Suggestions To Improve Your Macbook’s Lifespan

suggesstions to improve mac book lifespan

There are no devices that will last forever. However, if you have a Macbook and would like to keep it for as long as possible, you will need to create a solid maintenance routine.

“The device will not take care of itself, and if you neglect it even for a few weeks, do not be surprised when it starts stuttering or working altogether.” 

Avoiding performance problems and other issues is not that difficult if you stick to your plan. Here are some suggestions that you need to focus on in case you want to avoid worrying about your computer potentially stopping to work.

Suggestion #1 – Preserve Battery Life

Battery life is one of the things that people underestimate quite often. They do not bother too much and are satisfied so long as the battery is charging. But over time, it takes longer for the bar to reach 100 per cent. And the battery itself seems to discharge faster than before.

Finding a link between the cause and the problem is difficult. It all comes down to how much effort you put into computer maintenance in general. However, there are also some things you can change to improve the overall situation. For example, disabling visual effects and enabling energy saver are some great options.

Suggestion #2 – Replace HDD with SSD

If your Macbook model is relatively new, but it still has a hard drive, you may want to consider replacing it with an SSD. Solid-state disks are much better when it comes to longevity and performance speed.

replace hdd with ssd

And given how fast the technology is advancing, finding a good option for an affordable price should not be an issue.

Suggestion #3 – Keep Enough Free Space on Drive

Running out of free space is quite easy, given how very few gigabytes of storage you have available. If you are left with less than ten per cent of the total as free storage, expect to have an underperforming computer.

It all adds up. You need to maintain the drive-in good shape before more problems happen. Make removing temporary junk data regularly into a habit. Check downloads and email attachments. Use clouds and external storage devices. Lastly, subscribe to streaming services if you like to keep media files on the computer.

Suggestion #4 – Reinstall OS

Reinstalling the OS every year or so is also beneficial. It is similar to giving the Mac a fresh start. All the junk that accumulates over the year can be easily removed if you reinstall the operating system. Though remember that the files you want to keep should be backed up using Time Machine or other means.

Suggestion #5 – Manage Background Applications

Proper management of background applications means the efficiency of system resource distribution. It is not something you can notice immediately, but there will be consequences later if you fail to recognize which applications are power-hungry but offer nothing of any value.

Launch the Activity Monitor and look at the processes by sorting them by CPU and memory usage. Remove the ones you do not need. Close apps that are not necessary. Look for alternatives that do the same but consume fewer resources. 

Suggestion #6 – Install a Reliable Antivirus

The world of cybersecurity continues to move forward and keep up with all the threats that become active. 

People who are developing security tools are trying to be ahead. And while your Macbook is less likely to become a target because you are an average person, there is still no need to take a risk.

Get yourself an antivirus that has no problem detecting potential threats and removing them. You will have fewer things to worry about.

“Of course, there are other measures to take, such as enabling a firewall, using a virtual private network, and getting an ad blocker that stops potentially dangerous pop-ups while surfing the net.” 

Suggestion #7 – Update the System

System updates give a big boost to security, performance, and stability. Installing them at your earliest convenience should be one of the priorities. Even if a patch is small, it can still do the computer lots of good.

Update the system

As for when there is a big update, and it will take a while to install it, let the system take all the time that it needs.

Suggestion #8 – Keep Optimal Temperature

A poorly ventilated room will cause problems, especially during summer when it is hot outside. Optimal temperature is not something that you can manage that easily. 

For starters, you will have to remove all the filth inside that accumulates over time. Dust and dirt are a hindrance to the internal fans. If you notice a rise in the computer’s temperature as well as loud noises coming from the internal fans, it is more than likely that there is too much dirt inside.

Getting a cooling pad could also be a good idea. The accessory does well in lowering the temperature of the computer. If you combine it with the regular removal of dust, you should not have that many problems. 

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