Top 5 Smart Gadgets For the Safety of Your Rental Apartment

Amazon Echo

The UK is a vast land with several millions of people residing on it. It not only consists of cities and towns but it also has whole countries engulfed in it. In this massive land, not every place can be deprived of crime. Crimes and thefts are happening every day in different areas of UK. People living in permanent residents are safer than those residing in rental places.

So if you’re someone who’s renting in Glasgow or any other area of UK, you need to think about extra protection for it. You need to up your home game and take it to the smart level, unlike your previous residence. There are plenty of gadgets present these days in the market that can help you smarten up your home to protect it at all times, even when you’re not at home.

These helpful devices not only safeguard your apartment but can also increase its functionality to a significant level. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the best picks by different homeowners.


> Amazon Echo Smart (2nd Generation)

Alexa is becoming every homeowner’s assistant. And as Amazon never fails to introduce the best devices for us to connect to Alexa, everything works well to create a smart house. This device is yet again another success of the Amazon gadgets, as it provides your home with a great sound system and ability to navigate several operations by chatting with Alexa. It can lock your doors, turn on lights or music, and let you access anything and everything you need from the internet by just talking into it.

> Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance (Starter kit)

What is a home or a rental apartment without smart light bulbs? Don’t know what they do? Well, apart from helping you minimise on your electricity bills they can also dim and brighten according to your needs, fill the room with colourful hues in a party scene and indicate if there is a suspicious commotion in your home. Various speech-regulated devices can control them.

> WeMo Mini Smart Plug

This gadget is the best investment for your money living in a rental area. A WeMo Mini Plug doesn’t just attach your devices to electricity and help to save it, but it lets you control and navigates the plugged-in device as well as other minor electric appliances like fans, lights and other small ones. You can do this all by the use of a well-established WeMo app even when you’re not at home. Its away-mode lets you secure your apartment by switching on the lights when you leave the house to let the intruders think that you’re at home.

> Google Nest Smart Doorbell

Ask your contractor for permission to replace your dreary old doorbell with a Google Nest Smart Doorbell.  This doorbell is the complete package for the protection of your home. You can view from the 24/7 video, on subscription, if anyone is passing by your house or if there is a doubtful activity outside. You can know before anyone rings your doorbell as to who it is. Moreover, the doorbell is smart looking to give the exterior of your flat an amiable look.

> August Smart Lock

The security of your apartment cannot be complete without a smart locking device. The customary door locks have always failed us in situations of emergency or when loads of groceries are being held in hands. To avoid getting locked out of your living space due to not being able to find your keys, you can switch to an August Smart Lock. This is the best gadget for apartment renters as it doesn’t require you to mount it on your door. You can access the lock from any remote location and lock or unlock it for family or friends visiting.

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