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Artificial Intelligence

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Internet of Things Impact in 2021

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ai in digital marketing

9 Applicable Ways To Use AI in Digital Marketing

How many times do you think you’ve already used an AI-driven platform, app, or service today? The answer might come as a shock as it’s now one of society’s most progressively used advancements in the commercial and private industries. Its influence upon us goes almost unnoticed, but rest assured, it’s very much amongst us. Health care, Education, Financial markets and services, Retail and E-commerce, Security, Social media,

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reasons to hire a franchise consultant

5 Reasons Business Should Consider to Hire a Franchise Consultant

“Franchising is among the most promising avenues entrepreneurs can utilize to grow a flourishing business empire.”  If appropriately utilized, you can easily build a bigger and better empire matching your lifestyle. However, franchising can also turn out to be your worst nightmare if you fail to avoid common pitfalls. For instance, you could be wondering, should you buy or sell a franchise on your own or

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tips for entrepreneurs starting a business

3 Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

There are all sorts of variables to take into account when it comes to starting a business. The one thing that every business needs to stay on top of, though, whether big or small, is healthy finances. “Any business that stays in a precarious financial position for too long is bound to collapse at some point or another.”  In order to start your new business off

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Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-learning Industry

5 Astonishing Statistics Associated With E-Learning Industry

Technology has revolutionised the educational landscape in a way that could have never been imagined before. The scale and rate at which E-Learning is spreading its wings across the globe tell us that lectures and seminars will never be the same. Tailored approach and focussed teaching have overshadowed the age-old procedures of teaching and made them obsolete. “The reasonable combination of low cost, high convenience, and

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Future of Contact Centers Enabling Employees to Work from Home

‘Work from home’ or remote workspaces have become the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even industries and businesses that require on-ground and physical presence had to adapt by finding new ways to telecommute and adopting remote working models.  The years to follow will see an inevitable shift to virtual working spaces. This article will help you understand that shift and how you can optimise it.

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online learning tools

10 Online Learning Tools to Keep Learning During Pandemic

The concept of an online learning management system has again proved its value to the academic communities around the world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has closed the doors of educational institutions worldwide including the U.S. The only alternative is remote learning.  Thanks to LMS software, we can make this happen today. However, there are way too many LMS solutions on the market, and choosing one can

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