10 Ways the Internet can be Good (and Bad) for your Children

childern using internet

From the last two-decade, the number of internet users has increased tremendously, especially in the children and youth age groups. They regularly use the internet to watch online videos, play online games, spend time in social media, education, and classwork.

However, the lack of proper approach and awareness to educate and protect the children is severe, level difficulty increasing day by day. This is not limited to any country, region, or religion, and it can affect the whole world. Due to different cultures, locations in the world, there are no guidelines or approaches that are globally acceptable, but definitely, we can follow different best practices based on-site lifestyle.

In this modern era, few online or cybercrimes require global attention to find the solution. We need to develop more effective and useful policies based on different factors and standards. There are no 100% effective policies available.
By filtering internet traffic at various levels and educating children and youth, we can make the internet better.

1. Why did we consider the children?

Children are the future of our civilization, and they required special consideration for internet safety and privacy. Any department or person like the Internet Society, ICANN, Government who have authority or responsibility should keep their eyes to make the internet a better place for the children.

2. Benefits of the Internet for Children

The internet is the most powerful medium to communicate over the globe for different purposes like e-learning, communicating with other children or any other person who is not with them. Internet helping children to develop their problem-solving skills, thinking, sense, and confidence. Many children learn the text, e-book, video lessons from the internet, and stay in touch with friends and family.

3. Risk of the Internet for Children

Like everything in the world, the internet also has both light and dark sides. The internet doesn’t know about the user who is browsing the content and what purpose. Many children are severely addicted to unuseful content and other various misleading content on the internet.

“Sometimes they share or publish their family’s personal or critical information on social media, and finally, that information is misused by the bad peoples”

4. Educate your children about cybercrime

The cases of cybercrime have increased all over in the past decade. As children have access to the adult content more easily even now, it is essential to learn about the repercussions any social activity could cause. Lately, the boy’s locker room case was caught and the group included men aged between 16 to 18. It’s not only the boys, but the teaching between right and wrong should be taught to the child at an early age. It’s only one of the prevention to follow for your child’s best future.

5. Limit of time spend on the internet

Health and education are the two most essential concerns for children. Parents and other elder family members should look at children’s activities, how time they spend on the internet by logging into the wifi router panel, or of other digital devices.

6. Access to enhance creativity

Now, the youth not only has access to enhance their creativity but also can learn more things related to it. With the advancement of courses available on the Internet, one can learn not one but multiple courses. They could be related to drawing, editing, animation, what not; as these days no longer you need to spend years gaining a certification.

7. The key to staying organized

As there are a lot of apps available in the market, children now have access to stay organized through scheduler apps. Whether using any mobile or pc, along with the parents’ help, children can prioritize their time as per the activities they perform.

8. Access to special activities for disabled children

The internet also presents a community for disabled children who have special educational needs. Some of the online games have drastically improved children’s learning abilities and improving teamwork. These activities also improve participation skills which may be a reinforcement to learn other techniques.

9. Setting up parental controls

Not only children can learn about technological advancement, but they can also practice. That is why it becomes necessary to set up parental controls like system monitoring apps that will help you to know all the activities your child performs on PC or mobile applications.

“You can always have a detective eye on your kid. Through this, you will also know about their interactions on the web and the platforms they connect to.”

10. Keep a Track of Social Time

Among teenagers, it is very common to be better than the other which could be by spending more time socially or on the web. Thus, keep track of their social time. Initially, you may set half an hour per day for having access to their social activities. This will encourage discipline in their life and their life would also be organized.

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