Google Gravity Trick What is it and How it Works?

Google is the world-famous search engine used by millions of internet user daily, on their laptop, desktop, smartphone, smartwatches, and many Artificial Intelligence-based electronic devices Google is easy to use and provide accurate search result based on the keyword which is input in its search bar and to make the search engine beautiful and to give some enjoyment to their users while operating on the Google the company develops many algorithms.

Google gravity is one of its algorithms, which is a fun way to operate Google, which as it gives pleasant relaxation to the mind, and due to this, surfing on the net becomes fun.

Have you heard about Google Gravity? Do you know it is a project by Mr.Doob? Google Gravity is just an imitation of the original google interference and nothing more than that.

But you will enjoy playing with Mr.Doob Google Gravity. Not only Google Gravity but also few other web-based programs like google sphere also created by Mr.Doob

Development of Google Gravity

Google gravity is just a trick prepared by the developers, and it is not only one trick; there are various tricks which is also in this article.

Google gravity is a JavaScript-based search engine that has to work on some pre-defined algorithms set by Google.

Google developed this in 2009, but due to some reason Google removed it from its page, but now you can use this with the help of third-party websites or directly by Google after doing a trick which you will learn in this article.

Here, the question is how you can access Google Gravity.

The answer to this is simple, you can access it through your desktop browser but not through a mobile app or any other app.

Let’s move into a detail step-by-step process of how you can access Google Gravity. I’m Feeling Lucky.

How to use Google Gravity

Here is a secret method to see the power of gravity made by Google on your devices. Here are two tricks with the step-by-step method to open Google gravity on any device,

Steps to access Google Gravity

  • Open any browser on any laptop, smartphone, tablet, iPad, etc.
  • Open com in your browser.
  • As opens, in the search bar type ‘Google gravity.’
  • Now click on ‘I am feeling lucky,’ which is just below the search bar of Google.
  • Now a new page opens where you can see the magic of this trick in front of your eyes.
  • Type anything you want to search in the new Google gravity, which is just open.
  • You will see that every page you visit or search just floats up and down, which makes some crazy fun.


  • Open the web browser on your desktop, tablet, etc.
  • And click on the address bar and type ‘com gravity or elgooG gravity’.
  • That’s it. The simple trick will blow up the gravity in you.

Open your desktop browser on your computer

As discussed, we don’t have any separate app for this google gravity trick. The only way you can access it is through your desktop browsers. You can choose any browser, for example, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox.

Also, make sure these browsers should accept the javascript environment. The reason for this is google gravity runs or operates only under javascript-enabled browser environments — no need to think more about this because nowadays most of the browsers enabled javascript by default.

Then Type

As soon as you completed checking the browser for a java-enabled browser let’s move to the address bar on the browser and type and Go to Google’s main page, which is displayed as shown in the image below.

Google Gravity - Open Desktop Browser


Type in google search this keyword, “Google Gravity.”

After the google search page or homepage opened, then you can search for the Keyword “Google Gravity” in the google search box. After entering the keyword, google gravity in the google search box doesn’t click on google search.


Type in google search this keyword, “Google Gravity.


Then click on “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

Just click on the “I’m feeling lucky’ button, which is located just beside the google search button.

Have you wondered why google added this “I’m feeling lucky” button under google?

Yes here is the solution for this. Generally, we enter some keyword under google search and click on google search, and then it will display all the search results related to that keyword that are nothing but SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). From these results, you have to click on any one of the websites matching your keyword.

But when you click on this “I’m feeling lucky” button, it will directly take you to the first ranked website for that search phrase.

Click on I'm Feeling Lucky Butoon



Let’s Google Gravity starts.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t take much time for google gravity to load; it depends on the internet connection that you have.

Once google completely loaded it google gravity page, you move a little cursor bit. That’s it.

Here the central google gravity starts activating, and all the Elements on that page suddenly fell, as shown in the image.


Have Fun Time with Google Gravity

It’s your time to be fun with google gravity, and all the elements on that page fell just as earth gravity, which tends to pull the objects towards down. The same thing happens with Google Gravity.

Apart from this, you can also search in that search box, which fell using google gravity, and have more fun with google Gravity.



Google Gravity on Mobile:

You can also do the same process if you want to access this google gravity from your mobile devices.

For example below is the image which shows you how to access google gravity from a mobile phone.

