YouTube Not working? Four Ways To Fix IT

youtube not working

YouTube is an American-based video-sharing giant owned by Google. It is the second most visited website all across the globe. But because of being so heavily crowded, bugs are not unusual on YouTube.

Problems at Google’s data center are very common, and it might restrict you from watching your favorite video. Instead of watching videos on Youtube, you are using DailyMotion, you can also pop over here to download videos. So, if you too are facing an issue on your Android, iOS, or PC device, then you will surely find a solution by the end of the article. 

Check Whether YouTube is Down in Your Region

The first step is to check whether it’s just your device or the whole internet community of your region is facing an issue with YouTube. This is known as a google outage. It is pointless to blame your internet connectivity or your device for a problem as such. Several different websites can help you identify this problem, including; downdetector

Keeping a check on YouTube’s official Twitter handle is suggested for updates. However, there is a possibility that the news of an outage will just pop-up in your notification bar. If you find out that it is an outage, there is not much you can do. Just wait for YouTube officials to address the problem, and once done, you’ll be good to go. 

Clear Browsing Data

Whenever you search on google or watch a video, there is always some amount of data stored in the Google search engine, Android, or iOS device. This data needs to be cleared up; otherwise, it may limit you from watching your favorite videos. 

Here’s how to do it

On PC, paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Then select cookies and cached images and files in the basic section. Change the time range to ‘all time.’ Then finally click ‘clear data.’ Now all of your unwanted data is finally lost in the depth of the internet.

On any android device, tap and hold the app icon. Go to application info, and then you’ll find a clear cache option. Doing that will also help you increase your device’s storage, which can be used for different applications. 

There is no such setting from where you can clear cache data in an iOS device. Although deleting the app and then downloading it again is always an option. This probably sounds cliché and is definitely a task if you’re lazy, but it is the only option for iOS users.

Check Whether You’re Using an Up-to-date Version

Technology in this 21st century is changing every moment, and so are the applications. Using the latest and updated version of an application is not a choice anymore. If you are not able to play videos on YouTube, check whether your application is updated. Also, keep an eye on your device’s oxygen updates because both the application and the device should be kept according to this dynamic environment.

To update YouTube on an android device; go to Google’s play store, search YouTube. Click on the update button and wait for it to install completely. Once the installation process is complete, you can expect the application to run even better than it used to.

To update the application on an iOS device, go to the respective App Store, search for YouTube. And the rest of the process is the same as on an Android device, like mentioned above. Usually, the size of application updates on iOS is bigger in terms of storage. So, it might take more time than Android to complete the installation process. But it has nothing to do with your device’s speed, so you don’t have to worry. Internet speed will surely play a role, though.

Check Your Date and Time Settings

It sounds really weird that even the date and time settings on your device can cause a hassle to surf on YouTube, but it’s true. It is possible that if the date and time on your device are not set with precision, google services might find it difficult to sync. Thus, restricting you from playing anything on YouTube. 

Go to Settings on your Android or iOS device to fix this issue, head to ‘Date and Time.’ Make sure that the automatic date and time feature is turned on. It will set the date and time according to your time zone by collecting data from your region’s satellite. 

Summing up

These four solutions will surely help you to fix any bugs in YouTube. There might be more options available to fix any bug; the most common ones are mentioned in this article.

We hope that any issue you were facing on your Android, iOS, or PC is now solved. If you still face any issues, you can contact the YouTube customer service center of your region. The number is easily available on the Google search engine. 

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