Why Route Planning Software is Better Than Manual Planning for Delivery Services

route planning software for delivery services

Modern software and hardware have revolutionized the way that route planning is handled in a delivery context.

If you are still committed to taking the manual approach in this context, here is a look at the benefits that you could gain if you embraced cutting edge solutions.

Real-time Driver Tracking is Integral

Perhaps the biggest issue with manual route planning is that it does not take into account the element of uncertainty that is unavoidable when you are managing lots of different drivers simultaneously.

Thankfully with the driver tracking that is innate to contemporary route planning software, it is possible to see where every employee is in real-time and make adjustments on the fly according to the circumstances at play.

This makes route planning for multiple stops a breeze since if some other variable throws your original plans into disarray, you can respond to this immediately and make changes without being overwhelmed. In turn, this will mean that you are implementing your available resources in an optimal way, rather than journeys being wasted.

Paperwork Becomes a Thing of the Past

Manual route planning can generate a lot of paperwork, which is not just a nightmare from an administrative and storage perspective, but also dramatically increases the likelihood of mistakes being made and then going unnoticed.

“Conversely, if drivers are equipped with route planning software that automates the majority of these aspects which would previously have involved documentation, then these complications instantly evaporate.” 

The upshot is that you can spend less time drowning in paperwork at the office, while the team members out on the road can commit their full attention and efforts to complete routes quickly and safely, rather than also being hobbled by administrative responsibilities.

Costs can be Calculated Accurately and Kept Low

Route planning is chiefly about efficiency, which ultimately means that it is relevant from a cost perspective. The better equipped you are to draw up delivery routes and set driver schedules, the more money your business will save.

Calculating fixed and variable costs manually is another herculean task, as well as one which can once again be encompassed by route planning software and thus is taken care of automatically. The power of AI is powering lots of modern analytical solutions, and route planning is just one area in which its impact is being felt.

Because of all this, you will be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization’s finances without needing to account expert to achieve your aims.

These optimizations to routes deliver savings in various ways, from reducing the amount you need to spend on fuel and vehicle maintenance to bagging you favourable insurance premiums because drivers do not need to take their attention away from the road at any time.

Job Satisfaction Can be Improved

Turnover is an issue for many deliveries and logistics firms, and if you would rather keep employees loyal for as long as possible, route planning software is one of the best ways to go about it.

It takes the hassle and stress out of running regular routes and smoothes over the issues that would otherwise arise.

You can experience route tracking software for yourself to see these benefits in action, so there is little reason to stick to the manual approach today.

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