Google Gravity for Mobile

Plenty more Exciting Tricks like Google gravity

1. Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Google has recently released a Doodle that opened up the Google birthday surprise spinner. In this new surprise spinner, you can play games like Pac-man, Solitaire and Pony Express, and much more. A new search for Easter Egg is also available in the form of Snake Game. Also, you can create your music which you can get after multiple spins with the help of music creation games. Here is the trick for this birthday spinner.

  • Open and search for Google birthday surprise spinner.
  • Now a page is shown in the image.

As it is open by default spin happens which is a surprise spin, either you can press ‘click to open’ or ‘spin again.’

google birthday surprise spinner - google gravity

On spinning again, a random turn will happen

• On spinning again, a random turn will happen

  • Click to open the spin result.
  • Now a new page opens where you can play the surprise game by Google.

google birthday surprise spinner final result

  • You can spin as much as you want by clicking ‘spin again.’


2. Google Underwater

It is somewhat like Google gravity in which Google dives into the water and starts floating in which direction you throw the water with the help of your cursor in desktop or laptop and by touching your smartphone screen.

This trick is straightforward to perform, and the method is the same as described in the “Google gravity.” The only is you have replaced Google gravity with Google underwater on your search bar. You can also directly go to Google underwater page by clicking here.

google underwater


3. Do a barrel roll

It is a fresh way to give animation to the web pages you searched for without downloading any extension or software. Just ask Google to do a barrel roll.

For this, go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” in the search box, and the magic of Google will flourish in front of your beautiful eyes. In this barrel roll, the page will rotate twice and then come back to its original place. Go and check it out.

do a barrel roll

4. Askew

Askew is going to confuse your mind with its tilted position. To do this, go to Google and search for “askew,” and when you do this, your page will lean in the right direction and also clench upward.  To go to the original position of Google, type anything else in the place of askew.

askew google trick


5. Atari Breakout

If you are feeling tired from work and want something that can refresh your mind, then absolutely the ‘atari breakout’ is for you. It is a well-known game from the ’90s, which is based on the bricked blocks and a ball. This game has hundreds of iterations, so if you never had a chance to play this simple but addictive game, then do not miss this chance to experience the real Atari Breakout.

Go to Google images and type “Atari Breakout.” Then images will get transformed to blocks and you can hit that blocks with a rounded ball. Let me know your high score in the comment box.

atari breakout google trick

6. An offline game

When you are searching for some important thing or data, then sometimes it says ‘unable to contact,’ This can be due to a site banned in your region or mostly due to a low-speed internet connection. So Google developed a chrome browser, it provides an offline dinosaur jumping game to freshen the tired mind.

To play this offline game, turn off your internet connection and search for anything, then a window appears that says ‘unable to connect where you see a small dinosaur. Touch the dinosaur, and your offline game will start running. Click on the screen or press the shift button to make the dinosaur jump through the obstacles.

google offline game

7. Recursion

This trick is going to stick your mind into the never-ending loop of recursion. To figure out recursion, you should know recursion.

This neat trick is mainly for IT perceivers, but those who are not IT guys can also explore the magic of recursion. To explore this, open Google and search for ” recursion.” After your page is loaded entirely then notice one thing that Google will say, “Did you mean: recursion.”

And when you click on the correct spelling provided by Google, then also again, the same dialogue box appears on your every refreshed search for the word “recursion.”


Recursion google trick


8. Google Thanos

This word is merely not new to those who are a fan of Marvel cinema and watched Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. It is one of the tricks which I loved so much and got completely surprised by this. So what you need to do is follow the method given below.

  • First, go to Google and search for “Thanos.”
  • And When the page loads completely, at the right, there is a box in which the short biography of Thanos is written and read it if you do not know the fabulous supervillain of all time Thanos.
  • Now you can see his gauntlet, which is of golden color.
  • Now click on the gauntlet image, which is below the biography of Thanos.


thanos google trick

  • And if your device sound is ok, then you will listen to the audio of snapping the fingers in the background.
  • And now slowly everything will start disappearing from the page.


thanos avengers google trick

  • Now you will see the number of search results found will start decreasing to half.
  • Now again, click the golden gauntlet.
  • At this time, every website which got disappeared from Google will come again.

9. Anagram

It is a word-based puzzle game. In which we arranged the unarranged word. So Google tries to explain the meaning of the term to clarity of its user. So as anagram means the word puzzle in which the Google developers use a trick to explain the meaning of the word.

