9 Business Applications for Seamless Internal Communications

top business applications for better internal communications

As a business, there is a need to use a few mobile applications that facilitate better internal communication. These not only help keep everyone in loop but also ensure a free flow of communication between all the members of the team.

“Seriously, nobody wants to be yelling from one office to the other or run emails back and forth. It is just not worth it. So, what should you do?” 

Here, we have come up with nine of the best mobile applications that can help businesses. Of course, you can download any one or combination from the list, but it would not hurt to try all of them at least once because we have tried them, and they are the best we have tried. 


Hipchat is our most recommended mobile application. Hipchat offers you more than just standard one-to-one messaging. It allows you to make rooms around the operational teams and seamlessly bring together everyone for smooth ad-hoc communication.

We use Hipchat because of its API, which will enable one to build amazing things and effortlessly automate the tasks, says Jerry, who offers the fashion designing course with certificates online.

You can also have a bot integrated into the app. It will let you set GIFs in an instant. It is a must-have application for every startup, which takes their GIFs seriously. 

Microsoft Lync

If you are looking for a platform that lets you have genuinely unified communications, then Microsoft Lync can be your go-to platform.

The app has indeed made it possible for users to send instant messages, make phone calls or video calls, and collaborate in a single space. If you seek an application that can elevate your firm’s productivity, this is a great pick. 


Slack is an incredible application and something that all businesses will love. The good thing about Slack is that it is straightforward to learn and incredibly effortless to integrate.

All the uploads and the links show up inline, and the conversations are easily searchable for future reference, says Diana, who works with a platform where you can pay to do homework online.

“One of the coolest things that you will love about Slack is that you can create a Google hangout from within the chat room. It is indeed a nice and useful feature.” 


It is one of the best and the most powerful applications for smooth internal team communication. It has video chat and group chat features. Further, the application has a cloud service.

Document management, sending emails, and calendar planning are also effortless with the application. The application is also famous for its human resource capabilities and the CRM system. One of the app’s coolest features is that you can pick and select the parts to use. 


Daisy, who works with TAE, says that we regularly use Campfire at our office, and it is an incredible application for seamless business correspondence. It is ideal to have password-protected group chats, as it is network agnostic.

So, your team members can use the application, regardless of the chat network they are on. The campfire has an excellent suite of add-on tools and extras. Most of the features that you get with the application are free.

It is easy for businesses to customize what they get out of the app for better customer service, design, and development. 


Redbooth is an application where you can track different tasks. The app comes with great built-in software for seamless chatting. It allows free communication flow and makes it easy for you to assign the tasks all on the same window.

Moreover, it is easy for the team members to keep the entire chat business-oriented with the app. As a result, the productivity of the business improves. 


Of course, you can use the Google Docs and Skype for correspondence, but at the same time, it is vital to involve discussions in every project or task. For this, an application like Wrike will come handy.

It is an important project and task management application. On the application, you can quickly @ the team message through the activity stream and the tasks. With Wrike, you can message internally without losing in the context of the conversation.  


At EduworldUSA that offers do my paper online service; we use Basecamp every day to bridge the gap between the clientele and the team members and for accessible team communication at internal levels.

With Basecamp, it is easier for the people in different levels of the hierarchy to share files and stay in the loop on the client information and the ongoing projects. The application is effortless to use. It is the perfect go-to application for team communication and running. 


Another excellent application for seamless internal communication is Kato.im. It has a free-flowing integration with GitHub and the other services, which allow you to input context and the data of the transmission that is going on. 

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