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cybersecurity tips for ecommerce store

Cybersecurity Steps to Take to Protect Your E-commerce Business

Running an e-commerce business may be profitable, and an enjoyable task for most of us, but you need to practice certain precautions when managing your online business. It is needless to say that where the money is involved, criminals follow. If you are an emerging entrepreneur, you must follow all the security protocols. “Due to a lack of awareness about e-commerce security, frauds contributed to $2.9

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Also, you should make sure to reply to the positive ones as well and you should reach out to everyone and make sure that you are getting their details so you can talk to them more about the problem.

3 Tech Tips for Businesses During Lockdown

With no definite end in sight for the current pandemic, most businesses have been forced into a work from home ethos. Many business owners have seen the benefits of this approach and are gearing up to make a move permanent. There are a couple of immediate challenges that need to be addressed, particularly in terms of technological requirements. Fortunately, many companies specialise in large scale networking

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high converting e commerce website

7 Features For a High Converting E-Commerce Website

When you are selling online, you need to ensure that your site speaks about your identity and what you do. All things considered, it’s your opportunity to establish a connection and mark an impression on your shoppers.  “Your business website should be deliberately curated to pull in purchasers. It’s not simply a question of motion effects or smooth designs.”  Your website needs to utilize rules that

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Lifespan of Your Upholstered Furniture

5 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Upholstered Furniture

Over the years your furniture, especially the living room furniture has to bear a lot of things. Your pets will cuddle over it; your kids will run, jump, and play around it, sometimes even your guests may spill food or drink on it. Therefore, the possibility of potential wear and tear is much higher. As such, your responsibility to pay heed to the proper maintenance of

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Green Robots Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Green Robots: Fighting Climate Change Using Robots

Global warming has been a major concern for a while now, and nations have been trying to come up with countermeasures: some have been working while others have been falling flat on their faces. Clearing of forests to pave the way for development and the increase of population are not helping matters at all. Among the many potential solutions that have been tried and tested, one

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understanding different aspects of search intent

Different Aspects of Search Intent and Tips to Fulfill Search Intent

In 2020, it is of pivotal importance to ensure that your website and business are at the very forefront in the minds of users when they are researching on search engines relating to products and services you provide. They must have your brand on top of their minds while pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button or even the ‘Add to Cart’ one. However, you must be wondering

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