You have to search for “Anagram,” and in its dialogue box, Google says, “Did you mean: Nag A Ram.” And when you arranged the ‘Nag A Ram,’ you will get an ‘Anagram.’ It is a great way to understand the meaning of any particular word.

anagram google trick

10. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is among the neatest trick of Google. In this trick, the ‘o’ and ‘o’ of Google appear from the top of the page and start eating the whole page like the Termite feeds the woody material.

Currently, we can’t use this trick by directly typing ‘zerg rush,’ but you can use it by typing ‘zerg rush’ in Google’s search bar and click ‘I am feeling lucky’ and then you see the magic of Google termites.

zerg rush google trick

11. Blink HTML

It is an easy trick that gives a blinking effect on Google. To do this, go to Google and search for “Blink HTML.” You can see that all words are blinking at a time. You should try this.

blink html google trick

12. Google in 1998

Have you ever wondered how the old web pages look? Google allows its users to see the old version of Google. Just type “Google in 1998” in the search, and you are now brought back to the ’90s. Wow, the internet has come so far.

google in 1998 google trick

13. Google sky

Maybe everybody wants to know about the beauty of space and wants to see the area, but at present no rocket is much capable of taking everyone to space, but Google with the help of NASA developed an online platform on which everybody from their smartphone or computer can see the not whole universe, but we can see the world which may discover till now.

This trick is beneficial to those who have a deep interest in science and space because with this, and they will be able able to study the universe, planets, stars, which is still discovered by science.

To see the sky from your phone search for Google sky and click on the first link or search the ‘’ URL. Now you can zoom in to the universe, or you can zoom out to the world. Here you can see the planets of our solar system, and also you can see and explore different galaxies.

google sky google trick

14. Google Treats

In recent times the hit comedy TV series FRIENDS (since 1994)’ completed its 25 years successfully, so Google is in celebration mode and giving treats to all its users.

To take this animated treat, go to Google and search ‘friends’ character name for example “friends ross” then a short biography of this fictional character appears on the right of Google, do one thing only click on the small emote looking which is in the power of the Share button in the character’s biography box.

Now you can see the animated magic treat, in the case of “friends ross,” it is tilting your screen from right to left when you click on a small sofa image.

google treats friends google trick


It is different with the different characters. To find more, search for “friends characters” now try with each character by adding ‘friends’ as a prefix o suffix.

If you wish to watch the comedy TV series “Friends,” then you watch it on Netflix.


We saw some cool Google tricks the tricks started from Google gravity to Google treats, which you must try because these tricks will also increase your perception of the Google search engine. Google’s developers develop these tricks to make bonding to their users. We should give respect to these tricks because there is more than one page of coding developers do to create even a small method. It takes a lot of creativity and hard work from developers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate Google’s gravity?

  1. Open your desktop browser on your computer
  2. Then type
  3. Type in google search this keyword, “Google Gravity.”
  4. Then click on “I’m Feeling Lucky.”
  5. Let’s Google Gravity starts.
  6. Have a Fun time with Google Gravity.

What is the use of Google Gravity?

It is just a duplicate copy of the original Google homepage where you can only play with the icons and Fun time with this Google Gravity. You can also search on this homepage, but results are not shown in a standard way.

What Exactly is Google gravity?

Google gravity is a substitute home page that allows you to play with icons on the page. While Google Gravity still functions as an accurate search engine, and your search result will not be stored in so-called traditional ways.

What is, am feeling lucky on Google?

Google’s homepage includes an “I’m Feeling Lucky” labeled button below the search bar. When the user types in a search bar and clicks on the button, the user will be taken directly to the first search result, neglecting the search engine results page.

What are some Google Tricks?

A few google tricks that amazed your colleagues/friends are

  1. Do a Barrel Roll
  2. Zerg Rush
  3. Atari Breakout
  4. Askew/Tilt

Google Do a barrel roll do a barrel roll?

Just type “do a barrel roll” on google search, then the screen will only tumble around (nothing but it is a barrel roll). Then the search continues as usual after this.

What am I feeling lucky button on Google?

It will bypass the search result page. Generally, we enter some keyword under google search and click on google search then it will display all the search results related to that keyword that are nothing but SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). From these results, you have to click on any one of the websites matching your keyword.

Where is the I am feeling lucky button?

“I’m feeling lucky button, which is located just beside the google search button. It will bypass the search result page

What is Google Underwater?

On World Oceans Day 8 June Google released an underwater street view that pointed out underwater photography as part of a street view program. We can access these here marine street-view oceans page


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