How Is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Whole of Education?

Artificial Intelligence Education

Since the time Artificial Intelligence has come into the picture, our lives have been revolutionized to a great extent. From robotics to route optimization, social media to speech recognition, coding to customer service, and radiology to retail, a variety of machine learning applications has made a place in different aspects of our lives. Moreover, it has now become quite common to see robots working with human beings in different sectors including healthcare, automotive, advertisement, finance and economics, military, audit, and more. However,

“ Artificial Intelligence is yet to make some significant contributions to education and learning. We are quite far from seeing intelligent machines in the classrooms. ”

But, what impact would Artificial Intelligence have on education is the topic of great debate in today’s world. While many people claim that Artificial Intelligence will take over education & learning to the detriment of teachers and students, some believe that this technology will bring a lot of improvements. Already AI automated and revolutionized every other field it has contributed to. So, there are great chances that it will improve education & learning and make the whole process a lot easier for students and teachers. Let’s see how.

> Artificial Intelligence Can Change the Whole Teaching Experience

Many people have a misconception that robots will take over the teachers if Artificial Intelligence makes a way into education. However, the truth is that AI will make the whole teaching experience easier by driving the personalization and efficiency in education and learning. If AI takes over the educational system, then it can use the best attributes of machines and teachers to the maximum in order to give the best learning experience to students and bring amazing outcomes for them.

> Artificial Intelligence Can Help Students in Adaptive Learning 

While the concept of adaptive learning had been introduced a long ago, its effectiveness can be improved with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Knowji helps students in remembering difficult words by tracking them down and suggesting the time to practice.
  • Splash math, on the other hand, helps them learn math with a number of personalized tasks, games, and exercise.

        “ Many AI-powered adaptive learning applications, such as Knowji and Splash math can help students in learning things in a better way. ”

> Artificial Intelligence Can Make Global Classrooms Accessible for Everyone

If the AI-powered learning system is included in the current education scenario, then students sitting in any corner of the world can get access to the global classrooms. With traditional teaching methods, it is not possible to impart education to everyone. If Artificial Intelligence gets into the educational system, then students who can’t attend school due to some issue or want to study a course that is not available in their college will be highly benefited.

> Artificial Intelligence Can Provide One-to-One Learning Sessions to Students

 In traditional classroom system, it is not possible for a teacher to pay attention to every single student. But, Artificial Intelligence provides one-to-one learning sessions to every student so that they can learn things as per their abilities. Researchers are working on various Artificial Intelligence programs that can provide personalized curriculum, enrichment activities, and opportunities for corrected practice to each student. These programs will first determine the specific needs of every scholar and then provide individualized learning to them.

> Artificial Intelligence Can Automate Admin Tasks

 Since the time Artificial Intelligence has started making a way into the educational system, teachers have been worried that robots will take their jobs. However, they need to understand that robots won’t reduce teachers but automate various admin tasks, such as homework and grading test. The robots can also simplify the entire enrollment and admission processes. Moreover, when

               “ AI-powered machines will help students in learning, teachers will get more time to interact with them and understand their struggles ”

Artificial Intelligence solutions and systems can impart education to students with various capabilities and interests. Also, Artificial Intelligence can help students gain technical skills and knowledge that they require to get exciting career prospects. However, we will get to see the real picture once Artificial Intelligence makes some really significant contributions to the educational system.


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