Dangers of Artificial Intelligence That Can Escalate in the Future

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Introduction of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simply the intelligence shown by machines as against the normal intelligence possessed by machines in normal circumstances. Even if you are not an avid reader of technology news or blogs, you must have heard about AI quite a few times in the last few years.

“The benefits of AI and its application in many fields has made it a technology that can do wonders and offer ease of use. Its use will only increase in the future and will be one of the few technologies that will be at the centre stage for some time to come.”

Like many other technologies and processes, the usage of AI has been under the radar of law enforcement agencies and governments for its misuse. Or for purposes that are destructive in nature. Anybody guesses that the negative use of any technology can be harmful and dangerous.

A classic example is nuclear technology. It can be used for making nuclear reactors to produce electricity, for example, and can produce weapons of mass destruction. 

Dire Consequences of Using Artificial Intelligence Negatively 

While the exact consequences and how badly AI can hurt the human race can not be said with surety, many aspects are known to us. Thus, AI is already one of the most sought-after technologies for people with malicious intentions and are using it in this concern for quite some time now. 

The following are the four most dangerous and destructive ways in which AI is in use and shows how people can easily misuse technology. 

AI in Producing/Enhancing Destructive Warfare and Weapons

Artificial Intelligence can be dangerous in the sense that it is highly unpredictable. You can’t tell for sure what will be the future of a machine that is based on Artificial Intelligence.

Just look at the implications of it in the warfare and intelligence-based operations and you will be astonished to know what the result was and how it affected the situation. The use of drones is one example as they can now strike with pinpoint accuracy by recognizing their target among hundreds of people in a place. 

One of the biggest fears for the human race is the start of a nuclear war, not initiated by humans. Several world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised his concern about what they need to be done in this concern. In his own words, “Artificial Intelligence is the future and not just for Russia but all humankind.” It is quite ironic as Russia along with the other nuclear-armed nations is the one who has a large number of nuclear weapons!

AI Affecting Social Media and Politics

Social media has been termed as the new frontier for modern cold wars and how individuals, companies, and even governments use it for propagating their version of the truth to the world. The 2016 US election is a prime example where Facebook was used to propagate false news and information and the majority of people believed them. Some people even claim that it had a big effect on the outcome of the elections as against exit polls and common sentiment, Donald Trump won the election. AI’s power was evident as social manipulation is a real threat. 

What AI has to do in this concern? Let us find out

Famous platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have autonomous-powered algorithms that are very effective at target marketing. Whether a company is looking for making its small-time, online garment store famous or big conglomerates like Unilever and Yum! Brands are launching a new product worldwide; without social media platforms, it is simply not possible. 

The 2020 presidential election in the US is already in the news for all the wrong reasons. Donald Trump’s impeachment is one thing, but again, the use of Facebook for spreading fake news can be disastrous for the reputation of this platform. That leads us to Deepfake and how it is becoming the next nuisance, especially for celebrities and famous persons worldwide. 


Deepfake is related to synthetic media in which a person’s image or video is replaced with someone else. And this is just the beginning as Deepfake is used in making inappropriate videos, fake news, and financial fraud too.

AI has a big part in making Deepfake a great hit with scammers and fraudsters as it uses artificial neural networks for making it work and look as close to reality as possible. 

Audio Deepfakes has duped off many people though making people think they are talking to a representative from a bank or one of their relatives/friends.

Last year, a big scandal was unearthed as the CEO of a UK-based energy firm was successfully scammed over the phone by faking the voice of his parent company’s chief executive. For Deepfake, this is just the beginning as fraudsters are looking for new ways to beat technology and law for their menacing intentions. 

Worldwide Sporting Events and Exhibitions 

“Euro 2020, Tokyo 2020, and World Expo in Dubai in 2020-2021 are one of the few events which will garner attention from fans and visitors from around the world in millions”

And with that, the security risk is also at an all-time high. Any small breach in security can be tough to handle for the organizers and some serious harm can be done.

The use of Deepfake and fraudulent use of social media can compromise the security of athletes, spectators and organizers of the events. The privacy of athletes and organizers can be compromised through the negative use of AI. 

Final Word

If you think deep, AI is not something harmful or that you can use to wipe out the human race in a matter of a few hours. But, as you can see from the examples above, AI is destructive enough and can be used in ways that can be dangerous. 

Do you know other ways in which AI can be harmful/dangerous for people or a related process that can turn it into a menacing force? If so, please share your valuable information or any kind of experience you have with my readers. Or if you want to know more about an aspect mentioned here or want to give your feedback, you are also welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern. 

Yasir Ayub is a digital marketing strategist at Dubai branding agency 


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