Challenges Facing Public School Education Today

Challenges of Public School Education

Yes, these days the pressure and demands are becoming higher in schools. These days, public school education is facing challenges. However, these challenges may differ from school to school, state to state and so on. But the basic challenges are the same which we will discuss here.

Where is the public-school education funding?

When educators have walked out from the classrooms, they say “our students deserve the better”. They said it is time to change the old textbooks, the leaky roofs, broken light fixtures, pest infestation and much more.

Nowadays, we are truly in a state of crisis that has to be changed as earlier as it is possible. It is more than 10 years that many states are providing less money for education as compared to others. It is the students who are suffering from these budget cuts. The funding is decreasing day by day, therefore, the education system is facing several challenges.

Have a look at the challenges:

Keeping school safe

The biggest challenge for the schools is to keep public school safe. According to public school review, keeping school safe is the biggest challenge today. According to a study, 57% of the students have said that shooting can take place at their school and they are worried about it. One of the four students is very worried about the safety of the students.

It is obvious that if students do not feel safe then their education, as well as the achievement, suffers. It is the paramount duty of the community and politician to create a safer environment in public schools.

The pressure is high

These days, students are suffering from problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression. With the passage of days and ages, the pressure is becoming higher. One main reason for this is the number of projects and assignments they need to submit in a certain time period and for these nowadays they are mostly looking for some online assignment experts out there. The increasing depression, stress, and pressure are also really very challengeable.

Chronic Absenteeism

According to statistics, in 2015-16, students have missed their schools for more than three weeks and there are numerous numbers of reasons behind it. Chronic absenteeism is a state where a student misses more than 10% of his classes. There can be any reason behind it.

The government has to fix the issue that what are the reasons that make students to not to attend the school. The problems of the students need to be solved so that they can continue their study.


Creating discipline is one of the biggest problems among students. Think back on the days when students were disciplined. Behaviour is the most important factor that tells a lot about a person. These days, the level of discipline has been decreased at a higher rate.

Adopting new technologies

However, these days, public schools are also adopting new technologies, but it is also a fact that public school education is lagging. It is again a big challenge for the government to revolutionize teaching and learning. Educators know better the public schools still have a smaller number of resources and technologies, therefore, the students do not get the benefits of the latest technologies.

Pushing back against privatization

School privatization is one of the biggest problems faced by students. It will be an issue for more than 20 years and day by day, the issue has become larger. Charter schools have been expanded widely and the count of the students in the public school is decreasing at a rapid rate.


Poverty is again a big challenge for all. According to statistics in public school review, 22% of the public-school students are living at poverty or below the poverty line, therefore, they lack- behind in resources. These students tend to have higher dropout rates. The issue needs great attention of the people. Expert educators say that the students who don’t get enough amount of food and sleep are not able to perform better in academics because they can’t focus on academics with full potential as they have bigger problems.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Yes, public schools are a great way to complete your study at very affordable rates, but these days, these schools are facing several issues. Now, the time has come when we have to put efforts to solve the above-written challenges because a better education is the result of a better future.

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