How To Use Stremio For all Your Entertainment Needs

streamio for all your entertainment needs

If you are a fan of watching the on-demand videos, then you should look into Stremio. As the name suggests, this is the tool you need for streaming content – TV content and live sports. Yes, you might need to install third-party add-ons to increase the features and explore the full potential of the tool.

But, most of these add-ons are free and readily available for download over the internet. So, with Stremio add-ons, this option is quite the magic tool for an all-round entertainment solution. 

There is a second major advantage of using Stremio. This tool allows you to access content from torrent websites. And, the most amazing fact is that it is completely legal. So, you can see that with Stremio, you now have access to any content from all the domains of the online world.

You can watch unlimited streaming content as well as stream content from the torrenting sites, and this makes Stremio more powerful than its competitors in the market today.

However, you need to use the best free VPN for torrenting. The VPN service is an extremely crucial service that is vital in this day and age. With the government and legal crackdown on the free usage of the internet coupled with various geographical restrictions, only a VPN service can guarantee anonymity and unlimited access to the restricted contents.

So, keep it in mind while using Stremio as with the help of VPN services, you can access copyrighted material as well.

Utilizing Stremio: Advanced Features

Stremio has a good range of advanced functionality that lets you take your media utilization to the next level. Below, we’ll walk you through these features. 

Syncing your watch history with Trakt 

Trakt is a web-based service that permits you to automatically monitor the titles you’ve watched. As with the Kodi add-on for Trakt, this is essentially used to synchronize your nearby library instead of the content you’ve steamed. First, you’ll require a Trakt account, so make one here. Next, click the gear icon in Stremio and click Authorize under the Trakt Scrobbling heading. 

You’ll be redirected to the Trakt website where you can confirm that Stremio is permitted to access your account. Now try playing something from your media library. If everything functions as proposed, you should see the movie or TV show appear in your Trakt watch history. This feature is fairly unreliable, however, and may not work with certain sources.

Using the Stremio calendar 

Stremio has built-in a schedule that can be utilized to monitor ongoing TV shows. Before you can utilize it, however, you’ll need to mention to it what shows you’re interested in. There are a few ways to do this. You can import your existing Trakt library, import locally put away shows, select titles from the Discover tab, or allow Stremio to find TV shows that you’ve liked on Facebook. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll be choosing content from the Discover tab. 

If we add The Simpsons to our library, at that point check the calendar, we can see all the dates when it aired or will airing. Obviously, for unreleased titles, the final dates are liable to change and Stremio can just give an expected release date. If you’d prefer to integrate this calendar into your daily routine, you can click the gear icon and select “Subscribe” to the calendar. This will permit you to sync upcoming TV and movie release dates with your default email or calendar application.

About Stremio add-ons

Here is a list of all the popular Stremio add-ons that are making the headlines among the thousands of users of the platform.

Popcorn Time

Quite possibly the best add-on for Stremio, and therefore it ranks the first in this list. If you install Popcorn Time, you are all set for the comprehensive entertainment experience. You can connect to any remote library for virtually any high-quality content there is the world today. Documentaries, movies, TV shows, and streaming content with the regular updates and features – you name it, you have it all on Popcorn Time.

The Pirate Bay add-on

Yes, you read it right. There is a dedicated add-on for the targeting giant Pirate Bay. Who doesn’t like torrenting services? It is the best place to watch movies, series and download entire discographies. However, with the massive crackdown on the downloading and piracy of copyrighted content, the Stremio add-on for Pirate Bay brings you the ability to stream content from one the leading torrent file library of the online world. There you have your solution to the legal conundrum and the never-ending thirst for entertainment. As stated earlier, you will need a VPN service to hide your digital footprints, but you don’t have to worry about being served a “piracy and copyright infringement” notice.

The Open Videos add-on

If you are looking to enjoy movies and TV shows, then Open Videos are the right option for you. You have the added feature of enjoying videos in your preferred resolution like the 720p, 1080p, and the SD option.

The Netflix add-on

Here is another popular Stremio add-on where you can watch all the subscription content from Netflix. Netflix add-on is one of the reasons for the high popularity of Stremio. 

We hope that our post allows you to select the right add-on service for Stremio. All the best! 

Juan Carlos (The Original) 

Juan Carlos is a torrent website, and they have a Juan Carlos Stremio Add-on. This add-on permits you to stream motion pictures and TV shows straightforwardly from the torrent website bother free.  

With the add-on, you will be presented with a great deal of free content and a wide selection of entertainment options.

RARBG Add-on 

RARGB Stremio Add-on

The RARBG Stremio Add-on is the Stremio integration of the RARBG torrent website. RARBG is widely regarded as the best torrent site for videos and TV shows, and this only shows how useful the Stremio add-on is. 


DTube Stremio add-on 

DTube is presently available on Stremio. It is a decentralized video streaming platform that is connected to the STEEM blockchain. DTube is meant to be a YouTube option, and it permits users to watch, upload, and comment or share videos easily while simultaneously earning in the form of cryptocurrency.

Ex Add-on

If you are fond of classic content, this add-on is perfect for you. You get the opportunity to view movies that are old and free from copyrights. 

However, this add-on doesn’t have a comprehensive library, but some movie titles will interest you if you are fond of old films.

Open Subtitles

Like YouTube, Open Subtitles is an official add-on with Stremio, and you will get it preinstalled with the application. This application is perfect for individuals who love to watch their movies with subtitles.

The database has captions in each language. Regardless of whether you like to sit in front of the TV shows or movies, this application is a must-have for you.


              — Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about the latest technology. He delights his clients by suggesting them about the popular Stremio add-ons  

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