectors. These will be triggered by any abnormal readings and immediately contact the authorities.

> Home Automation Integration 

Nowadays, we all know about smart assistants. These systems represent the latest advancements in smart home technology and are aimed at giving you complete control over your house. There are a variety of tasks that your house can complete on its own, thanks to a proper automation system, such as turning the lights on or the heater off.

Most importantly, these devices can be integrated into your home security system, creating the ultimate smart house of your dreams. You will then be able to control not only the lights and temperature but also check the status of your property, monitor your CCTV cameras and many other things.

Remote Access

As we have seen, one of the advantages of the latest home security systems is that they can be controlled remotely. In fact, your new home security equipment will be accessible from your portable device at any time. Besides, you can manage your system directly from your home by using its hub.

If you are not interested in this feature, you can buy a system that is less sophisticated, and thus cheaper. However, you will not benefit from real-time updates on the status of your home, as well as notifications when someone tries to enter your house.

24/7 Protection for Your Family

You should choose a home alarm system that can provide security at all times, whether you are home or away. Usually, systems with battery and cellular back-up are the most recommended, because they will protect your house without disruption, including in the occurrence of a service outage or a network interruption. 

This means that even if you lose power, or if burglars attack your electric box, your home security will not be compromised. For many homeowners, this constant protection is essential, and it is thus worth investing in a more sophisticated system.

Upgrades and User-Friendliness

If you are not into DIY, you should prefer a security system that it is easy to install, and that offer easy upgrades. By doing this, you will not need to renounce the latest technology development and equipment.


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