Adobe’s Prototype AI Tool Automatically Spots Photoshopped Faces

Adobe's Prototype AI Tool

Adobe’s new tool allows you to detect the Photoshopped images. Which means that you no longer have to feel complexed looking at those edited faces.

It’s such a fake world that we live in. One can airbrush skin defects away. Hiding dark circles, plumping your lips, smoothing your skin and lifting your cheekbones is just a Photoshop away. But imagine having a Photoshop test where you can detect all the editing to see if the actual face is shown to you. 

Well to your surprise, such an app now exists.

Adobe’s Prototype AI Tool

Adobe (the same company behind the invention of Photoshop) has new software. This software allows you to detect the Photoshopped pictures. The tool makes use of Artificial intelligence (why aren’t we surprised?) to spot all the areas Photoshopped. This way you can check if the flawless image that you are having a look at is real or a manipulation.

The idea took birth when a partnership between scientists at UC Berkeley and funding from DARPA took place. However, the company says that it does not intend to make this new tool commercial any time soon.

For any of you who might think that this tool may not be that reliable, let it be known to you that the AI detected Photoshopped images 99% of the time. In contrast, the humans were able to detect the polished images only 53% of the time. This makes it a rather reliable tool.

The Development of the Tool

To create this tool, the engineers did some training. They trained a neural network on a database of paired faces. This database contained both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images. The ‘after’ images were the ones they edited on Liquify. And the results were impressive.

As mentioned above, the tool detected the edited images 99 per cent of the time. Apart from that, the software was also able to restore a photo to its original form. Although the results were astonishing, the scientists say that there is still a long way to go before they can create tools that can detect skin smoothing and body manipulations.

The scientists also shared their concern over how ‘fake’ the online world is becoming. It is hard to detect what is true and whatnot. They further added that more than 50% of the times, the images that one sees are manipulated. This leaves people doubting the digital world. It is almost impossible for you to tell a real picture from an edited (read: fake) one.

Why Fake Pictures?

There are many reasons why people opt for fake pictures. This includes the likes of revenge and portraying yourself as someone that you are not. This also includes the category of complexed individuals who cannot afford to visit a place and edit photos. They Photoshop themselves in a particular place.

Some people do it to have a likeable Instagram or Facebook display picture or post. Apart from that, people also edit images to be more ‘acceptable’ in society. All these reasons are quite disturbing. Because we have come to live in a world where you cannot trust anyone online. This is sad but true.

Is Spotting fake Pictures Easy?

For a naked eye? No, it isn’t. However, it is possible for AI-powered tools. Which is again another shocking news because robots are now more intelligent than human beings. This means that people can very easily fall for fake images. And all of us do fall for them.

In the past, there have also been instances when videos of prominent personalities were edited and uploaded on social media. These convincing fake videos sent the world in a state of shock as to what the digital world has come to. It is time to break free of this artificial world and do something about it. Adobe perhaps heard our concerns and acted upon it. The company introduced an AI-powered software that detects  

This concern regarding the fake digital world is growing because it involves us, the younger generation, and the generations to come. Did you know that the faces of your favourite celebrities that you see on the TV are edited as well? So, the next time you tune in to Hallmark Channel on Cox to watch your favourite actor onscreen, know that he may be completely opposite in real life!

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