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A Bird’s-Eye View on the History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Finance Industry


Who Is Better – Virtual Receptionist Or Traditional?

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Rules of Dashboard Design

10 Unspoken Rules of Dashboard Design Make Data Visualization Suck Less

Data is one of the primary factors that are driving change in the world. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re from or what your fields of interest are; you will undoubtedly have to deal with data. It might be data from a study conducted to find a cure for a disease or data to be considered to make a business more efficient and profitable. Whatever may

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Automate Your Small Business

10 Ways to Automate Your Small Business at Fraction of the Cost

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs spend more time working in their business rather than on their business and focusing on things that don’t drive the growth, profit, and productivity. For such busy peeps, automation is the right choice, putting the regular processes on autopilot and changing their target to the big-picture tasks that can break or make the new venture.  There are loads of high

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Role of Artificial Intelligence

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Different Fields

AI made a big fuss in our today world and for a good reason. Humanity expects a lot of impact from new and perspective technologies. Even though we are only at the beginning of AI development, people are already able to use some apps and devices based on AI. For easier understanding, there are some usual and ordinary examples of usage AI technologies in everyday life:

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7 Ways Artificial Intelligence

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Help You Reinvent Yourself

AI is in its infancy stage. Suggestive searches, voice-detection technology and autonomous cars are only some of the ways that artificial intelligence has affected our lives. Let’s look at some of the ways how AI will help to reinvent yourself: > Personalized Employee Experiences One of the recent studies discussed how AI can effectively be wicker into an employee’s onboarding program. New employees who typically want

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Tips for instagram

Top Tips to Kick-start Your Fashion Blog Through Instagram

Instagram with its stunning photos, videos, and stories have taken the blogging world by storm. Today, many fashion blogs use the best Instagram features to grab audience interest and increase likes, comment, and shares.  Modern fashion enthusiasts visit Instagram for new street fashion and styles. Moreover, when you integrate stunning images of fashion garments and accessories into your blog, there is nothing like it.  According to

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keywords with low search volume

Why Should You Target Keywords That Have Low Monthly Search Volume?

The ultimate objective for an SEO expert is having access to high-converting, high-volume, and low-competition keyword. Nothing is more attractive than increased organic traffic who wants to opt-in for the service and product you provide. Usually, these keywords are a “sweet spot,” which results in enhanced search with very low competition. Hence, it gains priority when SEO professionals carry out the keyword search.  As a result,

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