12 Great Inventions That Changed the World Forever

Great inventions continue to impact humanity for generations to come. The more capable society is, the more innovative and creative are the ideas.

From ancient times, human beings have found ways to make life easier by being innovative. A glance at the official trailer of life on planet earth reveals how true this is. From the creation of fire to date, there’s no shortage of great inventions of the world.

Here is a glimpse into the 12 greatest ones. While you read them, you can contemplate who invented the four greatest inventions?

12 Greatest World Inventions

1. The Wheel

Perhaps the most intriguing invention since the discovery of fire is the wheel. A quick glimpse around everyday life reveals what a great invention it is. In Mesopotamia, human beings began using the wheel for numerous tasks, and now it’s a significant part of our lives.

2. Electricity

When talking about the great inventions of all times, electricity fits the bill perfectly. Imagine how different life would be without it and how many great inventions wouldn’t see the light of day. Thanks to Sir Thomas A. Edison, humanity continues to relish in it and be more innovative.

3. Paper

Paper first came into the limelight thanks to the Ancient Egyptians who wrote on papyrus. With time, the quality of paper improved and made communication better. Today, there’s no shortage of paper use, even with more technological advancements calling for its minimal use.

4. The Steam Engine

Before learning to drill for oil, engines ran on steam back in the day. Steam engines are yet another great invention that’s been around since 1698. After that, a better version came about in 1781 and paved the way for the petrol engines you enjoy today.

Moreover, steam engines played a crucial role in the industrial revolution that saw numerous industries thrive.

5. The Telephone

Have you ever looked at your smartphone and pictured its evolution since the first telephone was invented? The telephone is for sure on the great inventions list and forever changed the course of humanity.

Alexander Graham Bell came up with the concept of the telephone. He joined two cups with a string to communicate from one end to the other. Though the idea of cord telephones has changed, the basic principle still applies, making the telephone one of the great inventions.

6. The Transistor

Every electronic device requires a transistor to function to date. Transistors were first created back in 1926 but took time before they could work as needed. Later, in 1949, a better version was invented and won a Nobel Prize in 1956.


Today, they remain among the great inventions given that no electronic device can function without a working transistor.

7. Anesthesia

Imagine undergoing surgery without anaesthesia. Before 1846, surgery wasn’t a common practice as doctors sought alternative solutions for treatment. The unimaginable pain that patients had to endure makes anaesthesia among the great medical inventions in the world. Today, you can undergo an operation without feeling every slice the blade makes on your body.

8. Penicillin

The great inventions that continue to impact the world also lie in medicine. Penicillin was discovered back in 1928 as the best form of defence against deadly bacteria. Alexander Fleming is credited with this discovery, although its proper use came later with more research.

9. The Internet

Today, the world is more dependent on the internet than never before, which has resulted in more excellent global communication. The military first created the internet as a way to communicate but soon after, it became accessible to civilians. Today, it continues to influence the great inventions for the future in vast ways and create more opportunities.

10. Social Media

First came the internet, and later social media followed suit. Today, social media is among the great inventions after 2000 that the whole world enjoys. Every day, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help people remain in constant communication and share information.

11. Bank Cards

Though cash is still an acceptable form of exchange, more people are now using bank cards to complete transactions. As one of the great inventions, they’re easy to use and acceptable around the world. Additionally, they give you easy access to your money and facilitate online transactions.

12. Transplanting Organs

Another great medical invention is transplanting organs that continue to save millions of lives each year across the world. In 1954, the first successful transplant was for a kidney, which paved the way for many other organs.

Final Point

There’s no end in sight when it comes to great inventions that continue to impact the world. From the time of Homo sapiens, human beings continue to push the wheel and make life better.

                                          — Emily Moore is a teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. 

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