4 Key Points to Consider for IoT Product Success

Internet of things IOT product Success

Internet of Things has become the hottest trend and increased in widespread use because of the ability to connect daily objects to the internet.  According to research, the number of IoT devices expected to grow to 22 billion by 2025, and the global IoT market forecasted to grow $1,567B by 2025.

However, besides the most straightforward applications, IoT solutions involve increasingly complicated systems. For instance, in healthcare, monitoring vital signs using IoT devices can help patients stay clear of infections and will assist in the early care of illness and other medical conditions. Smart cities will present IoT-connected camera devices, intelligent energy management systems, automated transport, and environmental responsibility.

Thus, complex IoT solutions need more attention when it comes to product design information. Companies who make mistakes when they start on an IoT product development project can delay implementation.

While developing IoT projects bring specific challenges, if you focus your attention on business logic, it’s identity, and interaction with the user base, you can make a great “value proposition,” which contributes to its success. Here are four things to consider when developing your IoT product.

Do a Solid Research

Communication technology can add both monthly recurring and non-recurring costs. While creating new IoT products or adding a layer of IoT technology to an existing product is in fashion these days, understanding the business value is essential. Adding IoT technology into the product involves fixing costs with possible monthly subscription expenditures.

Without a clear vision of the value of your business, the product can fail. Thus, doing solid research before working on a project will help you make an informed decision and identify if the system you design makes business sense.

Security Is a Must-Have

Security plays a crucial role in the successful product design process. Today, the number of IoT connected devices is notable. Stats indicate that there will be 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020.  The chances for a breach are huge, and this can have devastating results. There are always eyeballs for misconfigured or inadequate security.

Consider end-to-end data encryption and security mechanisms, activity auditing, and authorization control. Reduced or low-end protected IoT devices are often the room for attacks. Thus, for product success, they need to be carefully secured.

Get the Best Product Development Firm

While companies do a lot of research to find contract manufacturers to handle product assembly, they forget to put persistent efforts while choosing a top product designer.

Sometimes, a CM (Contract Manufacturers) provides design engineers skills on staff at lower costs to the startup. Unless a company is a tech giant and willing to place 100Ks of order units, you can’t expect to get a top-quality design and engineering team.

Moreover, working with the team that doesn’t meet the functionality requirements of product redesign can have you end up with burning your budget and time. Thus, to avoid this happening, look for an engineering firm that can assure you a successful product development process and in development reliability.

Make Your IoT Device More Productive

Ultimately the person will use the device when it connected with other devices via the internet. But what if there is no WiFi? In that case, it will make sense to have a product with some functionality, even when not connected to other devices or systems.

So, by making the device productive when disconnected means a product that will remain useful even in zones of poor connectivity. It will benefit many potential customers, where the connectivity existing in IoT products is not secure.


While making complex IoT devices is progressive and profitable, it’s essential to consider the basics as well. The right engineers and robust project management is crucial to product success. Finally, being in budget parameters and able to meet deadlines ensures the successful completion of the plan and increases the likelihood of a business’s success.


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